Thursday, February 16, 2006

An Iguana in the Sauna

Hey, gang. Welcome to another exciting day in the world of MonkeeSims. This will be the last of the posts on the Wilsons for a while, as we undergo the "Sims overhaul" I mentioned on the last post. Don't fret, though, because there's enough Miller "material" to last for a couple days after that. Past that, well, no telling when the next update will be.

Our last post was all about the Wilsons and their first vacation since Mia Kay was introduced to the family. They were chilling out at a winter resort (har har) and having tons of fun eating and eating and occasionally doing other stuff (though not very often). Mia Kay was having fun trying to escape the big headed yeti that was obsessed with trying to entertain her, but she appeared to be unable to successfully elude it.

Well, it's now day two of the vacation, and after an uncomfortable sleep in the igloos, the family moved to one of the other resorts in the middle of the that actually had beds and showers and other luxuries. Of course, it just wouldn't be a vacation if the obsessed fan didn't stop by at least a couple times, and so he did! He stood around and waited outside in the hot tub, probably to keep from freezing. That's what happens when you wear shorts to a winter resort, I guess.

Image hosting by PhotobucketObsessed Fan: "I think I'm starting to regain feeling in my legs..."

The vacation director was none too pleased to have some dirty looking bum hanging around in the hot tub fully clothed. She marched right over there and let him have it. Strangely, the fan responded by not moving anywhere, but the water stopped bubbling. Moment's later, he vanished right in the middle of the hot tub. he's fire proof, doesn't drown in a ladderless pool, and is immune to hunger, discomfort, and all other sim needs. I guess with obsession comes great powers or something like that.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDirector: "No stalkers in the hot tub! It's a strictly enforced Vacation Island policy!"

The gang was pretty exhausted after their late night check in at the resort, but they managed to crawl out of bed at around 1:00 PM, just in time for lunch. Even though the resort had a nice indoor dining room complete with a moose head and a fireplace, the gang chose to eat outside at the picnic their pajamas, no less. What is it with these people?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Hey, a frozen lake! We should go boating later!"

I don't know what it is with these sims and their insatiable desire to go boating, but it might have something to do with the fact that that featured hasn't been implemented in the game yet that makes it such an appealing notion. Whatever the case, that plan was once again shot down. While the family was enjoying being on vacation, they were starting to get a little tired of the cold climate (would the pajama thing have anything to do with that?). It was decided that they would pack up and head out to the beach for a little bit to thaw out. While she was on her way out, Mia Kay ran into her old friend, the big blue yeti. Despite their differences during the visit, she was sad to see it go, and gave it a great big hug.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhen Julie and J.D. said they hoped Mia Kay made some friends on vacation, this isn't exactly what they had in mind.

Shortly after, the Vacation Island shuttle arrived, and everyone was called out to hop aboard. The gang was more than ready to hit the beach, and they quickly came running...maybe a little too quickly for that matter.

Image hosting by Photobucket"When we said we had to go right away, we at least meant to put on some real clothes first!"

And so, it was off to the beaches once again! The gang did their usual bit of splitting up to go do their own thing once they got there, spending money left and right without asking each other to rent volleyballs, sand castle "kits" (what the heck does that consist of?) and the ever popular metal detectors. Julie selfishly ditched Mia Kay and went wandering off in search of treasure. We can only hope for Mia Kay's sake that J.D. is being a more attentive parent than this.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJulie: "If I can find enough money, we might be able to afford to eat still after what we spent on vacation!"

Actually, I'm not sure what J.D. was off doing while Julie was hunting for loot, but I did manage to locate Mia Kay, following Kevin around while he wandered around with his detector. Apparently kids aren't qualified to handle their own. Whatever the case, whenever Kevin found anything, he handed the shovel off to Mia Kay, and she promptly went digging. Sure, Kevin...make the kid to all the work!

Image hosting by PhotobucketKevin: "Wow, an old boot! You keep it...I insist!"

Mia Kay eventually located J.D. over by the dock, and joined him for a little fishing. It was a bonding experience for a while, but then their lines started to get tangled, and the little minus signs began appearing over their heads. Come on, guys, get over it. It's nothing to get all grouchy over! Notice that the weird shark has come to add it's presence to the experience. Poor Mia Kay just can't win!

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "I don't know who caught that thing, but I wish they would throw it back!"

Eventually, the digging up boots, snagged lines, and severe sunburn started to get to everyone, and it was decided that there was no place like home (especially if your home happens to have a giant second story bar). Everyone piled in the Vacation Shuttle, and off they went back to the homestead. Not just the family went, though. The obsessed fan was right there waiting for them, but all the famous people went straight in the house, so he had to settle for pictures of Marty.

Image hosting by PhotobucketObsessed Fan: "Wow! Marty Wilson...king of the nobodies!"

Even after all that time at the beach, Julie still hadn't had enough swimming and outdoors time (maybe if they could actually swim in the ocean at the beach, that wouldn't be a problem). As soon as day broke, she headed straight for the pool. Guess who else headed to the pool, and executed a beautiful swan dive?

Image hosting by PhotobucketJust when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..."

That's pretty much a wrap for now. That's all of the pics I've taken recently of the Wilsons and their day to day doings, so any more updates on them will be new stuff as it happens. Like I said, I've gotten some new pics of the Miller family I just recently took, and while they don't involve a clown, they should be at least mildly amusing. But hey...why am I telling you what's amusing and what's not? Only you can be the judge of that...and you can only do that if you stop by next time. See you then!


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