Thursday, March 30, 2006

Party Disco Style

Whew...reading yesterday's post again really made me thankful for the changes that have taken place in the MonkeeSim neighborhood since it was first created. Sure, the game can be fun even without any of the expansions, but I've gotten used to some of the goodies and improvements, and I'm not sure I could ever go back now.

Previously, the Jacksons headed down to one of the beach resorts so they could relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Eventually, though, it came time to get back to "real life", and the family headed back home to resume their everyday pursuits (which have recently consisted of bothering the genie and playing around with the chemistry set). It had been a while since there had a been a bunch of people from around town just hanging out at the Jackson place, but that was remedied shortly after the family returned home.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHey, where are the Jacksons? Hey, who cares?

It's kind of funny how so many of the guests drop by and never so much as say hello to any of the actual family members, but I guess since the Jackson place is currently the most fun you can have in the MonkeeSim neighborhood without paying anything, they should expect some freeloaders from time to time. This time, however, Leon insisted that if people were going to be hanging out at his place, they'd better be wearing disco costumes so he could pretend he was back in the 70's again.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBald Guy: "Hey, wait...aren't these Steve's clothes?"

I did find it amusing that many of the outfits from inside the trunk match the clothes that Leon and Steve wear on a daily basis. That certainly says something about their choice of wardrobe. My guess is that "costume" trunk is nothing more than Leon's clothing collection from his glory days in the 70's, full of clothes so bad that even the moths won't mess with them.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSteve: "I guess I'm just going to have to wear Leon's suit until that bald guy gives me back my clothes!"

As for Leon, I'd say his choice of outfit for this party was a far better selection that what he usually wears (currently being used by Steve). For a moment, I actually mistook Leon for a normal, well adjusted individual with some fashion sense. Of special note at this particular party was the fact that not just Kevin, but Kammy Wilson showed up, when they've never visited another house together that I've ever seen. Maybe that means their relationship is growing...we'll see...

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "Hey, guys, don't forget to change back into something disco when you get out of there!"

Of course, showing up together is only half the battle. Kevin hung out in the hot tub most of the time he was visiting, and eventually left on his own before the party was even over. Poor Kammy occupied herself with the other guests for a bit, then just stood around looking bored. If you ask me, she's wasting time worrying about Kevin when she could be taking advantage of the grooviest party shack in all Sim City. Well, that's Kammy for you.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKammy: "What a fun party! That @#$% Kevin had better propose soon!"

One problem with the big parties at the Jackson house is that despite its relatively moderate size, the only real places where people hang out are the rec room, kitchen, and bathroom, none of which are really that huge. Despite the outhouses Leon installed in the back yard to compensate for only one toilet in the house, the bathroom still gets a lot more traffic than it can handle, and folks seem to go home a lot just to use their own toilets (I can't imagine not wanting to use one of those great outhouses, especially on hot days!).

Image hosting by PhotobucketUh...Steve...some people don't like that...

Sporting his new duds, Leon took full advantage of the party crowd, and set about trying to hook up with some of the chicks (apparently he got a little tired of getting the brush off from Brooke). Really, for someone who calls himself a ladies man, his efforts thus far have been pretty pitiful, but fun to watch. Maybe it's just the suit that's been driving the ladies away thus far.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "No, really...I decorated the whole place myself!"

Apparently, the clothes have nothing to do with Leon's success or lack thereof. Things seemed to be going well between him and the lady in the red dress for a few minutes, until I guess she'd suddenly had her fill of him, and just couldn't take any more. It caught Leon by surprise, but she definitely seemed to know what she wanted, and it definitely wasn't him. Oh, well...better luck next time!

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "What? But what about my cool new suit and awesome decorating skills?"

Leon shouldn't feel too bad, though. He apparently wasn't the only one having relationship (or attempted relationship) difficulties. The jock guy from downtown was getting his butt chewed by some woman I'd never seen him with before over another woman I'd never seen him with before. Wow, it's amazing how much goes on behind the scenes that you don't know about (or care about)! It's nice to have people come over to your place so they can air their dirty laundry in public for everyone's amusement.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJock Guy: "Yeesh...nag, nag, that all you ever do?"

Funnily enough, after the girl in the red dress rejected Leon, she headed over to the dance floor, where she was waiting in line to dance with Steve (I know this because the little command popped up in his queue). Well, she had to wait her turn, because Steve was busy dancing with Kevin's girl, Kammy, who was thrilled to have a guy actually paying attention to her for once (hint, hint, Kevin). Go, Steve...go Steve...

Image hosting by PhotobucketSteve: "Easy, ladies...there's enough Steve for everyone...!"

As usual, "Moon Dawg" was content to do his own thing, unconcerned with whether or not there were any females around interested in him or vice versa. If only Steve and Leon could be more like that, they wouldn't be such pathetic messes. Being in love does have consequences, after all, like rejection, heartbreak, and all that fun stuff. No, "Moon Dawg" preferred to keep a safe distance from all that love stuff and get his groove on solo out on the dance floor...amid showers of bubbles from the bubble machine.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKareem: "Hey, mon...I can't see anything with all these bubbles!"

Well, you can't cram too much fun into one post (though I don't think we were really running that risk), so we're just gonna' stop right there. Is this little bash going anywhere? Probably not, but you never know! Enjoy it while you can, for in days to come, the Jacksons run into financial problems, romantic entanglements, and other such disasters! And remember, here at MonkeeSims, survival of any given sim is never guaranteed! Does that scare you? :-)


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