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Drew Carrey, Go Home!

I believe I may have set a bad precedent for this site since it began by posting updates almost daily. This was never my original plan, I just had a lot of older material I wanted to get posted (and off my hard drive), and one post a day seemed like a good way to do it. Now that we've been caught up to the present for a bit, posts may be a little less frequent. It doesn't mean I've lost interest in the Sims or this site, but not every day will bring something post worthy, so why force it?

It's about time we redirected our focus away from the Miller house itself for a little bit. No doubt we'll still see members of the house wandering around here and there still, but as far as our snoopy home visits go, I'm leaning toward going somewhere else for kicks.

Before that happens, though, I must give the Millers another chance to recover from that less than stellar party they threw last time. After all, Stu is supposed to be famous, and famous people are supposed to throw great parties. Peter and Bobby masterminded the last one. Let's see if Stu can do any better.

Well, it didn't take very long. All Stu had to do was put out the food table, hire a caterer, buy an electric guitar and stripper cake, and make a few phone calls. Before all of the guests had even gotten in the house, Drew Carrey's limo pulled up and totally stole the show. Guess he must have heard about the electric guitar...or maybe it was the free food.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Never mind about Drew Carrey...check out that limo!"

I wasn't kidding when I said Drew's limo stole the show. It took a bit before anyone actually paid any attention to Drew himself. From that point on, he was all people could think about, even when they were hugging and kissing each other. It was kind of disturbing. Anyway, Stu wasn't about to let the fact that he'd gotten Drew Carrey when Peter and Bobby had gotten the crappy mime be the peak of his party's success. No sir, he dug out a moldy old trunk and forced everyone to put on costumes. That Stu sure knows how to party!

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "If only Drew Carrey could see me now!"

Actually, it was sort of funny how the whole "costume" thing worked out. The guys were forced to dress like superheroes and astronauts and other weird stuff, while the girls' "costumes" were basically just wild colored but otherwise normal clothing. Peter didn't seem to mind, despite the fact that he was dressed a fruity purple superhero suit. He was still too busy thinking about Drew.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDrew: "Why is my face in that purple suited weirdo's thought bubble?"

Stu didn't seem to mind either, because he'd opted for what appeared to be just a colorful formal suit himself. That's actually an outfit I can see him wearing all the time. I'm not saying that it looks cool on him or anyone else, but I can see him wearing it. Stu's just that different.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "Now if I can just find some used cars to sell!"

The excitement about Drew Carrey's arrival continued to spread, not just among the humans, but among the animals present as well. See, all this time you thought your pets were oblivious to anything but scratching themselves, eating, and digging holes in the yard, while they actually have very strong opinions about who's hot and who's not in the world of the rich and famous.

Image hosting by PhotobucketGnome: "Drew Carrey, eh? You don't say!"

Checking out the party inside, it was easy to see a big improvement already if you compare this party to the last big Miller bash. Instead of elderly women and scary looking punks and mechanics, we've got young women, costumes, and very few scary people to speak of (except that guy in back, who may or may not be a real escaped convict).

Image hosting by PhotobucketCaterer: "What do you mean, 'Great costume'? This is my uniform!"

Apparently, some people are just too cool to have fun like everyone else. Take J.D., for instance. All the other guys are being forced to wear weird, embarrassing costumes, and he refuses to wear any costume at all. Of course, having to switch from his jeans and old T-Shirt to the sweater and slacks he started wearing to woo Julie was probably traumatic enough. No sense abusing him further by making him dress up like a superhero or astronaut or monkey.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSpace Punk: "Let me're supposed to be a preppy biker, right?"

I guess I was mistaken when I said earlier that the females all got to dress in normal but colorful clothes. There was one girl who was dressed like Pocahontas, which isn't entirely normal. Of course, it could be that I'm being narrow minded. She might live on a native American reservation, and this could be her regular casual wear.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPocahontas: "So, do you like own your own jet?"

The guests were beginning to get a little antsy, and the thrill of Drew Carrey's surprise arrival was starting to wear off. Folks were starting to ask questions about the big cake sitting out on the lawn, like why it was so hard to cut and why the frosting tasted like plaster. Stu decided it was time to unveil the mystery, and let the "entertainer" inside earn her pay. And earn she did...

Image hosting by PhotobucketI'll bet the "entertainer" feels right at home here in that costume, given what she's surrounded by.

Bobby was pretty excited about the performance, but he kept it to himself like a gentleman. Well, the entertainer lady apparently mistook this for him being sad, and decided to cheer him up a bit. Well, it worked a little bit, that is, until Deana got jealous and smacked him. Why she's smacking the victim instead of the culprit, I'm not really sure. That's just Deana for you, I guess. And here, I thought they had something pretty special going on after that last date of theirs.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana: "How DARE you be cheered up, you pig!"

Well, the disagreement was short lived. Even though their relationship took a plunge after Deana's knee-jerk reaction, the two quickly made up. Bobby explained to her how it wasn't his fault and what an impulsive witch she was being, and the two hugged it out. It's nice when couples can work out their differences without throwing things at each other or burning each others' possessions.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBobby hugs Deana...and thinks of Drew Carrey. What's wrong with you, man?!

Peter decided it was time to really get the party started. He saw the electric guitar sitting there on the lawn all alone, and decided it was going to waste. He was quick to pick it up and start jamming on it. Everyone around him was quick to start disliking him and booing him constantly. Way to go, Slash!

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Maybe my playing is okay and it's the costume they don't like!"

Well, Peter didn't take the hint (if you can even call this blatant and obvious rejection of his talents a "hint"), and he just kept right on playing. He played until after dark without getting tired. The guests in turn stood around and booed him tirelessly. Oh, Peter...dead pigeons learn faster than you do...

Image hosting by PhotobucketWhatever Peter's super power is supposed to be, it definitely has nothing to do with playing the electric guitar.

Deana started acting cranky again for some weird reason. Maybe Peter's guitar playing put her in a bad mood...or maybe it's just hormones. Whatever the case, she took out her frustrations on one of the poor, innocent garden gnomes. The gnome exploded, and this caused a chain reaction that made the gnome on the other side of the door explode, knocking Deana and Matt on their arses. It was a funny spectacle, but considering it cost the lives of two gnomes, we can't laugh too much.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana's lucky she picked the one spot on the lawn not covered in disgusting filth to fall back on.

Peter ditched the guitar after a bit, and things settled down. Thank goodness too, because the guests seemed unable to break away from their booing long enough to do anything else as long as he played. There was a weird cat-dog looking thing visiting the party, just trying to get some attention while everyone was busy booing Peter. Kitty Wilson finally noticed it, and decided to take five seconds to give it a little affection.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Can you say 'meow'? Or 'woof'? Or whatever?"

Stu and Keri decided to be good hosts and chat with some of the guests. Stu picked Kitty, which was easy, since he already knew her. Keri tried to find something in common with the girl in the yellow pants, who looks like she's trying hard to ignore her. Maybe she's just sick of people at this party talking about Drew Carrey...wouldn't you be?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Did you see how small his head is, though?"

Since the Wilsons spend all their time at home in the hot tub, it only makes sense that they'd do the same while visiting elsewhere. Sure, the Millers only own one, which makes it a bit harder to get a spot in it, but that didn't stop Kitty. Famous people have a way of getting what they want. The creepy guy in the prison suit stood a short distance away and made no secret of his "admiration".

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "I'm not getting out of this tub until Hamburglar over there takes a hike!"

The party started to wind down after a while, and the guests actually started to leave this time. Well, most of them. Drew Carrey didn't move for a while, and everyone thought he was just being lazy or stubborn. However, after his limo came, didn't pick him up, then stopped at the end of the driveway for hours, people started to get worried...and annoyed.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Maybe a good, hard shove will get him moving again."

Eventually, everyone but the Millers was pretty much gone, with the exception of some stragglers who'd decided to spend the night. I guess when a party is actually enjoyable, people wind up satisfied and eventually leave, unlike last time. Drew continued to refuse to move, so the all powerful "white gloved hand" deleted him and his limo. Kevin and Kitty hung around and watched the tube for a bit, apparently in no big rush to watch their own TV at home.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Well, I'm glad they didn't have any real cake...that stuff goes straight to your hips!"

Well, that's a wrap. Not a bad party all things considered. Sure, deleting Drew Carrey was kind of a bummer, but these things happen. At least he didn't steal any furniture while he was around. Come to think of it, maybe the mime should have gotten the "white gloved hand" treatment. Hmmm. Coming up next...a shocking incident! See ya' next time, and have a good weekend!


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