Friday, January 27, 2006

Stu's Search for True Love

When we last left the Miller house, Stu had decided upon a hairbrained...I mean a brilliant plan to get married so that he could simultaneously find the love of his life and add another female to the unbalanced 3 guy/1 girl household. Now all that remains is for him to meet someone, convince them to marry him, and get the approval of the rest of the family (not that he needs it, since he pays all the rent). Sounds simple enough, right? Yeah...let's see...

When last we saw our friends, Peter and Bobby, they were busy slow dancing in the family kitchen. Well, guess what? They're still at it. Only this time, they seemed to have moved on from the slow stuff, and now they're doing the "dip and pivot".

Image hosting by PhotobucketReal men dance the Cha Cha!

Well, before you start to judge the duo too much, just remember the painful lack of stuff there is to do in the house. You can only play volleyball, watch TV, or surf the web for so long before you start to go nuts and seek more creative outlets. Peter occasionally favors the easel out back, cranking out his $7 masterpieces so he can contribute to the rent. At least he's making money and not only spending it.

Actually, despite the fact that he has no significant other (no, Bobby is not a significant other, just a dance partner), and no real life to speak of, Peter is one of the few household members who seems to occupy himself quite well most of the time. While there are at least a couple fun items in the house, Peter doesn't seem to need them. No, he contents himself a lot of the time with standing there "viewing" different household objects that have no other use. To most people, a clown painting or candles in the bathroom may be just decorations, but to Peter, they provide hours of deep contemplation and amusement.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter ponders the mystery that is the rack of towels in the bathroom. Ah, the possibilities!

Anyway, so back to Stu's "mission". Yeah, it didn't seem to be going very well. For some odd reason, there just didn't seem to be a lot of Sims wandering in front of the Miller house, and there wasn't anyone in the phone book worth calling (besides ugly "Somebody" Sims from Studio Town or some guy named "Knut" from one of the vacation resorts). Things were not looking very hopeful, and it looked like it might be time to give up the whole stupid...I mean clever scheme.
Well, about this time, something very odd happened. Keri Wilson, who I've never seen leave the Wilson house before, came walking down the street. Usually, ever time there is a party anywhere in the neighborhood, Kevin, Marty, J.D., and a couple other Sims from some of the other houses show up, but never Keri or Kitty. Perhaps it was the hand of fate. Or perhaps it was the little white gloved hand that serves as a cursor sometimes when you tell Sims what to do. We may never know.

The important thing is that Keri stopped by, and Stu was quick to greet her and start trying to put the moves on her. Great going, Stu...except one thing. She seemed to have little if no interest in Stu whatsoever. Sure, they'd get to talking for a couple seconds, but since Stu is "famous", all of his interactions involve talking or bragging about himself with people less famous than himself, a topic which Keri apparently had absolutely no interest in. Stu persisted, but it seemed like everything that he did was wrong and just pushed her away.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri tells Stu how much she hates tuna because it kills dolphins...just as Stu is pulling out a jumbo sized can of tuna to open. Good one, Stu!

Well, things are looking pretty depressing in the love department for Stu. looks like Stu won't be getting a wife and Deana won't be getting a replacement sister (in-law) any time soon. Don't worry, Stu, you can always wait another year or two for someone else to walk down the street...or you can always grab the phone and give Knut a call (not that that would fulfill any romantic interests).

Will Stu give up his seemingly hopeless quest to woo Keri? Will Peter unravel the mystery of the bathroom towels? Will Deana fall asleep outside next to the trash cans again (and did she ever wake up to begin with?). Will anyone ever actually read this crap besides me? Only one way to find out! Stop in next time! :-)


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