Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hey, Hey, it's the Monkey

Last couple posts, we were following the Wilsons on a never ending quest to find something fun to do in Old Town. So far, they hit a park and a pool hall, neither of which was terribly exciting. Think they'll do better this time around? One way to find out.

It was Marty's turn to decide where the gang was going next, and decide he did. For some reason, he chose to visit a small farmer's market looking place, which just by it's description sounds horribly boring. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with farmers or markets, but if you're looking for high, high times, I think you could do much better.

Image hosting by Photobucket Marty: "Dude, this place looks like a total blast!"

Unlike at the park and pool hall, the family wasn't alone this time. However, the other occupants weren't sims from around the neighborhood, just a handful of non-player sims stuck in the place for all eternity. There was a farmer, an organ grinder with a dancing monkey, and of course, the obsessed fan. If you ask me, the dancing monkey alone was worth the trip...good call, Marty!

Image hosting by Photobucket Talk about your major party crowds!

I actually was pretty excited about the monkey. I figured you could adopt them when I saw a picture of one on the back of Unleashed, and was disappointed that that wasn't the case. The fact that there was a monkey in the game at all helped me feel I got my money's worth. The Wilsons seemed to think so as well, and spent a lot of time gawking at the furry little fellow.

Image hosting by Photobucket "Everybody do the "Monk-a-rena!"

That was all it took to keep most of the family amused for most of the visit. Only Marty really looked around at anything else. He proceeded to buy some seeds for various vegetables. Apparently, Marty has a green thumb we don't know about...or thinks he has one. The things you don't know about people. At least he's planning to grow his vegetables, and not just order them online like Kitty does.

Image hosting by Photobucket Marty: "Sure, monkeys are all good and fine, but you can't use them to make a salad!"

Everything gets old after a while, of course, and the gang was starting to get a little tired - which is no surprise since most of them had been standing for quite a few sim hours. Kevin and Kammy took a seat outside, within view of the monkey, of course. Just look at them there...could they look less comfortable together?

Image hosting by Photobucket That's funny...dancing monkeys are supposed to be the ultimate aphrodisiac!

Eventually, the organ grinder moved on, and without the distraction of the simian and the old Italian guy, things started to heat up. There's something undeniably romantic about being at an old farmer's market in the middle of the night that just gets the best of some people I guess. Not me, but some people.

Image hosting by Photobucket Kammy: "That @#$% Kevin better propose soon...!"

The monkey was such a huge hit, that eventually the obsessed fan totally lost interest in Kitty and Julie, and turned his attention to the poor organ grinder. Poor monkey...having an obsessed fan is bad enough for normal stars, but when you're small enough to potentially be smuggled away in someone's shirt, that just complicates things!

Image hosting by Photobucket Obsessed Fan: "Goodbye Kitty...hello, monkey!"

Before any drama could ensue between the fan and the organ grinder, the family decided to take off. Monkey or no monkey, it was starting to get late, and everyone was starting to get really, really tired and cranky. Plus, Marty had seeds to plant. No sooner did he get home than he laid out some plots for his new garden. Kitty and J.D. came by while he was gone, and were quick to criticize the newly laid patches of dirt.

Image hosting by Photobucket Kitty doesn't appear to be terribly supportive of Marty's new hobby...

Well, the disdain for the garden patch was short lived, though. Once Kitty learned about how you put seeds in the ground and vegetables eventually rise up out of the dirt, she was a bit more agreeable about the whole thing. Marty did hoeing and planting, and Kitty followed with the watering can. Well, well...isn't that a happy scene?

Image hosting by Photobucket The couple that gardens together...does something that rhymes with "gardens" together...

What's this? Is the Wilson family becoming domesticated and normal? First marriages, then kids, now gardening? Oh, the horrors! I'm just's nice to see them getting along so well and becoming more or less well adjusted and normal. Sooner or later, it happens to the best of sims, and I promise not to shun them just because they start to spend less time whooping it up in the upstairs bar and more time in the kitchen or out in the garden. Of course, we won't see a whole lot of that in our next couple posts, as we make our first visit into the lair of the Jacksons. Be very afraid! :-)


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