Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Amazing Mr Scruffers

I'm not sure what to say, really. As of a last post, I had "The Sims", "Vacation", and "Superstar" installed. Yesterday, a little package arrived in the mail that had "Livin' Large", "House Party", and "Hot Date" in it, and I finally installed "Unleashed", which I bought a week ago, so they now grace my PC. Adjusting to two new expansions when I got SV and SS was a pretty big deal, but four at once? Talk about overwhelming! Well, in order to remain "under whelmed", I'm taking things very slowly for the time being...yeah, right...

Based solely on what I've seen in a couple hours of playing around, I would say that the expansions that I didn't have were really more fun oriented than the two that I did. Vacation is fun, but is kind of limited in scope, and you can overdo it pretty easily. Superstar is challenging, but is also a lot of work, and sometimes I forget to have fun with it. Owning pets, going to restaurants, throwing that's fun!

Like you may have come to expect, I was quick to use (or abuse) the new found freedoms granted the MonkeeSims neighborhood. Since the Wilsons got to play around with the SV and SS goodies first, and since we've been looking at the Millers recently anyway, I let them take the first stab at things. From the looks of things, they could use it! They're kind of in a rut again.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "No, Stu, I really really don't want to learn to play tennis!"

Someone got the bright idea to call the Old Town shuttle to see what it was all about. It seemed remarkable that all this time, there was a huge part of the city that none of the family had ever explored, and it was high time that this was corrected. Moments later, an archaic looking relic pulled up in front of the house to whisk away its occupants.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Where are we going in this thing...the 1950's"?

The group headed for the great big pet adoption center, curious about the prospect of pets other than the fish and guinea pigs they'd been limited to before. The effects of being out and about in a new place for the first time in a long time (aside from Pete and Stu) were immediate and apparent. Deana swept Bobby off his feet and laid one on him.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Have you guys no sense of public decency?"

Stu ran away from the rest of the group, and seemed to know right where he was going. It took a minute to locate him (yeah, I know, I can click on his face, but where's the fun in that?), but I did eventually find him playing with an enormous bird. He was feeding it crackers that he was apparently carrying around in his suit pockets. Careful, Stu...if you poison it with moldy crackers, you buy it!

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "Can you say, 'Stu is the greatest'?"

Peter seemed to be drawn to the creatures of the furry four legged variety (those are dogs and cats, for those of you who are total numbskulls). Seeing as how Pete has no love interest of any sort, and very few close friends, it's natural he'd want to shower all that pent up affection on something, and what better target than a cute little bitty pathetic kitty cat? Well, the answer is probably "a human female", but they didn't have any of those up for adoption, and beggars can't be choosers.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "You had me at 'meow' had me at 'meow'..."

Well, once Peter had had a chance to play with the cat a little bit, that was it - he had to have one of his own. And so, he borrowed $300 from Stu, and forked it over to the scary looking guys standing guard over the animals and animal accessories. For some odd reason, though, he chose not to buy the kitty he was playing with initially. I guess that one was the display model, and wasn't for sale. Whatever the case, he chose a big furry gray one instead, who appeared out of nowhere after the sale was finalized. Isn't the sim world a weird one?

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I shall call him Mr Scruffers!"

Peter and Mr Scruffers instantly bonded, and why not? They had so much in common - neither has a job, they're both kind of scruffy looking, and completely unpredictable (although Peter has gotten better about not "going" on the floor). The pair quickly went off to see what sort of goodies they could pick up for Mr Scruffers. They weren't the only ones apparently.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "What kind of kid would want to play with these weird toys?"

Well, Peter bought some treats and chew toys for his kitty pal, while the girls continued to browse the pet toys. They seem a lot more fascinated by them than Mr Scruffers does. Peter should really consider this before shelling out too much money - unless he's thinking of buying a gift for the girls some time down the road.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana and Keri love to doesn't matter what they're shopping for.

In order to prevent Mr Scruffers from becoming a mangy fleabag, Peter went looking for a suitable flea collar. There were several to choose from, including a spiked one, but no matter how he tried, he just couldn't get Mr Scruffers to give an opinion on the matter. Oh, well...tough it is!

Image hosting by PhotobucketMr Scruffers seems to think Peter made the right decision. That should mean a lot, coming from a cat.

Pete paid a visit to Stu and Bobby, who were hanging out by the street, just itching to leave. Geeze, what's the hurry, guys? It's not like home is such a barrel of laughs. Peter told them he'd bought a cat and that he'd be bringing it with him to Stu's house and he hoped that it was alright because it was too late anyway. As usual, Stu was baffled by Peter's unpredictable behavior.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "Now he bought a cat? Yeesh...he could at least of gotten a bird instead!"

Well, Stu may not have a great opinion of cats or Mr Scruffers, but why does it always have to be about what Stu thinks? What about what Mr Scruffers thinks? Well, I'll tell you what he thinks, because we can see it in the bubble below...Mr Scruffers thinks that Stu's wife, Keri, is hot...

Image hosting by PhotobucketSorry, Mr Scruffers, but I don't think it will work out between the two of you.

Okay. That's pretty much it for now. We can't cram too much into one post now, can we? Okay, we can, but on my PC, too many pictures means an hour long load time, and that bites. Drop by next time as the family (including Mr Scruffers) checks out a little bit more of Old Town. Further down the road, we've got the wild antics of the families as they throw the worst party ever (even worse than Marty's 30th birthday) and explore the newly added Downtown area. Ah, yes, life is good! See you next time!


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