Friday, February 10, 2006

Hot Tub Central

Every have one of those lazy days where you sort of just watched life go by but never really hopped on the train? If not, you need to slow down a bit...those are my favorite kind! If you ask me, you're just not living life if you don't spend a day here and there just doing nothing. Okay...that's my philosophical views on life for the day. I promise I am going somewhere with this.

Well, just a real people sometimes have those days with seemingly no beginning and no end (if you do nothing all day, it's hard to know when you're done), so do the residents of the MonkeeSims neighborhood. Not every day can have a life changing event like the birth of a wedding, the birth of a child, or a clown burning down your house. Does that mean they're not worth looking in on? Well, that, of course, is a matter of opinion!

As we join the Wilsons, we find most of them out front hanging out in the hot tubs. They'd probably all be out there if I hadn't replaced the larger models with the smaller wooden ones, but the sims like to play, and with the few expansions I have, those are the only ones that allow for such things. Anyway, we see Kevin and Kammy have claimed one tub, and Marty and Julie the other. I can't really tell, but Julie seems to be giving Marty a weird look out of the side of her eye. It's hard to tell just what she's thinking.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJulie: "I really really hope he's wearing some shorts under there."

Well, they hung out for a long long time in the tubs. In fact, I'm constantly amazed at how much time they spend in the hot tubs. Every time they're not eating or using the bathroom, that little hot tub task pops up, and off they go. It's really amazing that any of the family has any skills at all, since they rarely study, work out, or play chess anymore. Nope, it's always off to the hot tub. J.D. noticed Julie had been gone for hours, and sure enough, she was out there in the hot tub, listening to Marty software?

Image hosting by PhotobucketMan, does Marty know what women love to talk about!

I went and busied myself with other stuff for a while, and it wasn't until several hours later (sim time, that is) that I thought to see what everyone was doing again. Well, guess where Marty was? At first, I thought maybe I should call the sim EMT's and make sure he still had a pulse, but then I noticed he was in a different tub, so I wasn't so worried. The fact that Chucko the Clown was hanging out in the tub was a little worrisome, but I was eventually able to dismiss that as well.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Chucko, you're still the only one I feel like I can really talk to."

As if that wasn't odd enough, a little while later, Drew Carrey and Kitty were hanging out in one of the other tubs. Obviously they overcame whatever differences they may have had at Marty's birthday party...or at least they're working on it. J.D. seems a little annoyed about Chucko occupying the other hot tub, and a little apprehensive about getting in while said clown is still in there.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "I'm just not so sure about this hot tubing with a clown thing."

Well, anyway, insert loooooong passage of time here. After what seemed like an eternity, probably because of having to visit Studio town every couple of days with two different famous sims, little Mia Kay finally grew up! This was a huge relief, because for a while, I'd thought J.D. and Julie had parented the first ever permanent baby. But no, she grew up into a nice, normal, initially well adjusted child. Thank goodness her growing into a child wasn't accompanied by that weird upside-down clown head I'd experienced with one of the other families (if you don't know, don't ask!).

Image hosting by PhotobucketWelcome to childhood, Mia Kay! And just in time for supper, too!

Actually, the transition from babyhood (is that a word) to childhood was a pretty smooth one, and even the non-parent adults in the family took pretty well to having a kid around. Granted, there will have to be some changes made to the house to make it a little more child friendly, but at least there are plenty of spare beds already.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe girls just can't resist that loveable bum, Marty (except for Kammy, who can't resist smacking him).

That's pretty much it for now! So, the Wilson family officially has seven functioning members! That's more than I usually care to manage at once, but the Wilsons do a pretty good job of watching after themselves (not having jobs really helps with that). Where do things go from here? That's a good question! Stay tuned for a good answer!


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