Friday, April 21, 2006

Chemistry and Magic

I'm kind of tired today, but that's mostly my own fault, since I haven't been getting more than four hours of sleep the last few nights. Part of that is because we just borrowed the first season of "Lost", which we've never seen any of because we don't have any TV channels at our house. We've been trying to watch all six four hours DVD's in the limited time we have after work and school, and that usually results in turning in way too late. Oh, before sleep, I always say.

I promised that things would be heating up soon at MonkeeSims, and so they shall. Today's post is the very beginning of the downhill slide for the Jackson family, which will culminate in a three part post a few days from now. For now, though, let us see how things started to go from peaceful and relatively normal to disastrous and out of control. Sound like fun?

When we first rejoin the family, we find Leon messing around with the magic gravy server again. Hasn't he learned his lesson by now? Well, be glad he hasn't, because then things could get a tad boring and uneventful. Leon seemed to be having issues in the social department, and the genie offered a friendship spell, which backfired of course. As usual, Matt was the poor sucker zapped over to the house in a rotten mood.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMatt: "That does it! Now I'm gonna' kick some butt!"

Well, Leon quickly evaded the butt-kicking by sucking up to Matt, and that was the end of that. Don't think he learned his lesson about messing with the emotions of others, though. No, sir. You see, Steve had mixed up a red love potion, but since he was already in love with Doris, he refused to drink it ( sweet). Well, Leon saw it sitting over on the chemistry table, and no qualms about downing it.

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "This has to work better than that @#$% genie..."

Well, the potion did the trick, and a lady did, in fact, fall madly in love with Leon. Unfortunately, that lady was Steve's wife, Doris, who had been innocently hanging out in the hot tub. Next thing you know, she was dumbstruck with love for Leon. The world of the sims is an unpredictable one to say the least. Sort of makes you thankful for the more dull and boring moments of your own life, eh?

Image hosting by PhotobucketDoris: "That's weird...suddenly I feel dumbstruck with love for Leon!"

Well, at first, it looked like Doris was just going to continue sitting in the hot tub. Moments later, though, I watched in horror as the two were drawn together by forces greater than both of them. Next thing you know, the pair had locked lips over by the chemistry table. Poor Steve! It's bad enough that he has so little luck with the women to begin with, but to have to worry about Leon stealing his wife now is just too cruel!

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "Steve? Steve who? Oh, yeah...right...that Steve! Oh, well..."

Well, Leon may be a ladies man, but he's not a complete heartless scumbag. Once the initial effect of the potion had passed, he decided it would be best if he and Doris took things no further (than being madly in love with one another), and decided there was no reason Steve should find out what happened. Chances are sooner or later Doris would mutter his name in her sleep, but she and Steve sleep in separate beds, so it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

Potion or no potion, Leon was clearly still haunted by a little guilt over what he'd done. He was quick to invite his girlfriend, Brooke, over to the house. Was it to confess what he'd done and ask forgiveness for his unfaithfulness? No, not directly. Actually, Leon just wanted to show her she was still his number one girl, and he did it the best way he knew how - with dueling puppets.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBrooke: "The green monkey? Oh, really do love me, don't you?"

Well, there was no harm done between Leon and Brooke, probably because she had no idea what had taken place. Leon decided to minimize the chances that something of the incident might slip out during conversation by doing less talking and a lot of smooching. Luckily for Leon, Brooke was pretty used to that from him, and didn't sense anything suspicious about it. Being a pig has finally paid off for Leon!

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "Well, at least my own relationship is still okay!"

Yep...Leon is kind of a swine. He may have come to terms with what took place, but how will Doris deal with it? Now that she's experienced the "Leon love", will she be able to turn it off just like that? Will she cast Steve aside like yesterday's bag of sim garbage? Will Steve whoop Leon's butt for violating the "friends don't make out with friends' wives" code? Hey, I'm not gonna' tell you'll just have to drop by again another time and find out! :-)


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