Monday, January 30, 2006

More Fun With the Millers

Hey, folks! If anyone has actually been reading this stuff, welcome back! Or, if it's your first time, welcome for the first time - whatever works! Whatever the case, I hope someone else has enjoyed reading this stuff as much as I have posting it. If you have, don't be afraid to leave a comment on any one of these entries just to say so. If people are actually reading it, I know whether or not it's worth it to post frequently (though I'll still post regardless).

We've been covering the story of the Miller family (or at least a part of it - the earlier stuff was pretty boring), and Stu's quest for love. He'd been pursuing Keri Wilson, who'd been pushing him away not so subtly until our very last entry. Stu finally got lucky and got a little lip action...go Stu! Let's see if he can keep the "magic" alive.

Well shortly after Stu made out with Keri for the first time (romantic, I know), he headed straight to the hot tub, where Peter happened to be hanging out. In typical guy fashion, he told Peter the whole story, and revealed to him that he was planning to propose.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter doesn't seem as impressed with Stu as Stu seems to be with himself.

Well, either Peter misunderstood Stu's mention of a proposal and thought it was directed at him, or was put off by Stu's shameless flexing in the hot tub, but whatever the case, Stu was out of there moments later. Nobody likes a braggart.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "I'm telling you, man, those bubbles were coming from the hot tub!"

It didn't take Stu long to locate his lady love, and it took him even less time to pick up where he'd left off before. Nice...the moment he gets the okay to start smooching, talking and all other interactions are out the window. Stu isn't exactly a hopeless romantic (hopeless, maybe, but not all that romantic). Deana noticed the couple making out in the kitchen, and went to investigate further. For some reason, she decided it was necessary to stand like three inches away from the pair while they did their thing. It looks like she's trying to get in there with them.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana: "Are you sure you guys are doing that right?

Well, Stu being one of those "three's a crowd" type of people (especially if one of them is your sister), promptly shooed Deana away encouraging her to go bother Bobby or something. Apparantly, she misunderstood his instructions, because a few moments later, Bobby came on the scene.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "Dude, I asked her to go bother you, not have you come bother me."

Well, about this time, Stu was probably starting to get a little bit tired of the whole romance gig. Heck, I'M starting to get a little tired of the whole romance gig - you can only go on for so long with posts about a family who's main hook is a filthy house and one guy's quest for love. Anyway, Stu decided it was time to spend a little time with the rest of his house mates again before they drifted away. What better way to cement your relationship with your friends than the mouldy old puppet gimmick?

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe puppet comes out again! Oh, man, that just never gets old, does it?"

By this point, the whole wooing thing seems to be pretty much in the bag for Stu (thank goodness too). Stu decides that its time to put his proposal plan in motion. After all, Keri seems completely won over by his good looks, charm, wit, fame...or more than likely, just his obnoxious persistence. Whatever the case, her barrier seems to be broken down.

Image hosting by Photobucket"Oh, Stu! you're my hero!" "I know, about some sugar?"

Knowing that the time is nigh, and being the helpful fellow that he is (sometimes), Bobby begins to straighten things up to help Stu prepare for the big moment. Confidentially, he's probably hoping to see a monumental rejection of Stu's proposal, since Bobby is kind of a butthead, but whatever his intentions, right now he's being helpful. Peter, on the other hand, stands in the corner of the kitchen glaring evilly, at what, it's hard to tell. Maybe he wants Keri for his own...or maybe he wants that plate of fly-ridden food Bobby is picking up - or maybe he's suspiciously eying the weird cans of stuff sitting on the table. It's hard to tell with Peter - he's a deep, intense sort of fellow.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Touch those cans, and you're a dead man..."

Well, this seems as good as any a place to wrap up this entry. I hate to include too many pictures in a single post, because it takes forever to load otherwise. Besides, why not build up a little suspense, right? Check in on the next entry for Stu's proposal...will it be rejected, or will he successfully throw away his bachelorhood once and for all? Will the rest of the family screw things up, or will they mind their own business and let Stu screw them up himself? Tune in next time to find out!


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