Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Party Time!!

Well, all the wedding mumbo jumbo at the Miller house is over...finally. Now that that's over with, it's time to party! There's no way that that can be boring and tedious, right? Well, we'll see!

Bobby makes some phone calls, and it's not long before the guests start to arrive. I'm not sure what the cause is exactly, but it seems like in this neighborhood, only certain people ever show up for parties when people throw them. I guess everyone else is just too good to make an appearance (or too lazy...pick one).

Anyway, here we see some of the guests showing up. In the blue sweater is Kevin Wilson, a regular party frequenter. To the right, we see the celebrities that Stu insisted be at his party, Matt, and his wife Branson. They also have a habit of showing up wherever the party is at, probably for the free cake.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIt's a shame Matt didn't bring his pink limo with the flamingo on the front.

Marty Wilson, another party hopper, shows up as well. He makes a great impression on Deana, and her dislike for Marty is instantly apparent. Way to turn on the charm, Marty!

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty shouldn't have made fun of Deana's party hat. Oh, Marty...what a pig you are!

Everyone starts socializing excitedly, which isn't surprising, since guests so rarely seem to come by the Miller house. Bobby and Kevin chat excitedly about Kevin, which is odd, because he's not even all that special. I'm not sure what Matt and Branson are doing there, but it looks like she's either gesturing emphatically, or getting ready to karate chop him.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Bobby: "Dude, you are like, my hero!" Kevin: "Dude, you have no idea what that means to me."

Everyone gathers around the cake. You might be thinking that that looks like a birthday cake, but oh,'s a wedding party cake! Everyone dons their party hats and noise makers and celebrates the guest of honor, Keri. Sure, Stu got married too, but he's old news to the Millers by now, so she gets to blow out the candles. Notice that Matt and Branson have gone outdoors around the side of the house for some odd reason. I don't think they quite get the purpose of the celebration.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMatt: "Isn't there a hot tub around here somewhere?"

Well, Matt and Branson managed to make it back inside after whatever they were doing outside...and look! The candles are still burning! Excitement seems to be waning...Marty seems to be the only one who can muster any real enthusiasm. I guess after a while, looking at a cake is only so much fun.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBlow out the candles already! Let's eat some cake!

Well, eventually the candles are blown out, and someone takes the initiative to cut the cake up. I'm thinking this party would be a little more exciting if they'd turn some lights on in the cheap can you get? Marty seems to be telling Peter, "Dude...I love your hair!" Keri seems a little unsure about what to do with that piece of cake she's holding.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Aren't I supposed to smash this on Stu's face or something like that?"

Well, everyone's had their cake (and eaten it too), and things seem to be winding down. Wow...that wasn't much of a party, was it? Where were the party games like spin the bottle and bobbing for apples in the toilet? Where was the part where the rowdy party guests jump in the pool fully clothed? Well, have no fear...the party is not totally without entertainment...

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Good thing I brought my pal, Mr. Binky!"

Well, not everyone was amused by the puppet, but Marty and Kevin sure kept each other entertained, going back and forth with their puppets. I had nothing to do with it, which made it a little more amusing. I think Peter realized that nobody had bothered to get the couple any sort of wedding gift, and he was quick to head out back and whip up a masterpiece on the canvas. Oddly, the painting he produced was a wedding portrait...

Image hosting by PhotobucketThey probably would have been better off with a DVD player.

Well, like all good hosts, Stu and Keri ran off somewhere, leaving the rest of the house mates and guests to fend for themselves. For that matter, none of the sims pictured here are actual residents. Nice. The Millers will be lucky if the good silverware is still around tomorrow morning. Matt takes the opportunity to share his views on love and romance. He doesn't really appear to the the sentimental type. It's a wonder he agreed to come to a wedding party to begin with (although, there was cake, and it was free).

Image hosting by PhotobucketMatt: "I'm not really a fan of the whole love thing, but I sure do love these burgers!"

And so, life goes on in the Miller house. Stu accomplished his goal of marriage, for better or for worse, and for what it's worth, at least it resulted in a party, which resulted in guests, which sort of livened things up (although Julie wasn't one of them, which just goes to show how close she, Stu, and Deana were as siblings). Whether or not having Keri around will bring the family closer together or whatever remains to be seen...but we won't be hanging around this joint's kind of dull around here. When last I checked in on the family, though, there were still guests hanging around, and Marty and Kevin were doing their famous puppet act again.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDid I say that puppet act never got old? Okay, so I was wrong.

Next time, we'll begin taking a glance at the Wilsons and their humble beginnings. I promise you that it will be less boring than the look at the Millers. Anyway, that's that for now...ya'll come back now, ya' hear?


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