Monday, January 30, 2006

A Proposal, a Wedding, and a Funeral

Okay, so there's no funeral, but I thought that made the title sound a little more interesting. Don't despair, though! Things finally get a little more interesting!

The time has arrived for Stu's proposal to Keri Miller. Everything has to be perfect, as the slightest upset could easily cause Keri to come to her senses and realize that Stu, despite his self-proclaimed greatness, is a little bit of a loser.

The first step Stu takes toward making sure things are "just right" is making sure that the rest of the house mates sit down and be quiet while he does his thing. Sure, Stu...they're the ones to blame for your failures in the the past...

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana is the only one who looks the least bit excited. The guys look like at this moment, they'd rather be anywhere else doing anything else...

Stu decides to ease into things with a little romantic slow dancing. You can see he's changed into his tux for the occasion. If that's not a giveaway as to his intentions or anything, I don't know what is, but Keri doesn't seem to notice. Maybe she just thinks he's doing a James Bond impression...or that all his other clothes are dirty and in the wash.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri has no idea that she is now hopelessly under Stu's romantic me, she has no idea...

Stu decides to change his tactics slightly, and switches to casual conversation instead, so he can can slip his proposal into the discussion (ie "did you watch CSI last night?" "Yeah, will you marry me?") Keri ponders what Stu might look like if his head were huge and bulbous, had no ears, and we wore a mask.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu seems to feel that the new look would be an improvement.

Deciding that the conversation can only go uphill from this point, Stu takes a knee, and the proposal is made. At first, Keri thinks that maybe Stu's knee replacement has given out from too much dancing, but then she realizes just what's going on.

Well, considering the rocky road Stu's courtship of Keri took initially, she surprisingly accepts his proposal with little hesitation. Maybe she sees something in Stu that we don't...or maybe she's had enough of the Wilson house, which can be pretty odd at times. Oh, if only she knew...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "It's beautiful, Stu! When's the stone being put in?"

Well, at this point, Keri has agreed to Stu's proposal, and we all know there are no "take backs" when you agree to marry someone. Realizing that the most critical moment in Stu's courtship process has passed, the rest of the family gets up from the table to offer their congratulations.

Image hosting by Photobucket"Come on, guys. We can't possibly screw things up now!"

Stu and Keri exchange vows, and from that moment, on, she becomes Mrs. Stu Miller (although if she's smart, she'll still go by Keri). They exchange vows in front of the invisible minister, share their first kiss, and it's all over with (well, the wedding part, anyway. They still have the rest of their life together to deal with).

The rest of the gang comes over to offer their congratulations. This is nice of them, though not necessary, since Stu is the only owner of the house and the only one paying the bills, and he can marry whoever he darn well pleases (though not anymore). Anyway, it's a nice gesture, and a good start, since they'll be living together for a long time to come.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Well, we have wedding guests, but still no wedding gifts..."

On that happy note, Keri changes back into her wedding dress (I'm not sure why she changed out of it for that split second to begin with), and her and her new husband, Stu, share a wedding dance. The rest of the gang springs into action - Deana tries to remember where the bathroom is, Peter goes to play games on the computer, and Bobby makes preparations for the awesome post-wedding party he's about to throw...

Image hosting by PhotobucketDid someone say 'party'? Maybe there will finally be something exciting going on around here."

Well, that's it for the moment. The party will have to wait till next time. Don't miss's sure to be the most exciting thing that's happened here yet! Then on to our next stop...a closer look at those crazy Wilsons!


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