Monday, April 17, 2006

Still Lookin' For Love

Howdy, partners. Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend. I know mine was way too short. The bathroom floor in my apartment was getting ripped up, and I had to spend most of the weekend elsewhere. Yesterday, I had a new floor, but the toilet was sitting in my living room, but I just said the heck with it and stayed there anyway. After all, there's no place like home, even with a non-working toilet sitting in the living room.

Last time at MonkeeSims, we followed Clint Cartwright during a very long and mostly unproductive attempt to woo Claire Charming. Things had been going pretty well, until I had to cut the fun short due to my real life schedule, and Claire took it quite badly (sorry, Clint, old chap). Clint's a survivor, though, and I'm sure he'll be okay. As we drop in on him, we find him chilling out in his recently purchased hot tub, unconcerned with the fact that he's missing work for the second day in a row. Yeah, Clint discovered the secret of the wood working table and high dollar gnomes, so who needs a real job?

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Hmmm...hanging out in the hot tub or cleaning other peoples' filthy pets? Don't make me choose!"

Back when he actually cared about his career, before he became wealthy enough through work and gnomes to temporarily quit working, Clint was forced to socialize enough to make one friend (he'd hoped to make more so he could get future promotions, but that never happened). That friend was Kammy Wilson, and she actually showed up on her own at Clint's place. That's odd...Kevin and her must be having real problems for her to ditch the Wilson party house for Clint's crummy little cabin.

Image hosting by PhotobucketTwo female visitors in less than a week...Clint gets all the chicks...

Well, Clint was glad to see Kammy initially, since despite their lack of contact with one another since they first became friends, their friendship is still pretty strong. However, she made the same mistake that Claire did right off the bat, and started badmouthing El Bandito, Clint's pet. What is it with these girls, anyway? Don't they ever think before they start gossiping? I think the answer is pretty obvious...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKammy: "Seriously, what's up with Rocky the Rodent over there anyway?"

As with Claire, Clint let it be known that he wanted no part of any slanderous talk about his beloved coon. However, always the gentleman, he was quick to "comfort" Kammy so she wouldn't feel stupid about her small minded remarks. Hmmm...looks a little suspect to me. If it was anyone but Clint, I'd just assume he was using the whole "offended by the raccoon gossip" ploy as another excuse to break the "touch barrier"...but we know Clint. He's one of the good ones, right?

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "It's alright, ma'am...El Bandito forgives you!"

No matter how much folks may like Clint himself, anyone being halfway honest still has to admit that his cabin is a big, dull, dud when it comes to the fun department. Kammy was not interested in any of the activities Clint's place had to offer, not even his new hot tub, since all she ever does at home is sit around in the hot tubs all day long. She did, however, find a stray cat named Spork, who she spent a lot of time playing with. Meanwhile, Clint was off preparing for his next "move".

Image hosting by PhotobucketShe doesn't like Clint's raccoon, but she'll play with a dirty old stray cat. Can you say 'double standard'?

Clint returned a few minutes later with the results of his off-camera efforts - another one of his wooden gnomes. Clint might really benefit from a trip downtown to stock up on some stuff that chicks actually like instead of his endless supply of garden gnomes. That way, his lady friends wouldn't have to keep on pretending to think that his crummy old gnomes were the greatest thing ever invented. It is fun to watch them explode, though, you must admit.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Whatever you do, don't let anyone kick that sucker!"

It started to get late, and Clint realized he had little time to improve his relationship with Kammy. Apparently oblivious to her commitment to Kevin, Clint tried hitting on her a few times, but alas, she wasn't interested in Clint's advances. Wow, that Kevin must really have her on the hook! That, or Clint's minimalist approach to the whole showering thing is a bit of a turn off. Whatever the case, she remained faithful to her current man...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKammy: "Sorry, but I'm already seeing someone. Speaking of which, that @#$% Kevin better propose soon!"

Well, as good of a friend as Kammy may be to Clint, eventually, the lack of entertainment at his place, coupled with the late time of night, and compounded by Clint's indecent advances, became a bit too much. She decided it was time to hit the road before Clint whipped out the guitar and insisted on a campfire sing-along. He likes to do that, you know.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKammy: "Yeesh...this is the most boring rustic cabin in the middle of the city I've ever seen!"

Kammy took off, leaving poor old Clint still somewhat wanting in the social department, but mostly okay. He wrapped up the evening by sitting outside at his unlit picnic table and eating the leftovers from a couple of meals earlier in the day, which were surprisingly not spoiled yet. Poor Clint...all alone again...well, mostly alone, anyway. It depends on what you consider being alone.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAt least Clint still has the stray cats to keep him company...

Well, despite his failures at making things with Kammy take a romantic turn, Clint did get some decent socialization in from her visit. Sure, Clint's lack of success is a bit sad, but if you look at things from Kevin's perspective, they worked out pretty well. I couldn't really see Kammy and Clint making a very long lasting couple (though if Kevin doesn't get his act in gear and soon, him and Kammy won't be a couple anymore either).

Tune in next time for our last cowboy Clint post for a bit, before we switch gears to some truly life changing events with some of the other families, as well as a three part cliffhanger! Yeah, I've got material for several days of future posts already, and trust gets good! Well, I think it gets'll just have to be the judge when the time comes! :-)


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