Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Curse of Bozo II

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When we left off last time, Peter Miller had unleashed the curse of Bozo the clown on the Miller house by playing with a forbidden evil Bozo figurine, and Bozo was burning the house down with his ray gun. Well, Bozo reverted to his original form, but the Miller house is still being engulfed in flames, with only a lone fireman to battle them! It just doesn't get any better than this (unless you're the Millers, who are probably less than amused).

Well, in this next scene, the Millers have all gathered together in one spot to make a big fuss over the fire. Stu seems to be yelling at me to stop taking pictures and do something helpful, but he seems to have forgotten that when it comes to fire, there's not much that can be done (even the little white gloved hand and the power of "move objects" can't help in this situation).

Image hosting by Photobucket"Hey, you there, with the mouse...don't just sit there, get us out of here!"

They may have thought that they had it bad, but their plight was nothing compared to that of the brave fire fighter. Once the dining room table and all of the surrounding chairs caught fire, he was in over his head...literally. When I checked in on him, he was almost completely engulfed in flames.

Image hosting by Photobucket"It's a good thing my skin is coated with asbestos!"

The family decided that things had gotten too hot in the house, and they all headed out back to the relative safety of the patio. I guess it became pretty evident that there wasn't much they could do at this point but let the disaster run its course. Still, they didn't seem too pleased with that decision. Stu stood there and gave me dirty looks. He should have redirected his anger toward Peter, where it belonged...

Image hosting by PhotobucketBobby and Peter seem to have developed a rather casual attitude about the whole situation.

Well, just when it seemed like outdoors was the safe place to be, the volleyball court caught fire. Who knew that grass and a net could cause such an impressive inferno? At any rate, it became evident there wouldn't be any more games taking place there. Oh, well...the family wasn't really that athletically inclined to begin with.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHopefully the maid isn't getting hurt walking through that fire...she's going to have a lot of cleaning to do later.

About this time, Stu ran back into the house over by the computers. Nobody knows why, but it was probably because he realized at this point that the house didn't have fire insurance coverage, and decided this would be a good time to take out a policy. Whatever the case, he was in for a big surprise when the computers, desk, and chairs burst into flames, catching him on fire as well.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "Not the suit! Anything but the suit!"

Peter noticed his old buddy Stu wasn't looking so hot (or rather, was looking a bit too hot), and quickly ran to the rescue. He magically pulled out a fire extinguisher and went to work dousing the flames. Gee, great timing there, Pete! You'd be a great person to have around the day after an emergency!

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Hang on, Stu, old buddy! I'll get you outta' there!"

Well, Peter's rescue attempt was successful, but a little bit too late. He did eventually douse the blaze around Stu, but by the time he was finished, what was left of Stu wasn't really worth saving. Oh, well. Better luck next, time, old chap!

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "That's too bad about Stu, but at least I saved one of the desk chairs!"

Eventually, the brave fireman (with minimal help from Peter) managed to put out the last of the flames, and all was momentarily quiet around what was left of the Miller house. On the down side, the entire kitchen and guest bedroom have been demolished, but at least the TV, toilets, and barbecue survived!

Image hosting by PhotobucketBobby: "I call dibs on the one and only bed!"

Well, horrible devastation or no, life had to go on. On the up side, the family had a new hobby to occupy their time, sweeping up and taking out burned remains of household items. Deana looks pretty happy considering all that's taken place. Man, she is one stone cold heartless witch!

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana: "Now we're going to have to wax the kitchen floor again!"

Keri, Stu's unfortunate widow, headed out to the barbecue to hold a cookout in memory of Stu. What better way to remember his demise than to subject meat to searing flames? Notice nobody wants to move the Bozo doll from where it finally came to rest after it's rampage.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "I wish Stu were here...I hate having to handle raw meat by myself!"

Peter and Bobby were real troopers. They did their best to return to normal life as quickly as possible. That is, after planting Stu in the front yard and watching the urn turn into a nice decorative tombstone. They'd always wanted to get some decent lawn ornaments, but not quite like this.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I think what you need is a nice hot cup of coffee!"

Stu's memorial didn't make a very good ornament, though. Every time anyone tried walking through the front yard, they were magically drawn to it, where they'd begin weeping uncontrollably. I'm no Martha Stewart, but I don't take that to be the sign of a very good decorating scheme.

Image hosting by Photobucket"Now that Stu's gone, who's going to pay the bills?"

Keri wasn't taking it very well either, apparently. For a while, she seemed to be going about day to day life more or less normally, but she spent way too much time around the Stu memorial herself. In fact, when last I checked on her, she was sleeping outside next to it, apparently all cried out for the day.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAt least she took the time to change into her pajamas.

Just when things seem to have reached rock bottom... *poof* Peter woke up! That's right...this whole wildly exciting turn of events has been nothing but the product of Peter's under stimulated and overactive imagination. That will teach him to eat pickles and onions right before bed.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I've got to tell Stu about that hilarious dream I had!"

Sorry to disappoint, but the Millers time has not yet come. You thought something dramatic and noteworthy was happening at their house for once, but it was actually just the product of Peter's twisted imagination. At any rate, the Bozo doll remains untouched, and Peter decides it's better not to mess with it in real life. After all, if the curse were real, and Stu did wind up getting torched again, that would mean the rest of the family would have to find work, and that would be really scary!

Thanks for joining us for this big disaster (even if it was only an imagined one). Next time, we'll most likely be looking on something a little less chaotic, but hopefully still amusing. See you then!


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