Friday, January 27, 2006

Meet the Wilsons

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Oh, hey there! Sorry, I was just posting some keywords I thought people might be searching on the web in hopes of pulling them here. If you just found this site because of them, well, works! :-P

Last time, we looked a little bit at the Miller family and what was going on with them. Well, we're still going to be following them for a bit before we look elsewhere, but before we go too much further, let's introduce another family in the neighborhood who shows up quite a bit...the Wilson family.

Here we have the Wilsons: Kevin, Marty, J.D., Keri, Kitty, and Kammy (by now we know that Julie Miller married J.D. and moved in with the family, but these are all the original family members).

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They were like the second family that I added to my original neighborhoods. The original intent of the Wilsons was to add a bunch of people without jobs or responsibilities so that my first Sim in the neighborhood, Mark McGregor, could get enough friends to move up in the political career track *yawn*. It didn't take me very long to realize that it was a lot more fun to focus on what was happening with the Wilsons than what was going on in the McGregor house.

Speaking of the Wilson house, here's a look at it from the "eye in the sky":

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The original didn't have the hot tubs outside or the little drink cart out back, but the rest was pretty much the same. A house designed for six people, with three beds in the girls room, three in the guys room, and a huge central meeting area in the middle. I was quite proud of the design (especially the "dogs playing poker" living room murals).

Anyway, here's a brief bio of each of the characters. J.D. is a former helicopter pilot (remember that wierd looking/sounding guy from Sim Copter? Yeah, that was him.), and he originally inherited the house from his grandfather. He decided he needed to share the rent with someone else, thus the rest of the family. J.D. has no job, but he is an excellent cook (and the only one who doesn't start a fire in the house every couple of days). Kevin is the resident "hunk" of the house, and Kammy is his girlfriend. Marty is Kevin's former college room mate, and is one of those grungy but charming guys who everyone seems to like whether they shower or not. He's pretty nice most of the time, but seems to have an odd mean streak every now and then. His girlfriend is Kitty, the only Sim in the house with a job. She's a Superstar who does a little of everything in Studio Town, and it seems like she spends very little time at the house doing anything besides recovering for her next trip to go work. Keri is Kitty's former college room mate, and one of the more independent members of the house. For a long time, she would get up at odd hours of the day/night, occupy herself with almost no socialization, and yet, she was always in a great mood. I'd usually lose track of her because she was so independent and resourceful (which is good, because the rest of the family can be real whiney babies).

Anyway, there's your introduction to the Wilsons. Now there won't be any confusion if they pop up here and there in the Millers' story. We'll talk about them quite a bit more later on, but for now, that's all you get! :-D


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