Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yes, Chucky, the Grinch is Dead

Well, I had a fine time putting together our last holiday presentation, "Yes, Chucky, there is a Grinch", and in the spirit of the American tradition of cranking out sequels whenever possible, I felt it was time for a follow up. And so, without further ado, we are pleased to present...


T'was the week after Christmas
And Chucky was blue
We met him before
Well, this is "part two".

Chucky came up with
A most brilliant scheme
To rip off the Grinch
And it worked, so it seemed.

But the bad news is this
Chucky's loot didn't last
For the Grinch had got pissed
And took it back (what an ass).

Sure, Chucky was sad
But like most little boys
Wasn't ready to quit
He would make his own toys.

And so Chucky went
To his father's work table
And hammered away
And indeed proved quite able.

Sure Christmas had passed
But the Grinch didn't care
For of Chucky's fine toys
He was soon made aware.

Well, for the most part
The toys were made well
But some were made evil
Like boxed clowns from hell.

So the Grinch had decided
He wasn't even quite yet
He'd teach Chucky a lesson
And those toys he'd soon get.

Chucky spotted the Grinch
While taking a break
And devised a quick plan
For so much was at stake.

Chucky fashioned a kite
And though it looked like crap
It had come out just right
It was really a trap.

Well, the kite was set out
Where it would be seen
And indeed the Grinch saw it
And thought it quite keen.

The Grinch flew the kite
Flew by night, what a sight
For it's just not quite right
Flying a kite by night.

The kite was designed
To draw lightning bolts to it
So the Grinch got a shock
And his guts turned to soot.

The Grinch was soon fried
And collapsed on the lawn
No one liked the Grinch much
They were glad he was gone.

And so, dear friends
I'm sorry if you've tried
To trap that old Grinch
For he's already died!


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