Friday, February 17, 2006

Peter Conquers Studio Town

Welcome back to the new and improved MonkeeSims! Okay, I'm not sure about the improved part, but it's definitely new. See, as of the first post I did on this blog, I already had the photos from straight up to the last post I did. From the moment I finished that entry, though the fate of the Wilsons, the Millers, and other featured families has been uncertain. I know just as much about their future at this moment as you do. Doesn't that make you feel special?

Brace yourself, because we're preparing to pay a visit to the Miller house. Hopefully by now, you don't associate the family with boring posts just because of that whole "Stu gets married" storyline, but if you do, stay with us, because this has nothing to do with courtship or marriage (yet anyway). It has to do with the loveable and somewhat kooky Peter Miller, and his quest to better himself.

It all started when Peter was doing the puppet bit with Stu one night, which in and of itself was not uncommon. Stu commented that Peter should be a comedian, and because of Peter's habit of taking everything literally, he decided this meant that he was wasting his gift by not sharing it with the rest of the world. After all, if Stu could make a living being famous, that meant that anybody could!

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "You should totally be a comedian! Not you, Pete, I meant the puppet!"

Without a moment's hesitation, Peter dressed in the same old clothes he always wears (which is a popular habit for most sims in general), and proceeded to call the Studio Town shuttle to come pick him up. Considering most of the Millers rarely visit their neighbors or leave the house for any other reason, this was pretty exciting in itself to Peter.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I don't care where you take me, just get me out of here!"

Moments later, Pete was whisked off to a strange new world of lights, glamour, and strange looking people dressed much better than him. He was a little dumbstruck at first, and just stood there trying to figure out what to do. He waited around for several minutes, and not a single person bothered to introduce themselves or ask for his autograph. Maybe becoming famous would be a little more difficult than he thought.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Excuse do I get to Carnegie Hall?"

Eventually, he began exploring his surroundings, checking out all the famous faces and trying to figure out just how he was going to bust his way into show business. From the way Stu talked about Studio Town, Peter had expected much much more, and it definitely wasn't the party he was expecting. To him, it just looked like a bunch of people walking around looking down their noses at each other.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Wow, so many famous people I've never seen or heard of before!"

Of course, there were a few distractions here and there. Peter is the easily distracted sort, and there was a lot to see at Cameron's Lounge where he'd chosen to go (mostly because it was the only place Stu ever went). Part of this was because he just naturally enjoyed standing around viewing stuff, and the other part was due to the fact that he had next to no money, and everything fun to do cost a lot in Studio Town.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Dude, that is one huge octopus!"

Eventually, Peter managed to break away from the distractions long enough to find what he was looking open mic stage. If ever there was a launching point for an aspiring comedian, this was surely it. Sure, there wasn't anyone seated out on the patio near the stage, but Pete was confident he'd have them flooding in in no time. After all, if Stu could have fans, anyone could, right?

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Mr Microphone, you and me are going to make beautiful together!"

Peter started off his routine, and believe it or not, some people actually did start showing up to see what was going on. More than likely, they were just looking for a chance to boo somebody, since they're all such snobs, but their reasons for showing up didn't matter. Peter needed a crowd, and snobby people were better than no people at all. Otherwise, he was just an idiot standing on the stage talking to himself.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I just flew in from SimCity...boy, are my arms tired!"

The visitors actually sat down long enough to catch some of Peter's performance, rather than turning around and leaving like you might expect (I figured they were just taking a shortcut to the sushi bar, but no, they were there for the show). The woman in the purple jacket actually seemed to have a thing for Peter or for his performance, and he apparently saw the thought bubble, and decided to really ham it up with his "help, I'm choking on my wad of gum!" routine. The woman was still amused. The guy apparently wasn't, and was thinking about hitting Peter with a chair.

Image hosting by PhotobucketGuy: "Peter Miller? I thought this was supposed to be Dennis Miller."

Well, Peter wasn't about to let a "fan" go away disappointed. Since his comedy act didn't seem to have impressed the guy wanting to throw the chair, Pete resorted to his old stand by, the puppet routine. Of course, since the puppet never fails, the guy was quickly won over, despite the fact that Peter seems to keep the puppet in the pocket of the pants he never stops wearing. Thoughts of Mankind's "Socko" come to mind.

Image hosting by PhotobucketGuy: "If you'd just lead off with the puppet, then you would have had something!"

The guy seemed to be amused, though it looked like he was shoving the puppet out of the way. Me, I wouldn't want to touch that dirty old thing, but maybe that's part of it's charm. Or maybe it's that incredible squeaky voice Peter uses as part of the act. Oh, man...I just can't stop laughing (actually, I can).

Anyway, Peter tried to do some more stand up, but it wasn't going anywhere, because nobody would stick around to hear it. He'd already made a whopping $20, so he probably should have known when to say when. He decided that maybe being famous had less to do with being talented and more to do with being in the public eye. And so, he sought out the camera man, who seemed bored and desperate for something to photograph. He wasn't that desperate, apparently, because as soon as Peter started posing and flexing, he quickly ran away. Talk about your big time losers.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Oh, man...did my deodorant wear off already?"

I'm not a betting man, but if I was, I would wager that Peter won't be seeing his name up in lights any time soon. But he's not finished yet...oh, no! The quest for fame continues in our next entry! Will Peter climb his way up the ladder to superstardom? Will he even find the ladder to begin with? Why hasn't Eddie Murphy made any movies lately? All these questions (well, most of them) will be answered if you just quit being so impatient and stop in next time! :-)


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I love this blog! The first picture is SO funny! And I like the rest.

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I just found your blog and I read through all of it and I have to say I love it. Independant sims are always amusing to watch but your commentary makes it halarious. I can't wait for of the Wilson family.



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