Thursday, April 20, 2006

Clint Gets Lucky in Love

Welcome back! This post is going to be one of the longer ones, so I'm not going to waste any time with my personal musings today. Suffice it to say that I got a new toilet, and it's actually installed in the bathroom where it belongs, so all is well in my world.

Previously, we watched Clint fail to successfully woo Claire Charming, then get rejected by Kammy Wilson. Does it get any worse than that? I suppose so, but unfortunately, it won't in this thread. Wait, that's not unfortunate...unless you're some sort of sadistic lunatic. Anyway, as we begin, we find Clint in the kitchen, preparing some food after having invited Claire over to his place. He's learned from what went wrong last time, and everything this time around is calculated to go perfectly...he hopes.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Nope, it ain't five alarm chili this time. Is five alarm salad okay?"

Last time, Claire sort of got things off to a rocky start by speaking ill of El Bandito, Clint's pet raccoon. Well, this time, Clint took advantage of her dislike for his coon, and decided to do a little badmouthing of his own, in the hopes of solidifying their relationship through a mutual dislike. A phony mutual dislike, obviously, since he'd have eaten the coon already if he didn't really like him, but you have to admire Clint's logic if nothing else.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "By golly, I can't stand that no good, dirty, rotten, flea ridden..."

That actually did the trick somewhat...Claire's opinion on El Bandito hadn't changed, and she was all too happy to join in the slanderous raccoon gossip. That didn't last forever, though, as Clint eventually changed the topic, obviously afraid that he couldn't keep on pretending to hate his beloved raccoon forever. The discussion was apparently so intriguing, that the maid dropped the garbage she'd been picking up on the lawn and walked right up behind Clint so she could hear him better.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Personally, I think Tombstone is one of the best films ever made...!"

Well, the conversation and everything was going okay, which is all good and fine, but whether or not Clint actually felt "the connection" up to this point is iffy. However, that all changed when Clint suggested that it was time for a sing-along. The pair sat down by the fire, but before he could magically pull his guitar out of nowhere, Claire beat him to it! That was the clincher right there...from that moment on, Clint knew that he and Claire were destined to be together.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClaire: "How about a little 'Kum By Yah'?"

Clint decided to waste no more time with trivial interactions, and began actively flirting instead. Claire looked a little confused at first, like she wasn't quite sure what was going on. I guess last time her and Clint went on a date, he never actually used the flirting option, and it was more or less implied. I don't think there's any risk of Claire missing what's going on this time, though...I don't think...

Image hosting by PhotobucketClaire: "Do I come here often? Uh...what do YOU think?"

Despite the somewhat awkward attempt at flirtatiousness, Clint and Claire fell mutually in love with one another, albeit the pink heart fickle kind of love that doesn't usually mean much. It means something for Clint, though, since this is his first time, and we all know how hard it is to forget our first loves. There's something about a woman who knows how to handle a guitar that really gets his blood pumping.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Ma'am, I do believe I'm in love with you...!"

Well, after that point, there was just no stopping the ever growing romance between the pair. Clint was quick to take things to the next level by leading Claire to the back of the cabin for a little slow dancing. This may sound romantic at first, but the fact that Clint's outhouse is behind the cabin might sort of ruin that image for some people. Neither Clint nor Claire seemed to care too much. Now that's true love!

Image hosting by PhotobucketThere's something about a little slow dancing next to an outhouse that has a romance all it's own...

Eventually, the couple headed inside, either because it was getting late, or because they finally noticed the latrine right next to them and got a little sick. Whatever the case, Clint was still plugging away with the romantic stuff, determined to win Claire's heart before the sun went down. He was making pretty good progress, too, and before you know it, they'd graduated to having little red heart love for one another. Way to take things slow, Clint!

Image hosting by PhotobucketClaire: "For a lonesome cowpoke, he sure knows how to kiss..."

Next stop was a little romantic moonlight hot tub session. Claire brought her polka-dot bikini Clint bought her on their first date, which was a good sign. Clint, of course, was wearing his full body swimsuit that he's so fond of. Yes, Clint is a far cry from those freaks who like to hop in the tub naked (found mainly at the Wilson house in the MonkeeSims neighborhood), but a little modesty can go a long way...

Image hosting by PhotobucketClaire: "Why didn't you put on a swimsuit instead of getting in in your clothes? Oh, wait...I forgot...that is your swimsuit!"

Well, after a little romancing in the tub, Clint decided it was time to do or die. And so, he dropped to one knee and did the unthinkable - he proposed marriage to Claire. I don't know why that's unthinkable, except when I first introduced Clint to the neighborhood, I sort of saw him as the perpetual loner type, but he apparently had different ideas. Whatever the case, he was apparently infatuated enough with Claire that he was willing to make the proposal at the risk of being rejected and screwing up one of his two friendships. What a daredevil Clint is.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "Ma'am, you'd make me right happy if you would be Mrs. Cowboy Clint!"

That was it...the two were married right then and there. I guess it just goes to show that sooner or later, the love bug bites us all, and it bites some harder than others. I guess Clint was just really ready for some female touches to his cabin, or someone else to help with the dishes and bills. That, or he was genuinely ready to spend his life with someone else. As much fun as the cynicism is, I suppose we ought to give ol' Clint the benefit of the doubt. He is one of the good ones, after all.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClaire: "I always knew someday I'd wind up marrying a cowboy living in a cabin in the middle of town!"

When all was said and done, Clint got more than a wife out of the deal. Yes, he also got Claire's dog, Luna, added to the family. Funny...she never mentioned a dog. I guess for all the time Clint spent socializing, they never approached the topic of dogs...just Claire's dislike for raccoons. Well, if Clint can have a raccoon, Claire can have a's just one of those sacrifices you make getting married.

Image hosting by PhotobucketClaire: "Are you sure? I'm positive I mentioned I had a dog before..."

Well, anywho, that's the story of Clint and his successful romantic conquest. The MonkeeSims neighborhood no longer has a Claire Charming, but a Claire Cartwright instead (and a Luna Cartwright too, I guess). Well, Clint won't have to worry about being alone anymore now...ever...for the rest of his life. Just kidding...not trying to make it sound like a death sentence or anything. Dog or no dog, marriage is a wonderful institution (unless you're Kevin, who refuses to propose).

Well, just a few posts from now, we'll be visiting some of the long lost families like the Wilsons and Millers, and witness the creation of a "new" one in the process. There will be birth, death, drama, ambition, and outright've been warned! For our next post, we'll return to the Jacksons as things slowly but surely begin to heat up at their's gonna' get good! Don't miss it!


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