Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Millers move on...

Where we left off, Julie had moved out of the Miller house (being the huge ingrate she is) and gone off to marry J.D. Wilson, leaving a gaping hole in the Miller family...or at least a little bit of a gap. However you choose to look at it, the Millers are down one person, and things were boring enough to begin with...let's see how everyone is doing!

First off, we see that Deana has responded to Julie's absence by passing out on the curb next to the trash can. Come on, Deana...we know you're lonely, but isn't that a bit extreme? Get over it! I guess the thought of having to actually leave the house or invite neighbors over to have gal pals was just too much for her.

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Deana's lucky I don't have Unleashed installed, or the raccoons would be all over her!

Peter and Bobby seemed to be dealing with Julie's departure and refusal to invite them to the wedding quite well. And why not? Bobby already has Deana, and let's face it - the last thing most guys really really want to go to is someone else's wedding, especially when "The Simpsons" is on the tube. Actually, their response wasn't quite what I was expecting...the next time I checked up on them, they were slow dancing in the kitchen, with Peter in the lead. Funny, I never really thought of him as the leader type before.

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Bobby: "Hey, watch it there,'re stepping on my foot!"

Of all the remaining house mates, Stu was, perhaps, the most forward looking. Rather than settle on a quick and easy solution to his "grief", he began devising a plan to fill the void. From this point on, he would make it his mission to get married. This way, he would find love, fill the void in the house his fellow house mates (or just Deana) seemed to be experiencing, and hopefully, find someone to help pay the rent besides himself. Ah, Stu, you are indeed a genius!

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Stu is devising his master plan...or planning to grill some burgers. It's hard telling with Stu.

It's's's a little bit illogical! Will Stu find love and pull the Miller family together again? Will Peter and Bobby consider a career as professional ballroom dancers? Will anyone in the Miller house besides Stu actually ever get any kind of job? Tune in next time, and maybe you'll find out! (or maybe you won't...who knows?) :-)


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