Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Life and Times of Sims

Welcome back to MonkeeSims, the most popular choice for entertainment in this day and age! (please note these results were taken from a study of individuals offered a choice of doing homework or viewing this blog, and they all chose the blog). I'm having a better day today than I have the past few days, but since I haven't explained what's gone wrong recently, that doesn't mean much, does it? Well, it does to me, so back off! (just kidding...)

Our last post followed Marty and Kitty Wilson on their trek Downtown for a little fun and frolicking away from the Wilson house. Well, of course the post was mainly focused on the couple, but one of the great things about the commercial areas of the sim world is all the random sims showing up with other random sims and doing random sim stuff. Yes, today's post is not just about Marty and Kitty, but all the other sims that touch their life during their visit downtown as well (or something like that).

When we rejoin the pair, they have just arrived at some weird outdoor bistro type place, complete with sinks sitting out in the open, as well as a bunch of stoves and stuff just sitting out as well. At first, I thought I'd hidden all the walls and tried to bring them back so I could get a look at the place. Well, I couldn't bring them back, so I cussed at the PC for a moment, then realized that the place was just odd, and didn't have any real walls. Dang confusing sims architects. I imagine the architecture probably had some disadvantages for the sim patrons and workers as well...

Image hosting by PhotobucketChef: "Sacré Bleu! I hate it when ze birds crap on ze stove!"

As weird as the place may have been, it was apparently pretty popular, judging by the constant flow of sims showing up. It's nice to have the appearance of a bustling locale, but poor Marty kept on getting butted in front of in line as he tried to get seated by the maitre d'. One such couple to butt in front of him was Keri Miller with Lucius Rambo, who she's apparently friends with (must be on the side - I've never seen the two interact at any actual social gathering). Marty just stood near the table and looked sort of awkward.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "What, just because he's dressed like you he gets to go before me? It's not fair!"

The couple did eventually get a seat, probably because the maitre d' recognized Kitty as a famous personality (not because Marty looked like such a big tipper). Poor Marty gets no respect. The seat was right up front by the podium, though, right where all the traffic was coming through, so it still wasn't the best seat in the house. At any rate, the pair got to sit back and relax while they waited for the French chef to finish making their food, which was a nice change. Usually, they have to sit back and wait for J.D. to finish making their food. Cooking is so overrated, after all.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Ah...the quaint outdoor setting, the piano player, the flowers...I'm such a romantic!"

Despite the terribly visible location right up by the podium and the thin metal legs on the chairs and table that offered no concealment, Marty and Kitty decided to play a little "footsie" to pass the time. Of course, I highly doubt anyone really cares when two people who are married engage in such non-scandalous activities, even in plain view of everyone, and since the tabloid photographers never venture outside of Studio Town (except for award presentations), Kitty's star status didn't really matter.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Why is that woman there wearing a bed sheet tied around her with a rope?"

Yes, everyone had business of their own at the quaint little bistro, and they were all too self absorbed to care about what was going on with anyone else (if only real life could be a bit more like that). Kevin was out dining with yet another mystery girl (despite the fact that he and Kammy had walked right by each other when he arrived), Matt was standing around looking famous and not much else, and Keri was engaging in a discussion about romance with the ever charming Lucius. Yes, it's true...everybody's always doing something...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Yes, I really feel something too...just not for you..."

You know, now that I think about it, several of the folks who were present at the bistro were also at the Wilson's house party. I guess they were all just looking for a chance to head off Downtown when nobody was looking. I didn't think the party was all that bad. Then again, once Drew Carrey shows up and all the conversation starts to be about him, that does kind of blow. Heck, even the pets start to talk about Drew once he makes the scene. Anyway, all that aside, Marty and Kitty decided they'd spent enough time sitting, and moved on to embracing repeatedly right out in the middle of everyone. Again, nobody else batted an eye. Sorry guys, but it takes more to spark the public interest (if, in fact, that's what they're hoping to do).

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "What good is being out in public without a little PDA?"

Well, Marty and Kitty had done a few different things since their trip to Downtown, but none of them were very least not in the really fun sort of way. Marty decided to remedy that, and headed on over to the rental booth by the cool little fish pond to see about renting some remote control boats. Well, Mrs. Crumplebottom and Kevin Smith were in line in front of him, and it took forever for him to reach the booth, probably because rental shack Zack was fooling around with his binoculars instead of waiting on customers. What a weirdo.

Image hosting by PhotobucketZack: "Hey, guys...check out the hot babe in the gray hat and dress!"

Despite Zack's weird taste in women, Marty did eventually make it to the front of the line, but to his chagrin, he was only able to rent one boat, and was totally unable to explain the concept of how to rent one of her own to Kitty. It didn't matter, though...while Marty's boat zipped its way around the pond, Kitty busied herself with tossing fish food into the water, usually right on top of Marty's boat (I think she was trying to get the fish to capsize it). Wait a second...Marty hates shadowbox schooners but loves remote control sailboats? What's with this guy? Oh, Marty, you are indeed an enigma wrapped in a riddle!

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Help! We're being attacked by giant fish, mateys! Giant fish off the stern!"

Meanwhile, the drama in the life of the other neighborhood sims continued over in the dining area. I noticed that Brooke, Leon Jackson's sort-of-girlfriend, was out making the scene minus Leon. It was none too surprising, since Leon never calls her or makes any efforts to get together most of the time, and hey...a woman like Brooke has certain needs. Needs that, at this moment, were being fulfilled by Duncan Anybody (not to be mistaken for the actual Anybodys the game generates, somebody built a house full of people in my neighborhood with that last name, and they pop up from time to time).

Image hosting by PhotobucketBrooke: "Actually, I am seeing someone...sort of...I think..."

Though Leon couldn't be bothered to make the scene Downtown, his old buddy "Moon Dawg" was taking advantage of the night life. Most surprisingly, he was hanging out with a girl and grabbing a bite to eat. Before you start to think that "Moon Dawg" has any sort of romantic interest, though, it should be noted that he was sharing his less than positive views on romance, rather than trying to woo the girl he was with. Such a shame, too...he finally found someone else who thinks it's normal to go out in public without shoes on. They would have been so perfect together...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKareem shocks onlookers with his negative outlook on love...probably reinforced by the whole Doris/Steve/Leon scandal...

Well, that was about all the fun Kitty and Marty could stomach at the bistro place, but their night on the town was still far from over! With many hours yet till morning, the pair decided to hit one more hot spot before calling it a night. Of course, that will have to wait until our next post! And, as before, there'll be some other familiar faces there too. Don't miss it!


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