Friday, February 10, 2006

A Surprise Visitor

Welcome back to the new and improved MonkeeSims - now with 50% less fat! I've been doing a couple updates a day the past few days. Part of the reason is because there's been a lot that's gone on since I first started posting pics, and most of what I just posted recently was already around when I started this blog. Crazy, huh? I'm almost done playing "catch up", though, and I've been trying to pace things so there aren't too many new posts per day. Not that it matters, though, since them being there doesn't necessarily mean they all have to be read right then and there. Just do what feels right, and we'll all be fine.

Let's get right to the good stuff here. When we left off, Mia Kay had just grown from a baby into a child, and was making friends with the many adults in the Wilson home. She apparently has quite the personality, because it wasn't long before she was good friends with most of them. Too bad family friends don't count for anything within the family, and kids don't benefit from the number of friends they have anyway. More than anything, when you live with a bunch of grownups, it's just good common sense to make them all like you, and so she did.

One morning, Marty was taking out the garbage in pajamas, and he noticed a motorcycle parked on the front "lawn". At first he thought he was hallucinating again, but after rubbing his eyes a bit, it was still there. Anyway, he was pretty impressed with the much so that it wasn't until Kammy came out that anyone noticed the older gentleman clad in biker garb also standing on the front lawn.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKammy: "Hey there, old biker guy...can we help you with something?"

Well, apparently, that was just the invitation the biker dude was waiting for, and him and Kammy struck up a conversation, apparently without introductions of any sort. While they were busy playing "name that tune", Kevin wandered out to see who was making time with his girlfriend. Well, that was quickly forgotten when he saw the motorcycle, and his response was much like Marty's.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKevin: "Not sure about the old guy chatting up my girlfriend, but loving the awesome chopper!

Well, this went on for some time, and the Wilsons assumed it was just another sim stopping by their house and parking on their lawn. Being the social lot they are, this wasn't too much of an inconvenience. However, it wasn't until J.D. stepped outside to see what all the chatter was about that there was some sort of recognition.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "Dad? Is that you??"

The visitor was, in fact, J.D.'s old man, Kenny. He'd apparently caught wind that in his absence of several years, his son had gotten married and fathered a child, and any excuses not to visit were pretty flimsy. He and J.D. quickly struck up a conversation. Poor who's she going to talk to?

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "You should have flown here instead of would have been a lot quicker!"

Kenny had spent the last 10 years traveling the country on his chopper, so he and J.D. had quite a bit to catch up on, and catch up on it they did. Meanwhile, in the house, Mia Kay was trying to study at the PC conveniently located right next to the front door, where all the noise from the outside could find it's way in.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMia Kay: "How am I supposed to get any studying done with those crazy grownups yapping away out there?"

Mia Kay went out to investigate the disturbance. By this time, Julie was out there too, and had been introduced to her father-in-law. Mia Kay looked a little dumbstruck when Julie told her who the visitor was, although the resemblance was pretty apparent.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMia Kay: "You mean Alfred isn't my Grandpa?

Well, the astonishment was short lived, and Mia Kay and Kenny quickly started chatting like old friends. Apparently, they share a common interest in bubbles, which can't be expected of just everyone. Maybe it runs in the family. Julie and J.D. turned to one another for conversational amusement.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJulie: "Did you see Law and Order last night?"

This continued on until it was dark out, but it didn't seem to bother anybody. Grandpa Kenny revealed that he'd brought a gift with him, which is customary when visiting your son for the first time in ten years to meet your granddaughter for the first time.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKenny: "I tried to find one with overalls, but didn't have any luck..."

The group headed to the dining room (minus Julie, who must have headed off to bed already), where J.D. got a chance to show off his cooking skills for his old man. Considering the rest of the family has gotten so used to his cooking almost every meal by this point, his cooking skills are pretty much taken for granted most of the time.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "I am a pretty dang good cook, even if I do have to say so myself!"

After that, it was off to the fire pit, where the trio gathered around for a good old fashioned sing along! You'd think these people hung out with each other all the time the way they've gotten so chummy in just a few hours, but I guess it's just a family thing. Music does bring out the best in all of us, now doesn't it?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKenny: "How about something by the Grateful Dead next, son?"

By this point, it was getting pretty late, and everyone else had already gone off to bed. Here, we see Marty and Kitty, dreaming away together. Kitty dreams of atomic bombs, while Marty dreams about dolphins. Interesting combination, eh?

Image hosting by PhotobucketWho says you have to have similar interests to be a happy couple?

Well, eventually, it was getting a little too late, and it was time for Kenny to hit the road. Him and J.D. brushed the dirt off their back sides and chatted a little bit more before it was time to go.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKenny: "Tell Mia Kay that I'll send her $100 if she keeps getting good grades!"

J.D. and his old man hugged it out, and it was time for him to hit the road. After all, J.D. has to get up early to cook for the rest of the family, and no doubt there's a Harley convention in a neighboring city that Kenny has to get up early for.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "Take care, Dad! See you in another ten years!"

And so the exciting and unexpected visit of J.D.'s father came to an end. Sure, it was a short visit, but everyone seemed to have had a good time, and you know what Ben Franklin said about guests being like fish. Grandpa Kenny seemed to have left a big impression on Mia Kay...she was dreaming about his motorcycle even after he'd already taken off!

Image hosting by PhotobucketMia Kay: "Some day when I'm older, I'm going to own a sweet chopper, just like Grandpa Kenny!"

Well, all good things must come to an end, and so must this post! It's almost time for me to leave, and it's the weekend, so there's not much choice anyway. Three posts in one day is a pretty impressive record for me. That should keep everyone busy over the weekend...just think of it as one for each day! Be sure to stop by next week to see what's happening then! :-)


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