Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Wilson Party...Again

Whew. What a crappy morning. It's a Thursday, and it's the first day I've been to work this week, but it still manages to feel exactly like a Monday. My vacation went pretty well, though my wife got sick, which limited what he could do, and that sucks. My first day on vacation, my bathroom ceiling exploded, showering me with scummy water and moldy ceiling chunks, which is never any fun. All things considered, though, I still managed to get some decent relaxation in, and was prepared to have a good week, but for reasons I can't explain here due to job confidentiality, work is really starting to suck now.

That aside, I noticed something interesting this vacation. I was getting frustrated with my PC's occasional slowness, and I noticed I only had about 120 megs of RAM instead of the 128 I thought I had, which was quite a surprise. For reasons other than the Sims, I got another couple hundred megs installed, and I noticed some interesting things I'd never seen happen before when I did play the game again: random cars driving by Downtown, random sims showing up in Old Town, and Mrs. Crumplebottom appeared Downtown everywhere I went when I'd never once seen her in the game before. Very interesting indeed.

Last post, the Wilsons were throwing a bash at their place to try to help get themselves out of the rut they'd fallen into lately. Things had been going pretty well so far, and we can only hope they stay that way. As usual, much of the partying was taking place downstairs. Well, as much as the family enjoyed having strangers wandering around in the bedrooms and downstairs bathrooms, they decided it was time to try to take the party upstairs, since that's really what the second floor was designed for. Kitty decided to try to lead off with a little singing, hoping it might start up a little karaoke party.

Image hosting by much more abuse can those speakers take?

Well, the plan didn't work. After Kitty was done, nobody else took the stage, not even Julie, who more or less only sings at Cameron's Lounge for a living. Well, since there were people gathering to see what she was doing, Kitty opted for "plan B", which was to keep folks occupied listening to her. Given some of the past performances we've witnessed on the Wilson karaoke stage (ie. Drew Carrey and Austin Powers, who really stunk things up), it's probably not such a bad thing that nobody else felt like taking the mic. Of course, all the attention was doing nothing to help reduce Kitty's already overblown ego.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "Sheesh...enough already...I rule...I get it!!"

Though most of the entertainment at the party seemed to be geared toward adults, Mia Kay and Katrina did an admirable job of finding ways to amuse themselves amidst the insanity. Mia Kay showed Katrina the video game machines, and they spent endless hours playing them. Of course, there was no harm done, since both of the girls are A+ students, and there was no need for them to spend time studying or anything. It's sort of a miracle how mostly well adjusted the girls are, given how kooky most of the adults in the family are. I guess a little independence really goes a long way.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMia Kay: "Don't feel mom is kind of full of herself too..."

Well, the effort to get folks upstairs was basically a loss. Everyone who had gone up to listen to the singing promptly headed back downstairs when the performance ended, and the folks who hadn't gone up at all stayed right where they were. If the Wilsons had thought to put the buffet tables upstairs instead of downstairs, that might have been an easy solution, but don't give them too much credit for thinking. Lucky for them, the caterer insisted on helping clean up the mess everyone was making. That guy is way too helpful for someone who isn't pocketing household goods on the side, but I've never seen him do it before...

Image hosting by PhotobucketClint: "I just love these green beans and grits..."

Well, trouble always starts up at these parties when folks drink too much punch and energy levels start to get high. It wasn't long before Kitty was dancing with the shirtless fake J.D. guy, which resulted in some jealousy alarm noises from elsewhere in the room. I didn't see who the offended party was, but considering Kitty has a bad habit of taking relationships with her friends way too far, it could have been just about anyone (she hasn't quite figured out how to boost a friendship score really high without resulting in a little pink heart in the process). Luckily, whoever it was who was offended by this was too busy to come over and smack fake J.D., though that doesn't mean they didn't track him down and kick his butt later on his way home.

Image hosting by PhotobucketFake JD: "Whatever you do, just don't step on my foot..."

Yes, everyone was feeling a little rambunctious alright. Leon and Doris Jackson, who were recently involved in a love triangle that went quite badly (we all remember it, no need to recap too much), were both present at the party, with no sign of Steve anywhere. Steve was probably at home, recovering from dying, then turning into a zombie, then being restored to normal again. Sure, Leon had agreed to back off Doris, and had done a good job of it so far, but he still had a thing for her, and it would take a long time for that to fully fade...if ever (remember, this is Leon we're talking about).

Image hosting by PhotobucketLeon: "If Steve ever dies for good, you know I'm always there for you, babe..."

Well, the drama came to a halt when a limo pulled up outside for the predictable visit by Drew Carrey. As usual, everyone dropped what they were doing, forgot about slapping each other, and ran out front. And, as usual, everyone was more excited about the limo than they were by Drew himself. And, just like always, despite the excitement, nobody was offered a ride in said limo. That Drew is such a selfish limo hog. Meanwhile, Peter Miller wowed onlookers by sprouting a beehive and a second pair of sparkly purple arms.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Who says two sims cannot occupy the same space at the same time?"

The good thing about this whole party in particular was the fact that there were some people the Wilsons actually knew and liked who showed up, like Kitty's former college room mate and former Wilson family member, Keri Miller. It had been kind of a while since the two had had a chance to talk, probably because Kitty's only been focusing on keeping relations up with other famous folks whose star power she needs for her career. That kind of shows where her priorities are now, but that surprises none of us (she didn't really have any priorities at all before she became famous). Luckily, the two were still able to find things to chat about.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty talks about her favorite topic...herself...

The pair talked just like old times...for the most part. Things got a little odd when Kitty wrapped up their chat session by giving Keri her autograph. Giving away autographs to pesky fans who won't leave you alone is one thing, but nothing blows modesty out of the water quite like giving autographs to people who haven't asked for them, especially an old friend. Keri was nice about the whole thing, and didn't crumple it up and throw it away, but clearly she had some thoughts on the matter that she didn't express.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Now, if she'd given me Drew Carrey's autograph, that would be something..."

While Kitty was busy chatting up guests and giving them unsolicited autographs, Marty was quite the social butterfly himself...though his way of socializing was a little strange. Rather than chatting with anyone, he seemed more inclined to pick them as his dance partners, a sure-fire way to get a rise out of any significant others they might have brought with them. First up was Clint, who was happy to oblige Marty's odd request for a dance...probably because he was a little freaked and didn't know what else to do...

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Hows about a little square dancing, pardner?"

After Clint spun him around a bit, Marty quickly moved on to the fake JD guy. Hmmm. Clint I can understand, because he's a cowboy, and cowboys are cool about stuff (though since Clint carries a pistol with him, it's probably wise not to put that to the test too much). Choosing to dance with the weird guy who can't be bothered to put on a shirt or shoes before coming to a party is a bit of an odd choice, but that's Marty for you - a bit odd. Well, more than a bit, but you know...

Image hosting by PhotobucketFake JD: "Dude, how much of that punch did you drink, anyway?"

Well, eventually, the party did start to wind down, which was probably a good thing. Marty was setting off jealousy sirens, and tempers were beginning to flare, and I can only imagine what the next step would have been (probably a big slap-fest if I know my sims). The family members decided to hit the hot tubs, much as they do with all of their regular free time, while Kitty continued to yak with Keri. Julie took the first tub, followed closely by Marty, leaving poor J.D. to sit alone in the other tub without his woman. that J.D. or is it fake J.D.? Man, these clones make things so confusing. It's probably good whoever it is didn't get in with Julie, or she probably would have been really confused!

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "What it just me, or does this puppet actually look kind of like Drew Carrey?"

Well, the party was officially over, though as usual, there were some stragglers who just wouldn't take a hint and leave. Drew Carrey made a pass at Mama Hick up in the game room, and she slapped him upside the head, though sadly, I failed to capture it on camera. Aside from that little incident, most everyone else seemed to have had a pretty good time, and no household items were stolen. Peter Miller stood around out front by himself and looked a little dejected, probably because he'd attended yet another party with no success at building a relationship with any of the females present. Just a's really hard to tell what's going on in Peter's head most of the time...he's such a closed book.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: " life seems strangely empty somehow..."

Despite ending on that somewhat depressing note, the party did quite a bit to boost the dull moods of the Wilsons. However, though the party is over, the events of the evening have not yet concluded for all of the family members. Find out what takes place after hours in our next exciting post. And much later, find out how Peter and the Miller family attempt to add some spice to their lives after a long absence from the posts (not counting their guest appearances elsewhere, of course). Don't miss it!


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