Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yes, Chucky, There is a Grinch

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching, and it's about time for us to be bombarded by Christmas related stuff in every facet of our lives. Not one to be left behind in this craze, we at Monkeesims have put together a very special holiday presentation for you and your loved ones. Special thanks to the sim MacGuffin family for their performance. Without further ado, I present to you...


T'was the week before Christmas
And Chucky was sad
In case you were wond'ring
He's this red-headed lad.

The MacGuffins were poor
They had barely a dollar
They ate mush for meals
Amid terrible squalor.

Chucky tried to be good
it was no use, by jimminy
For Santa can't visit
A house with no chimney!

But Chucky had heard
Of a chap named the Grinch
He stole presents on Christmas
And whatever else he could pinch.

"If I trap this Grinch,
I'll make him aware
That he'll give me some toys
Or I'll scorch off his hair!"

"There is no Grinch, boy!"
He was told by his dad
"And Santa won't come
This year, you've been bad!"

And so, while Chucky
Should have been in bed
He rigged a surprise
For that old Grinch instead.

Well, the Grinch was quite real
And he did indeed come
To see what he could steal
Which in this case, was dumb.

And what should come down
By his front and his ass
But two invisible walls
Of bullet-proof glass.

"What's the meaning of this?"
Asked the Grinch in a huff
"It's simple" said Chucky
"I want some of your stuff!"

The Grinch laughed at first
his amusement was brief
He stood near a device
Made to roast such a thief.

"You know now" said Chucky
"Who holds the cards here!"
"You win!" said the Grinch
"For death's my worst fear!"

And so the next morning
The Grinch was not there
To the family's surprise
There were gifts everywhere.

The elder MacGuffins
Figured they were just lucky
They never did guess
It was the work of Chucky.

And so, dear friends
There's a message, you see
If you capture the Grinch
You'll get presents for free!


At 3:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he is UGLY


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