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Kat Fighting: Round II

I tell you, nothing starts out a day quite like frost when you're running late. Oh, and when you don't have an ice scraper, like every other responsible person in the state does, so you have to use your driver's license to scrape your windows, freezing your fingers in the process. My favorite part was driving to work having to squirt washer fluid every couple of seconds just to clear my windshield because my truck has no working heat of any sort. All of that just to go to work. I found myself wondering why I was going to all the trouble - I wasn't going to Disneyland, after all (I don't really like Disneyland, but you get the idea).

Yesterday, we looked at the younger Wilsons a bit (as opposed to those old geezers, Marty and Kitty) and we tagged along as Katrina Wilson got into not one, not two, but three bare knuckle brawls with everyone's favorite sim, Justin the Jerk. The outing ended okay, but was less than satisfying in the long run, and did nothing to fulfill Katrina's romantic aspirations (of which she has many). Well, don't fret, Katrina…you get your chance today. Not having made many social contacts since moving to the neighborhood, Katrina was left with the option of calling up one of the NPC employees she'd met on their outing last post, or calling the gypsy matchmaker and seeing what turned up. Well, she went with "plan B", and $2000 later, a sim fell on her doorstep…wearing shorts in the snow...

Nothing starts a date off quite like a little hypothermia...

Now, I must stress once again the $2000 part. You can pay the matchmaker as little as $1 if you want, and $2000 is still less than half the maximum you can pay, but come on…it's still a lot of money, especially for my unemployed sims. I'm only saying all this because for that amount of money, you'd expect to have at least an okay match provided. The sim Katrina got was Andrew Pearson, one of the most annoying and irritating sims ever to grace my neighborhood (I had nothing to do with his creation). Katrina decided to be a good sport, and took Andrew to "Marty's", but to no avail - he was just as annoying in a public place.

Dog: "Yo, Mr. DJ! Play 'Who Let the Dogs Out'!"

There are very few times I really wish I could understand the "simlish" discussions the sims have, but I would absolutely love to know what Katrina and Andrew could possibly have been saying to make the minus signs fly as fast and furiously as they were. Granted, it has to be irritating to just be sitting at home chilling out and suddenly be summoned to fall from the sky into the snow on someone's porch because they decided they wanted to go on a date. But don't be a jerk about it, especially if they paid $2000 just to get you. Katrina was starting to get fed up with Andrew's antisocial behavior, and spit on his shoe. That just made him more of a jerk, so she took things to the next level…

Katrina: "Oh, shoot…you were supposed to open your mouth!"

Katrina might have been less than impressed by Andrews lack of social skills, but I think the drink in the face thing might have trumped anything that he could possibly have said to annoy her. I was noticing at this point that the "date meter" that comes up when sims are on a date together is a lot easier to lose points on than it is to gain them. It can take quite a few positive interactions to get just a little boost in your score, but one "gross out" or drink in the face, and it starts to plummet. Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Andrew decided there was only one appropriate response to the indignity of the drink in the face…

Katrina: "Oh, for…I want my $2,000 back!"

Could we be on the road to the worst date ever? I don't need the matchmaker's crystal ball or the little date meter to see that chances of that look pretty good. And you probably don't need a crystal ball to know what's coming up next, if the events of last post are any indicator. No, Katrina's temper hasn't changed at all since last post. She's kind of got issues…

In case you're wondering, they're not hugging goodbye here...

I guess Katrina's lone interaction with people who don't exactly see eye to eye with her is to attack them. Well, I'm not giving her enough credit here, since she did first spit at Andrew and throw a drink in his face before the attacking started. By this point in time, I think the game wondered what kind of sick joke I was trying to pull having it monitor this outing as a "date", and the date meter bottomed out and vanished entirely. That's one way to end a bad date I guess, just in case the "end date" option is too difficult for you to figure out. But yes, the date was officially over, and it ended as you might have guessed, with Kat on the floor…

Andrew: "Consider that a 'goodnight butt kicking'…"

The really sad thing about Katrina losing this particular fight is that Andrew is a PC generated sim, meaning he doesn't actually have a house anywhere in the game, and by extension, he doesn't own any body building equipment. Kat has a pool at her house, and she has at least a couple of body points, and yet, she can't even win a fight against Andrew. Oh, well…that didn't stop her from fighting Justin. With the date from hell officially over with, Katrina took a moment to scope the room, and spotted an intriguing looking stranger out on the dance floor. Notice Andrew celebrating having won the fight with a victory meal in a nearby booth, while he eyes Zondra Witte.

Katrina: "Actually I was just wondering why you have pointy ears..."

You can only sort of tell in that picture, but it's true. The guy she's talking to is Elrond Hartman, son of Spruce Hartman (you know, the plant sim who likes to abuse people), and he does, in fact, have pointy ears. He's what's classified as an elf in the Monkeesim neighborhood, one of two. Kat had a nice chat with Elrond for a bit before he abruptly cancelled all further interactions with her and headed out the door…I hate it when sims do that. It's not like Elrond has a job or a curfew. The next sim to catch Katrina's eye was none other than Schroeder Fultz, sitting at a booth alone.

Katrina: "That stubble…that enormous chin…what a dream boat!"

She looks like she's getting ready to fall backward onto that table there. Maybe the most recent butt kicking she received has affected her stability. And her judgment. I'm not sure he's the best match for her, because I know that once sims hit adulthood, they sort of become part of an ageless, generic population where they're all considered to be more or less the same age, but if they were real people, Schroeder would be in his mid 40's, whereas Katrina barely qualifies as an adult. Oh, and plus, Schroeder is kind of creepy. And he seems to have his eyes on someone else…

Schroeder professes to the waiter his undying love for…Tommy Wolf??

Okay, Schroeder has only ever expressed an interest in females during the short time I played his family, so that's a little unexpected. Anyway, Katrina's frolicking eventually came to an end, and she headed on home to put an ice pack on her butt (helps the swelling after a good beating) and hit the sack. With Mia Kay similarly in for the night, that left only Antonio awake, watching the late show and eating cereal leftovers that had been in the fridge for two days. I've seen cereal that's only been in the fridge for one day. That's just plain gross.

Antonio: "Hahah…oh, that Conan O'Brien…my life sucks…"

Well, things were about to get a little more interesting. Keep in mind that interesting doesn't always mean "good", especially not on this blog. Now, I've had sims go on really good dates before, quite often they qualify as "dream dates". Sure, it doesn't hurt that they are usually couples that have already been involved for a long time and have quick access to a lot of "high scoring" interactions. The point is that they usually leave flowers on each others doorsteps afterward. I've never seen what gets left there after a crappy date. Well, "crappy" is the key word here…

Matchmaker: "I will light that bag of poop on fire!"

Yes, Andrew Pearson decided to come by and leave a flaming token of his feelings for Katrina on the Wilsons' doorstep. Well, that's all good and fine, and maybe she deserved it, but it didn't matter, because Katrina had long ago gone to bed, and Antonio was still the only one awake eating his vomitous cereal mush. After having his dining experience briefly interrupted by the scent of flaming poop, Antonio grabbed his coat and rushed outside, It didn't look like a potentially harmful blaze from what I could tell, but that didn't stop Antonio from quickly stomping it out with his shoe. Honestly, he kind of seems like the sort of guy who'd be familiar with that gag, but maybe fear of a big fine from the fire department if they didn't consider it an emergency kept him from calling in the pros.

Antonio: "Wow, I really stepped in it this time!"

By the following morning, the bag on the porch had been cleaned up and tossed out, and no mention of it was made at any point in time. In other words, the only person affected by the consequences of Katrina's poor dating behavior was poor Antonio. The next day, Elrond Hartman dropped by the house in search of Katrina (not bearing any suspicious looking bags, thankfully). Well, Kat wasn't about to take any chances with her natural looks and charm screwing things up, so she used one of the love potions she'd bought prior to her blind date with Andrew (she probably could have really used it on that date, but I just don't think her heart was in it).

Katrina: "Elves are supposed to love flowers and stuff, aren't they?"

Well, either the potion was working or Elrond and Katrina just happen to have good natural chemistry (I think it was a little bit of both), but they managed to hit it off pretty well again, and there was no spitting, drink throwing, slapping, or fighting to speak of. Sounds like a great start at least to me. It's a little surprising when you consider that Elrond is basically a clone of Spruce's skills and personality, and Spruce loves to poke and beat up people whenever he can. Maybe Elrond's transformation from plant sim to elf helped tone done some of those less desirable behaviors.

Elrond: "Why, yes…ghosts are but one of the many perils we elves must face each day..."

A little while later, while Elrond and Katrina were chilling out in the hot tub (or boiling in it, or whatever you call it), Antonio came home with some bad news - he'd been fired from his job a gamer for selecting the wrong character in some fighting game. I personally don't think gamer is a real job, but someone was giving Antonio around $150 a day to play games, so I guess it sort of is. One can't help but wonder if maybe his gaming judgment wasn't affected a little by having stayed up so late to save the house from being burned down by the flaming poo, but he pointed no fingers. He just headed over to the bar and started throwing back a few…

Antonio: "So hard to care when the margaritas are a-flowin'..."

Well, it was more or less a happy ending for Katrina, and a not so great ending for Antonio (unless you consider the fact that being fired from his job means more time to hang around and do nothing). I'm not sure what kind of ending it was for Mia Kay…I didn't see her pictured in any of the photos from this post, but at very least I know she's still alive, so that's something. Next time on Monkeesims, we take another of our tours of the town and see how things are going. Then, after a visit with Marty and Kitty Wilson, it's time for the big 100th post…don’t miss it!


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