Friday, February 10, 2006

An Unexpected Event

Welcome back to another installment of MonkeeSims, the most underrated Sims chronicles on the web! Okay, I don't know if that's true or not, but nobody has ever rated them before, so in a way, that's the truth. As of right now, there is one comment posted on the site, and it's a good one, so that has to count for something, right?

Most of the recent attention to the Wilson family has been paid to Marty, Kitty, Kevin, and Kammy. Well, if you ask me, they've had their day in the sun. J.D. and Julie are the official owners and of the house, and yet, they get very little attention. Well, no more! That's all about to change! Well, for this post, anyway.

If Julie misses a lot of the spotlight in the day to day happenings at the Wilson house, it's only because the poor girl spends so much of her time as a struggling lounge singer, working day after day to help bring home the bread to pay the butler (thieving old coot!). Hey, Kitty can't do it all, and J.D.'s savings won't last forever.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAt least somebody appreciates Julie's talents. We assume it's her talent he appreciates.

Julie's husband J.D. is actually a pretty big fan of her work himself. It's not uncommon to catch him talking her up to his fellow house mates. The fact that he feels the need to whisper compliments about her with her standing right there is a little strange though.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJulie: "Hey! Secrets don't make friends!"

For all his lack of social skills and charm, J.D. is actually a pretty nice guy when he's with the right people, his wife being one of them. When left to his own devices, I'd usually find him hugging or smooching Julie somewhere in the house, usually right in full view of everyone else. I guess when you own the house, you pretty much get to make the rules.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPDA alert! Quick...avert your eyes!

Well, during one such time, the couple "discussed" the possibility of having a child, which it's always my job to say "no" to. Well, I wasn't expecting the pop-up box this time around, and I hit "yes" when it came up. Oops!

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhoops! Well, congratulations, guys! It's a bouncing baby sim!

The couple looked a little surprised initially at the floral explosion, but once they realized it was just a baby, they seemed okay with it. It was a baby girl, and the couple named her Mia Kay. After that, they promptly returned to smooching.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHopefully Julie learned a lesson from the baby the Miller house came with!

Everyone was quite surprised to find little Mia Kay in the living room, but most of them adapted pretty well. Most, but not all. Kitty just stood there and looked kind of angry. I can tell you right now who's not going to be the baby's godmother.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Hey, uh, guys? Is this your baby over here?"

Eventually, the smooching stopped, and Julie decided to put her maternal instincts to the test, while J.D. ran off to do who knows what. Moments later, little Mia Kay was happily sucking away on her bottle. Kammy stood by, looking happy, but a little envious. What's with these people? Can't they just be happy for someone besides themselves?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKammy: "That @#$% Kevin better propose soon...I want one too!"

It's possible that Kitty was having similar feelings of envy due to a lack of a proposal from Marty, but instead of standing around pouting by the bassinette, she went off to Studio Town to work out some of her feelings, and make some money in the process. She also managed to bring home another achievement award, though it was somewhat overshadowed by other events in the house.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPoor Kitty...nobody is even there to "ooh" and "ahh" at her award or pink limo.

In the end, everyone was pretty excited about the new baby, whether they admitted it readily or not. Even Alfred the butler got into the act! That was definitely good news, since five people couldn't take care of one baby at the Miller house, and nobody wanted to see the DFS lady run off with Mia Kay too.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAlfred: "Will you be needing anything else, Ms. Mia Kay?"

Whew! Well, it's been a pretty exciting day for the Wilsons to say the least! Having a child in the house will definitely change things...and hopefully evoke a little more responsibility from the six adults in the family (seven, if you count Alfred). Will Mia Kay stay in the house long enough to become a child? How will a kid adapt to living in a house that has a huge upstairs bar as its main attraction? Are there more children on the way? Heck, I hope not...there are only three bathrooms, and already seven sims now! See you next time!


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