Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Studio Town Conquers Peter

Okay, I've been corrected. Eddie Murphy has sort of made some movies lately if you count the "Shrek" films, but come on...he only played one character in those movies as opposed to the usual half dozen he usually does. I've been waiting for the day when he makes a movie where he plays all the characters...and I'm not even that huge an Eddie Murphy fan these days.

There have been quite a few comments about this site lately, both on the blog and in my private email, and that's encouraging, because it means it's being read. I've been reviewing a lot of the earlier posts, and have found several spelling/spacing/formatting mistakes that had to be stamped out. I'm a real stickler for things being presented well, so if you find any oddities, even something like the text being the wrong color on a post, please let me know. Also, if you prefer to keep your comments private, my email is

I'll bet you've been holding your breath over the extra long weekend waiting to see the outcome of Peter's plunge into the world of the rich and not so famous. Well, I sure hope not, but if you have, I guess now is the time to see if it was worth it. When we left off, Peter had given up on achieving fame through his talents, and had resorted to flexing for the camera man, who seemed less than interested in photographing him. Poor Peter...what next?

It became pretty apparent that Pete wasn't going to become the next "big thing" any time soon, so he decided to salvage whatever he could of his visit (and the $50 he borrowed from Stu for the bus trip to Studio Town) by checking out some of the sites and trying to have a little fun. He left Cameron's lounge, and headed off to another location, where he found a soap opera set. Of course, there was nothing going on at the set at the time, so it was pretty boring. Being that Pete isn't much of a soap opera fan to begin with, having actors there probably wouldn't have improved things much anyway.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Shouldn't someone be keeping an eye on that poor guy?"

The sights were all good and fine, but as time passed, Peter began to get more than a little hungry. Of course, being the extremely cheap sort, he refused to spend any of "his" money on food. Does that mean that he continued to go hungry? Oh, no...not at all. He headed straight for the nearest eatery, and prepared to work his magic. Brace're about to see the master in action!

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter locates a hapless victim with a plate of food. If she only knew...

Pete executes the first part of his plan - diversion. He walks up to some lady he's never met or heard of before, greets her so she gets up from the table right in the middle of eating, and begins gushing about what a huge fan of hers he is. Of course, he avoids any specifics about why he's a fan, since he has no idea who she who is what she actually does. For all he knows, she's the lady who cleans the toilets taking a lunch break. That's just one of the risks you have to take, I guess. We should admire and thank people who clean our public restrooms anyway. Otherwise...yech...

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Oops...sorry. I thought you were Janet Jackson!"

Anyway, from there on, the rest is gravy (or whatever the person happened to be eating). The "victim" is so overwhelmed with Peter's mindless babble that by the time it's over, they've totally forgotten they were eating, and the food is all his. Not the most sanitary way to grab a bite to eat, but Pete can use all that money he saved eating other peoples' food to pay for the any meds he needs from their germ related illnesses. The important thing is the moment, though, and at the moment, Pete's got the grub.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Whadda' ya' mean, I need a tie in this restaurant? I don't even own a tie!"

Well, Peter was pretty full from his one plate of ill-gotten food, but it wasn't enough, and he swiped some more...from the same lady, no less. Hey...if she's going to be dumb enough to fall for that trick twice, she deserves to be taken for a ride. After grabbing his "seconds", Pete takes a seat with Cliff, someone he actually knows from his neighborhood, who happens to be Peter pretends to be.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "If you see an angry looking woman in a brown dress coming this way can you let me know?"

That was enough of the soap opera studio for Peter. As much fun as robbing strangers of their food can be, the thrill doesn't last forever. And so, he hopped aboard the magic Studio Town bus again and headed off to the fashion district. Wow, that sounds like a real hoot for a clothes-monger like Pete! The place was no less odd than those he'd visited before. Here, we see Freddie Prinze Jr walking by while some scary bald guy is either trying to grab the cameraman's backside or take his wallet. Peter, as usual, looks totally disinterested in everything around him.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Hmmm...I could sure go for something to eat again right about now."

Well, since there were no restaurant patrons to terrorize at this particular spot, Peter decided to take advantage of what the fashion district did best...fashions! It didn't escape his notice that all the real famous people weren't wearing grubby "Star Wars" T-Shirts and old jeans, and so, it wasn't long before he'd searched the racks, handed over Stu's credit card, and purchased a truly heinous outfit from the Michael Jackson hall of shame collection. Yeah...that's gonna' help...

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "I'm know it..."

Armed with his "high fashion" duds, Peter decided to take another shot at impressing the cameraman with his antics. Even when he pulled his awesome juggling routine, it was still all for nothing. The cameraman turned around and virtually ran away. Apparently, dressing like Michael Jackson and playing with balls is not the key to becoming a big star. Go figure. Maybe he should have tried the puppet this time around.

Image hosting by PhotobucketCameraman: "Maybe if I just ignore him he'll go away!"

This was pretty much the straw that broke the camel's back for Pete. He'd tried everything he could think of to make it big, and it was just too much work. In the end, he'd spent more money getting to Studio Town and buying fugly clothes than he'd actually made performing. Even though I'm no math major, this doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. In the end, Peter decided to head on home while he still had his dignity (however much he had to begin with), and do what he did best - sell paintings for $5 a pop.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "What's Michael Jackson doing on our back patio?"

Well, we can't all be famous, now can we? Guess Pete will have to leave that to the big shots like Stu (don't be fooled, though...Stu's not nearly as big as he thinks he is). If nothing else, this little outing has proven to Peter that there truly is no place like home...or in this case, Stu's home. Whether he succeeded or failed, though, you have to admit it was a lot more interesting to watch him leave the house and make a fool of himself than do it at home!

Not sure when I'll have more pics to put up here, since I'm still waiting for the expansions to come in the mail. It doesn't matter, though. If I have something "Simmish" to say, I'll still put it here, even if I don't have pictures to go with it. In the meantime, I really ought to post on my regular blog, which has been sorely neglected by yours truly lately. Catch you all later!


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