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Celebrities, Clones, and Cowboys

Well, Wednesday night (last night as of right now), my ceiling started gushing water from the upstairs radiator, and the landlord came and looked at it, then left for a long time without coming back. I basically went to sleep fully dressed with the lights on so if a plumber came by late at night I'd be prepared to greet them...though the sound of the waterfall inside my apartment made it a little hard to sleep. In other words, I'm exhausted right about now.

Last post, Steve Jackson drank a magic potion that caused celebrity Doris Somebody to fall madly in love with him, and they were married minutes later. Yeah, that sounds like a relationship that will last forever. At any rate, things seem to be going pretty well so far, and Doris has helped "Moon Dawg" save the family from poverty with her work in Studio town. Of course, she's also in the habit of inviting famous people over to the Jackson house, which doesn't happen very often. Well, Matt and Branson have been there a few times before, so I guess it's not that out of the ordinary.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDoris: "I'm not sure...I think he's digging for old pizza."

Well, I guess Stu is famous also, and he wound up showing up quite a bit after Doris moved in. Most of the famous guests seemed to spend a lot of time with each other and very little time with the original Jackson family members (especially Chester). I guess in a way the Jacksons should be flattered that these famous folks want to use their house as a hangout...though a little monetary donation out of gratitude would probably be a nice gesture (though last I checked, tipping the hosts was not a feature in the Sims or its expansions).

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "So, after I make another twenty-thousand dollars, I'm totally buying this new boat!"

As usual, everyone took advantage of the bubble machine. As I once said, it's funny how many people love to use that thing, and how few people actually have one in their own home. I guess the fact that it looks totally out of place in most environments might have something to do with that...but the Jackson place was built with bad taste in mind, so nothing is ever out of place, especially in the rec room.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMatt: "Heh,'s so bubbly!"

Doris was still learning the ropes of living at the Jackson house, and was unaware that the genie of the lamp was a bumbling idiot. She learned fast enough though when she made a wish and rotted all of the families plants out back. Leon wound up having to be the poor fool who replanted them all. Oh, well...he always seemed to enjoy gardening before...

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "That @#$% moron genie...!"

Though he was married, Steve still spent most of his time with the chemistry set. What he hopes to accomplish through further experimentation is a mystery, though anyone familiar with the set can probably guess where this is eventually headed. One of the side effects of one of Steve's potions was the creation of an evil clone, who was just as badly dressed as Steve was. Poor clone...

Image hosting by PhotobucketClone: "Where are all the chicks at around here?"

Well, the clone did find the one lone "chick" in the house, but she was already married to Steve, so...wait...the clone is does that work? Well, it doesn't really matter. She neglected the clone Steve in favor of the stuff at the tiki bar, causing him to decide to leave for lack of social interaction. Meanwhile, the obsessed fan stood by patiently on the dance floor, waiting to give Doris some black roses.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDoris: "Why? Why does someone always want something from me?"

Having had her fill of weirdoes in the house, Doris gave up the slots and headed outdoors for some fresh air. Much to her surprise (and mine too, for that matter), there was cowboy Clint standing on the front lawn, waiting to be greeted. Given the looks of his dinky cabin, I'm not sure it would be a good idea for Clint to enter the Jackson house - he might run the risk of sensory overload...

Image hosting by PhotobucketDoris: "Oh, good...a cowboy, complete with pistol, standing on the front lawn. That's not weird or anything..."

Well, Clint didn't have a heart attack or anything when he went inside. He acted like he'd seen places like the Jackson house every day (which he very well might, since I never drop in to see what he's up to). Him and "Moon Dawg" discussed their positions on the topic of romance, which, given what we know of "Moon Dawg" and his romantic exploits, must have been a pretty one sided conversation.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint's looking for love in all the wrong places...

Doris cooked for Clint, which was a nice change from the usual for him (you can only eat opossum so many days of the week, I guess). It didn't take Clint long to recognize Doris, though, it had nothing to do with her fame career. No, she was one of the few folks who actually stopped by his cabin during that heinous rhyming post devoted to the first appearance of cowboy Clint.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Weren't you at one of my fire pit sing-alongs?"

Well, Clint was right...if you look back, Doris was, in fact, one of the folks who sat around and sang along with him. All that talk of music apparently put Doris in a dancing mood, and she headed off to the rec room, where Leon happened to be looking for dance partner. Moments later, I heard the little "jealousy noise" coming from Steve over on the couch. Don't worry about it, Steve...Leon's not that good a dancer...

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "Come on, babe...shake it, don't break it...!"

Either Clint found the dance Doris shared with Leon incredibly moving, or he did finally recognize her as one of the Studio Town elite, but whatever the case, he suddenly started asking her for autographs over and over again. It was then that I realized that him being a non family member and her being famous meant that he only had a limited and crappy set of interactions available to him. At least she was still being nice to him, even after the third autograph.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "That one was for my cousin, Hoss...this is for my other cousin, Skeeter..."

After he'd collected enough autographs to give to all his extended family (and sell a few on eBay), Clint headed over to the tiki bar, and decided to see what damage he could do to the Guinness there. It makes sense that just a small amount of time spent in a weird place like the Jackson house could drive a simple man like Clint to start drinking. Of course, last we looked, he had a bottle of whiskey on his bedside table, so we can't blame the Jacksons too much.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "It ain't whiskey, but I reckon it will do the trick..."

Well, even though he's a pretty simple guy, Clint tends to make a big impression on folks who he meets. Granted, I've only ever seen him visit one other house one other time, but maybe he just likes to pace himself...or maybe he's just an antisocial loner...whatever the case, Doris took a bit of a shine to him, and was still dreaming about him long after he left.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDoris: "That cowboy Clint...what a hunk!"

Uh, oh...first Doris dances with Leon, then she dreams of Clint...looks like Steve's going to have to work hard to keep his woman with all the competition around. We shall see what happens. Will Doris fall in love with another man? Will Steve mess himself up royally with his crazy potions? Will Leon's Granny drop by the house to see how things are going? Oops...kind of gave that last one away. Oh, well...drop by next time anyway...maybe there will be some other surprises! See ya'!


At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your Sims posts. They're so funny!

At 7:33 AM, Blogger Majik Monkee said...

Thanks! I appreciate it. I have a lot of fun posting the entries (not to mention playing the game and getting the snapshots in the process). I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it... :-)


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