Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Millers in action...

Okay...we've already been introduced to the Millers, their background, and their house. Let's follow a little bit of their every day ordinary (or not so ordinary) life.

As I mentioned before, Stu was the only one with a job to begin with - he was a lounge singer in Studio Town (a pretty big one too...people finally stopped booing him). Well, Julie saw how much people like a person who works for a living and has a little talent, so she went on the fame track as well. Great...just what I needed - two people in the same family to have to follow to work. I love Superstar and Studio Town and all, but having to go every couple days or deal with consequences gets a little old after a while.

Anyhow, while Stu and Julie work to support the family, everyone else has to find ways to kill time around the house. Peter at least learned to cook, and Bobby has a little mechanical experience I think, but everyone else is pretty much useless, and either clogging toilets or starting fires pretty much daily. Peter, however, seems to have a love of using the puppet on everyone, and it comes out quite frequently. This is a good thing, since the puppet cracks me up more than it does the Sims.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter shows off his puppetry skills to Stu. Stu: "Hey, Peter...where have you been keeping that puppet?"

Before the Millers moved into their house, it was previously owned by a family called the McGregors, who were kind of boring, and had six kids to care for, which I got tired of real quickly. When this neighborhood began, I imported their old house, so it came with all the furniture when the Millers moved in. Well, that's not all it came soon as I started the game when I moved the family in, surprise!! There was a baby already in the house!

Image hosting by PhotobucketHey, who's baby is that? Someone call DFS!

Well, you would think that six adults, four of which have no life, and the other two who only work every two days would be able to split the duties of feeding and singing to a baby, but no such luck. They were so busy with their quest for personal self gratification that the baby was neglected, and the mean lady came and took it away! Oh, well...we can only imagine what sort of life she would have had to lead as a young child living with these jokers.

Despite the addition of the volleyball net, hot tub, and a few other odds and ends to the house, the Millers still lead a pretty boring life (with the exception of Peter and his constant puppet shows out of the blue). Bobby busied himself with "romancing" Deana, his girlfriend, and Julie busied herself by seemingly ignoring the rest of her house mates. Peter seemed to show an interest in becoming more than friends, but for reasons unknown (probably the puppet), his advances were not met with success.

Julie started visiting other Sims in the neighborhood, especially the Wilson household (we'll discuss them later), where she met the lone eligible male of the house, J.D. Wilson. After a somewhat rocky courtship, Julie decided she'd found her soul mate (and hopefully a less boring household), and she and J.D. tied the knot. It was a very small fact, it was so small that nobody but Julie and J.D. were invited, which is a great way to make friends in a new house. The ceremony was witnessed only by the happy couple and a weird green alien on top of the video games (I'm assuming J.D. got his minister credentials on the internet to perform the ceremony himself).

Image hosting by PhotobucketJulie: "But if we don't have any wedding guests, how are we supposed to get wedding gifts?"

And so, after a very brief existence in the neighborhood, the Miller family has already lost one of it's members (at least not in a fatal way). Now there's three guys living with one girl, and Bobby ain't sharing her (not that Stu, as her brother, would want any part of that to begin with).

How will the Miller family react to this huge change in their family structure? There's only one way to find out...check in next time to see as the Millers adjust to life without Julie...and only one source of income!


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