Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Guys' Night Out

Well, my younger brother visited the other day, and put a family on the lot in a weird tiki themed house with a pool in the living room, a bird on a perch sitting right in front of the toilet, and several other crazy design features that I got a real kick out of. I took some pics I meant to post, but forgot to save, so they were lost. Argh. Maybe later.

I don't mind the occasional romantic, semi-sappy post on here from time to time, but there can't be too many in a row, because those are harder to make funny, and life is full of enough difficulty. I hope you don't mind another visit to Downtown for our post today, because here it is anyway, only at a different location, and with different sims.

Peter decided it was high time he got out of the house again, only this time, without the entire family tagging along. Of course, since the laws of the sim world state that you must invite someone else to go with you if you go Downtown, Peter was forced to choose someone to accompany him. While he does know a few girls, some well enough to call and ask out (though denials seem pretty rare anyway), he opted to give his pal Marty Wilson a call, and see if he was "busy", or wanted to hit the town. Well, we all know Marty has no life outside his home, so of course he said "yes".

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Dude, I've said it before, but I love your hair!"

I think the place was called Old Farm Square or something like that. Whatever the case, it was a lot nicer inside than one would have guessed by the name. Anyway, Peter and Marty scoped the place out a bit, and were impressed by the sophisticated nature of most of the place. Of course, the Daisy Mae looking girl with the skimpy clothes and no shoes sort of destroyed the illusion, but everything else was pretty classy.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother patron's dining plans are thwarted by the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy.

Once again, there were several sims from various spots throughout the neighborhood present all throughout the square. One of them was the girl who was at the mall with Kevin Wilson in our last post. This time, she was with some totally different guy, and Kevin was nowhere to be seen. Wow, she really gets around!

Image hosting by PhotobucketKevin's mystery girl...and Ron Howard??

Okay, maybe it wasn't Ron Howard, but the resemblance is there, you have to admit. Anyway, all that watching other people eat started to get to Peter and Marty, and they decided it was high time they did so themselves. Keri showed up alone, and was waiting in line to be served. I guess Stu just couldn't be bothered to leave the house and do anything besides working in Studio Town. What a boring stiff. Oh, well...his loss.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Hey, guys...thanks for inviting me!"

The restaurant greeter ignored the pair for a bit, then finally seated them. The place was certainly bustling, as most Downtown areas seem to be. Keri finally took a seat, and she was hanging out with the mechanic guy she apparently met at their last party. Hopefully, he has more interesting stuff to talk about than monkey wrenches and spark plugs. Pete and Marty proceeded to their booth.

Image hosting by PhotobucketGreeter: "I'll just seat you in the 'low tippers' section..."

Well, Peter and Marty sat around and chatted a bit about old times, which couldn't have amounted to too much, since they haven't hung out quite that much that I've seen. Needless to say, they weren't using the newly added "cuddle" and "footsie" booth options, so talking was really their only option at the moment.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I hear the roadkill platter is great here!"

After the guys finished eating, it was time to work it off and work it out on the dance floor. The DJ was playing some funky disco tunes, which might explain why nobody else was out on the dance floor, but this didn't scare off Peter and Marty. They were disco dancing freaks, and they let it all hang out! It's disturbing, yet not surprising, that they know how to do that so well.

Image hosting by Photobucket"Stayin' alive...stayin' alive..."

Peter noticed something new and interesting over at the corner of the dance floor. There was a lit up cage, and the girl who'd shown up with the Ron Howard guy was in there shaking her stuff. It never would have worked out with her and Kevin...he's too much of a stuff for a crazy girl like that. That works out pretty well for Kammy, though...

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: " think we should let her out of there?"

Well, Peter's always looking for new things to try, and this seemed right up his him, anyway. He quickly hopped in the cage as soon as it was vacant, and started doing a little shaking of his own. Marty didn't seem too thrilled about his performance, though. Quite frankly, I'd probably be a little bit disturbed if he had been.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Please! Stop it! I just ate!"

Per Marty's suggestion, Peter decided maybe the whole cage dancing bit wasn't really his thing. He headed on over to the bar, where that mechanic guy was hanging out. They look awful chummy there, considering they barely know each other, if even at all. Some people will do anything for a free drink I guess, but this is pretty transparent.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I'll take a double Scotch on the rocks, and give my friend here whatever he wants. Oh...and put it on his bill!"

After the drink, Peter was feeling a bit adventurous, and headed over to the mechanical bull. He picked the hardest setting (which is a great idea given that it's his first experience on it), and hung on for dear life. It was quite the ride, and he was doing pretty well, despite Marty's complete and apparent lack of support.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Bleh! My grandmother rides better than that!"

All good things must come to an end, though, and so did the bull ride. Not quite as gracefully as Peter probably hoped, either. Instead of dismounting carefully the way he got on, he fell off and landed on his head. Marty seemed to enjoy that a little bit more than the ride.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHe can't disco dance...he can't ride the mechanical bull...either way you look at it, Pete's no John Travolta.

Peter actually seemed unphased by his disastrous spill, and went right along with business as usual (though from that point on, he had the uncanny ability to recite Conan O'brien's nightly monologue before it actually happened). Despite that strange and wondrous gift, Marty was starting to get a little tired, and headed off in search of a cab. Peter, however, was distracted by Keri playing with an electric train, and he stood around watching her for a while.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Marty? Marty who?"

Well, Peter did eventually make it home, full in the fun department, but pretty much exhausted and drained in every other way. Seems kind of strange that sims can head off to go have fun somewhere, and return more in need of a break then they were when they left. Oh, well. Such is the nutty world of the sims.

I'm not at liberty to say what the next post is going to be about, because I'm not really sure at the moment. I do know a few posts from now, I'd like to revisit the Wilsons, but I'm not sure what they'll be doing when we do. I have a few thoughts on what may be happening, but if you'd like to contribute your ideas, shoot me an email at See you later!


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