Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Brief History

Back in the olden days, when I first started playing TS1, I was a big fan of making weird characters and making them do weird stuff in strange looking neighborhoods. Sure, it's fun to make Darth Vader smack around Gene Simmons from Kiss with Captain America and the Avengers living in a huge White House-looking building filling the biggest lot in the neighborhood, but after a while, kookiness wears a little bit thin. I've found the real fun in the Sims to be the day to day interactions that the Sims have with one another, some that make sense, and some others that are totally off the wall. I've done less and less instructing my Sims to do things with each other, and allowed more autonomy to see what they come up with on their own. There in lies the real fun - it's like watching a reality show, only I can still butt in if things get too boring - or I don't like the direction things are going (unlike real shows like Big Brother).

My neighborhoods have a lot of Sims in them, many of which I don't use or interact with very often, so I'm not going to try to cover them all at once, or ever in some of their cases. Instead, I'm just going to play things by ear, and give little bits and pieces of different families and their stories as they happen. This is supposed to be fun, anyway, so I'm not going to try to cram too much into any single entry.

Today, let's meet the Millers: Peter, Bobby, Stu, Deana, and Julie.

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They weren't the first family in the neighborhood, but they are one of the most interesting. Six adults, only one of which has a job, the rest all hang around the house all day long doing wierd stuff and just trying to pass the time. Here's their house, which is pretty small for six adults (they bought it used, though, furniture included).

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Here's some quick bios on each of them. First of all, the house belongs to Stu, a lounge singer, who is the only one in the house who actually works. Peter is an old friend of Stu's who just dropped by one day from out of town for a visit, and never left. Nobody minds him living there, though, because he's the only decent cook, and carries a mean puppet. Deana and Julie are Stu's sisters who just happen to live with him just because they can. Bobby is Deana's boyfriend, who apparantly can't find a place of his own. For some reason, even though he has high personality points, he's kind of a butthead, and mistreats others, but Deana seems to like him (Peter does too, but we'll touch on that later). That's pretty much it for introductions. I have to wrap this one up for now anyway, but I was saving the first of the story pics for the next post anyway.

Coming up next...Meet the Millers in action!


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