Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Unexpected Event

Hey,'s it going? Wait...I can't hear you even if you answer, so that's kind of silly. Anyway, welcome back to MonkeeSims, one of the finest sources of simulated social misfits on the internet today (that I know of, anyway). Hope all is going well for all of you reading this at this very moment...all one or two of you. Anywho, I've wasted enough space with today's opening paragraph. Let's get on to the good stuff...

We'd returned to the Wilsons (sans Kevin and Kammy) in our last post, and Kitty seemed to be having some issues with trying to make her life more interesting. She took a stab at becoming more successful in her fame career, but that didn't do much for her in the long run, and so, we arrive right back where she started. As we drop in on the Wilsons, we find there is much going on. Julie greets her brother Stu, who never comes by the house, while J.D. gets slapped for inviting Mama Hick into the house then using the voodoo doll on her. Everybody's always doing something...

Image hosting by PhotobucketLove and hate exist in perfect harmony at the Wilson house...

Speaking of love, Marty had finally figured out that having Kitty water his poorly growing vegetable garden wasn't doing much to boost her happiness. As much of a bum as Marty may be sometimes, he's got a good heart, and he wasn't about to let some vegetables come between him and his wife. Instead, he tried his other method of cheering her up, a little physical affection. Well, it may have only been a little, but it was powerful stuff. One minute he was grabbing her back side, the next minute...*POOF*...a baby was born!

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "What the...awww, man! Another baby...!

Yes, it was indeed an unexpected turn of events, but one that everyone knew was coming sooner or later. The baby was a girl, and Kitty and Marty dubbed their new daughter Katrina. Wow, talk about your great timing! Just when I was starting to get tired of managing seven people in the Wilson house, two of them move out, just in time to make room for a baby to be born. Do you believe in coincidences? Whatever the case, Kitty took to the idea of being a famous mother rather well, and was able put her musical talents to a better use than she probably ever had before.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "This next song I wrote may have heard it on the radio..."

For Kitty, being a mother in a house with three other adults (including her husband) and a self sufficient child definitely had it's advantages. Since J.D. and Julie had had a baby of their own already, they were more or less used to the idea of having one around, and were glad to take care of Katrina when Kitty was busy doing whatever the heck else she felt like doing. Poor J.D. never knew what he was getting into when he asked for folks to move in with him to help split the rent. Now, he not only gets to pay for Kevin and Kammy's share again, he gets to help take care of a baby on top of all of that.

Image hosting by PhotobucketJD: "Don't strain yourselves getting up there, guys...I'm on it..."

As if that wasn't enough, there was also the butler, Alfred, to help with the hands-on baby stuff, and he'd had plenty of practice when Mia Kay was still an infant. Heck, Alfred has some sort of weird radar, allowing him to detect when the baby was going to start crying before it actually happened. I guess since the family pays him $500 a day, he'd better have something special. Whatever the case, between the four other family members and the butler, Kitty actually had it pretty easy. Now if only the maid would help with the baby duties, Kitty wouldn't have to do anything at all...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Hey, um, Alfred...could you keep it down a bit there? I'm trying to nap here..."

Actually, I'm not giving Marty very much credit lumping him in with the other family members like I did before, since he is the baby's father. He did a pretty good job of keeping an eye on Katrina, even when Kitty was around to take care of her (though, since Kitty's job put a freeze on time at the Wilson house, she was never technically away from the house at work during any of Katrina's time as a baby, if that makes sense). Taking care of Katrina gave Marty something to do besides gardening, which seems to be all he'd thought about ever since he started the hobby.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "This is's not that different from watering my vegetables..."

Actually, having a child seemed to fuel Marty's resolve to maintain the perfect garden, and he doubled his efforts to keep it weeded and well fed with tonic and water (sounds kind of like a mixed drink, doesn't it?). On the plus side, things actually started to grow, which is good, because I was starting to consider demolishing the garden so Marty would stop wasting time with it. I guess it's a good thing I don't garden in real life, if I don't even have the patience it takes to see sim vegetables sprout. No, patience isn't one of my greatest virtues. As a self-made slacker, Marty seems to have an endless supply of it...

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Yes sir, nothing but the best organically grown produce for my little girl..."

Probably one of the people who had the most to gain from the birth of Katrina (besides her parents, for all the obvious reasons) was Mia Kay, who was still one of only two children in the entire MonkeeSim neighborhood. Yes, I've felt a little guilty about that from time to time, especially since she's never even met the other kid, Jiorge Rambo. The odd thing though is that whenever the Wilsons have gone on vacation where there have been other children present, she's always ignored them. It's possible having two famous adults in the family has given her a snooty, elitist attitude toward other kids. I'm no child psychologist, so who's to say?

Image hosting by PhotobucketMia Kay: "It's about time there was another kid in this house...grownups are such dull duds...!"

Just like when Mia Kay was a baby, Katrina's "babyhood" seemed to take forever as I had to send Kitty and Julie off to Studio Town every couple of days to keep them from getting fired. By the time Katrina finally grew up, I had forgotten I was even waiting for that particular event to occur. Usually, I sit around in fear as I know the moment is growing closer, dreading the possibility of an ugly child, or worse yet, one with an upside-down clown head as their thumbnail (if you've never seen it, you don't want's freaky!). Katrina was none of those things. She seemed to inherit more of Kitty's looks than Marty's, which is a good thing...can you imagine that hair or that Hawaiian shirt on a child?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "I'm so glad you've got my good looks and don't have an upside-down clown head!"

Kitty had high hopes for her daughter, which is always a good thing. When Mia Kay first became a child, Julie and J.D. really pushed for her to become smart and talented, thus all her time spent on the piano and studying at the computer. Well, Kitty wanted no different for Katrina, and decided to start showing her some of the ropes of being famous early on. Sure, Katrina just recently became a child, and hasn't even gone to school for the first time yet, but it's never too early to start setting the bar insanely high for your children, right?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Now, if you can do this, you can usually get that Studio Town camera man to snap your picture..."

Well, it's always nice to have the whole "baby waiting period" over, and it's always a relief to get a non-ugly kid out of the deal (just look at the McGregor family thumbnails if you want to see how bad my luck has been in the past). Sure, the Wilsons are back up to six family members now, but I can deal with six much better than seven, especially when two are kids (for some reason, the kids in my families always seem to be much more self-sufficient than the adults...go figure).

Well, with the "exhausting" process of raising a baby finally complete, what's next for the family? How will Kitty adapt to the ongoing process of motherhood coupled with her fame career? Will Marty ever quit puttering around in the dirt with his veggies? Will the Wilsons become a boring, domesticated family, or will they recapture the carefree, fun loving spirit they once held dear? Am I putting way too much pressure on all of this? Well, probably, but I have to talk up the next know the drill. See you then! :-)


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