Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Future for Monkeesims?

Well, it's been quite some time since I put fingers to keyboard and graced these pages with anything new, and for fairly good reasons. The biggest reason, of course, is that the Sims 2 was accidentally erased from my computer some time ago, and I lacked the necessary discs to get it up and going again *sniff*. The second reason is that I have a one year old now, who's occupied a lot of my time when I'm not at work these days, time I'd have normally spent playing computer games back in the day (such as our beloved Sims 2). Well, things change, right? =)

My much younger brother came to visit a few months ago and stayed with us for quite some time (an adventure that would have made a great Sims post if only it had happened to his sim likeness rather than the real him). He brought his Sims 2 discs with him, and got me interested in playing again. There's something about the game I really love that just never gets old. Maybe it's the simulated human drama. Maybe it's the triumph of the simulated struggle for survival. Or maybe I just really enjoy mercilessly manipulating the lives of tiny simulated people. Whatever the reason (I'm going with the latter), there's something that keeps bringing me back.

"But Majik", you say, with a look of disbelief, "people are playing the Sims 3 now, Sims 2 is old news, baby!" Well, old it may be, but I've yet to move on to the Sims 3, mainly due to hardware issues (aka ancient sucky computer) and lack of funds to purchase the new base game and a bunch of expansions. Yes, TS2 is good enough for yours truly, and it's been good enough for the majority of the existing Monkeesims posts, so why mess with a good thing?

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that I've currently begun populating Pleasantview with my own "unique" residents, and the drama is beginning to unfold, to the point where I've been feeling the sim blogging bug rearing it's head to bite me. As of now, the only Sims from my originally featured neighborhoods are Marty and Kitty Wilson, everyone else is brand new. But don't worry, new doesn't necessarily have to mean boring (my Sims all know I demand a certain level of drama from each of them, otherwise they get "the bin").

So, look for Monkeesims to hopefully start getting updates very soon here again. My son still takes up a good deal of my time, and my wife uses our PC quite a bit these days for her photo related blogging and business, but despite those things, I should still be able to find time to get a post up here and there, after all, doing this is what I love (and hopefully there are others who still feel the same way who will stumble across these hallowed pages and get something out of it).


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