Monday, April 24, 2006

Things Start to Get Ugly

Welcome back to another exciting installment of MonkeeSims. I'm too tired today (again) to have much to say about myself, except that I really, really, really need to start getting more sleep. Of course, I didn't drink my usual three cups of coffee this morning, so it's easy to understand why I want to go to sleep right now (if I fall asleep on the keyboard and my face pushes a key and accidentally publishes this post before it's finished, I apologize in advance).

I warned you that things were going to start to get ugly in the Jackson house (and I wasn't referring to the way the residents look). Well, last post was the beginning of that, as Leon betrayed Steve's trust by smooching his wife, Doris, then pretending that nothing happened. Leon may think he can get away with it, but sooner or later, things like that always come back to bite you. Things seemed to be going well for Doris, despite her part in the incident, so well, in fact, that the award presenter came to deliver her first Simmy award.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSteve: "Help! An old newspaper is stuck in my ankle!"

The shock of being awakened suddenly for the award presentation caused Leon to have some sort of nervous breakdown, and he picked up a bag of garbage from somewhere that he refused to set down. He wandered around the house in his pajamas carrying the trash while performing all his usual functions. I know that around the Jackson house, everyone is encouraged to just do their own thing, but that might be taking eccentricity a bit too far...

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon wanders the house, carrying around his imaginary friend, Trashy.

Ever the curious sort, I took about 30 pictures of Leon doing different stuff while still holding the bag of garbage, including showering, sitting down and eating, sitting in the hot tub, and dancing by the juke box (be glad I'm not posting them all). Eventually, the weight of the garbage sack must have gotten to Leon, and he decided to go back to bed. Everyone was hopeful that he'd wake up a new man...or at least a man who didn't carry a smelly garbage sack with him everywhere he went.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "Come on,'s time to hit the sack..."

I can't help but feel that Leon's little incident of insanity was payback for his fooling around with Steve's girl. Doris didn't exhibit any strange behavior. No, her punishment came in the form of the obsessed fan wandering into the rec room and stealing her Simmy award. If Steve and the gang weren't so cheap these days, they could have bought her some sort of protective enclosure for the award. Oh, well. If I've learned anything from having to live the life of fame through Kitty Wilson, Simmys are only slightly less common than the daily newspapers collecting on the front lawn.

Image hosting by PhotobucketGreat...there goes the only non-ugly decoration in the whole rec room...

The weird thing about the whole incident of theft is that most of the family was awake when it took place. For that matter, "Moon Dawg" was sitting on the couch about 20 feet away when it occurred, and made no effort to stop it. We all know "Moon Dawg" is easy going, but that's kind of pushing it. Unfortunately, Doris and Steve took his failure to protect the award personally, which lead to ill feelings toward "Moon Dawg".

Image hosting by PhotobucketKareem: "Hey, mon, keep it down over there...I'm trying to watch Leno!"

Doris and Steve booted "Moon Dawg" off the couch (aka his bed), figuring he owed them that much at least for losing the Simmy. This, of course, led to "Moon Dawg" disliking them that much more. While everyone was busy disliking one another, Kevin Wilson wandered in, apparently looking for a cheap and fun way to get out of the Wilson house for a bit. As usual, nobody seemed to take notice of just another person wandering around the joint.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKevin: "Don't mind me, guys...I'm just here for the bubbles!"

While Steve and Doris were busy being mushy on the couch, Leon wandered into the rec room, and was disgusted by the pools of water all over the place. Of course, nobody took responsibility for them, and most people blamed poor Chester for the mess. Luckily, Leon had his Wonder Mop in his pocket, and started to clean things up himself, though this undoubtedly led to some bad feelings toward his house mates for their negligence.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "Man, this better not really be pee!"

Steve and Doris totally ignored Leon and his mopping, which just made things worse. Steve didn't care, though. He was too busy discussing his future career ambitions with Doris as they watched TV. Wait just a second...Steve has ambitions? Well, it wouldn't kill him to get a job someday, though if you ask him, finding a famous wife who makes lots of money somehow means that he's contributing financially to the family. Sure, it makes no sense, but that's Steve for you.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSteve: "Some day I'm gonna' be a rock star...if I can just whip up a potion to turn me into one!"

Speaking of potions, Steve had finally whipped up a nasty light green one that he refused to drink. Instead, he responsibly left it sitting on the table, knowing full well that his house mates were morons and had a bad habit of drinking his concoctions when he wasn't around. Leon and Kevin were standing over by the chemistry set, having a stimulating discussion...I guess. It looked like the discussion was about Kevin, which is odd, because he's not famous or anything...just egotistical.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKevin: "No, I really can guess what you're thinking. Let me're thinking of me, right?"

Leon got tired of the guessing game he and Kevin were playing, and decided to go elsewhere to stew about how much he disliked his house mates. Left alone, Kevin noticed the strange potion sitting on the table and decided to down it. I guess since everyone was too busy hating each other, nobody could be bothered to cook anything. Of course, since Kevin had stopped over uninvited, what did he expect?

Image hosting by PhotobucketKevin: "Over the lips and past the gums..."

Well, Steve's potion really was some nasty stuff. Kevin immediately started complaining about everything, and wandered around like he didn't know what to do. Everyone sort of expected him to leave, but he didn't seem to want to go anywhere for quite some time (not even the bathroom, causing him to pee the floor). I stopped paying attention to him for a bit, and was horrified when I looked out on the front lawn and saw...

Image hosting by PhotobucketGnome: "Mwahahah! That'll teach ya', punk!"

At first, everyone thought Kevin was dead, but the reaper didn't show up, and they realized he wasn't curled up in a ball like a real dead sim, so they went back to their business. Not to say it wasn't a near death experience, but Kevin did, eventually, get up, brush himself off, and head home in a terribly rotten mood. Kammy can thank the Jacksons later for that.

Well, life has been so kind for the most part up till now. Now everyone is starting to dislike each other over stupid stuff, guests are getting poisoned and attacked by gnomes, and things are just steadily going downhill. Just imagine what will happen when mistrust is thrown into the mix when Doris starts outwardly showing her interest in Leon! Oh, yes, things get ugly in our next post, the first of a three part series. Coming up next..."Death and Disaster: Part I"!


At 12:09 PM, Blogger GOP Christian said...

Back when I used to play games instead of torture myself trying to save humanity from self-extinction, I had a memorable Sims moment when I decided to build a pool for the whole neighborhood to swim in. Almost the whole household *loved* it. :-) There were so many people getting so fit it was like the whole neighborhood decided to train for the Olympics! They just would *not* stop swimming! :-D

The very first day they got the pool, tragedy struck! 8-o Someone drowned. :-( ...but the strangest part was, nobody stopped swimming! These Sims were *obsessed*! :-\ Too my horror I realized they were all swimming themselves *TO DEATH*! O_O Some of the neighbors even jumped in to die with them! o_O

I was in shock, mainly because alot of the Sims who died were the neighbors from my friends' games. Umm, sorry guys; I didn't mean to kill your Sims. :-|

Half the neighborhood drowned that day, so I turned the pool area into a giant graveyard. There were so many hauntings that the few survivors of the household could not get enough sleep to hold a job and it was all downhill from there.

Now, when *I* go swimming I usually just climb out at the wall instead of using a ladder, but I guess the Sims only have an IQ of 30, so if you don't give them a ladder it's not a pool, it's a suicide pit.

Pools are dangerous. Be safe.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Majik Monkee said...

That's hilarious in a rather morbid know what I mean. It is quite amusing that sims refuse to use anything but the ladder to get out of the pool, even at the risk of drowning. Isn't it equally strange how sim pools don't have a shallow end, and it's all deep enough to drown in?

That does suck about how neighbors can die while visiting other houses. When you do wacky stuff like build houses with no front door (like if you want to trap your sims for some reason), and neighbors come by, they'll stand around and do nothing until they die if you don't intervene...I learned that the hard way! That's one of the challenges of playing the game and having other people build families in your neighborhood that you try not to abuse...that's how I play, and it has it's scary moments!


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