Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sims Still Livin' It Up

Hey, folks! Welcome back! What a morning...I actually got up on time and didn't have to rush like a maniac to get ready for work before my ride arrived. Normally, I try to be up and getting ready no later than 5 a.m. to be ready to leave shortly after 6, but lately, I've been waking up at about 5:45, which is not cool. Well, today, I was up, dressed, and ready to go by 4 a.m., which I don't know how I did, but it got me to work on time, and I'm raring to go (home), so it's all good.

As usual, sims-post-wise, I've got "photo" material for quite a few posts, and it will take quite some time to post what I've got right now, even if I stopped playing the game for good today (which I'm not), so that warning not so long ago about running out of material for this blog soon doesn't apply at the moment. That having been said, let's get to the good stuff...the last of three posts covering Marty and Kitty's most recent visit Downtown, and the lives they touch in the process (har har). When we first rejoin the pair, they've just arrived by way of cab at the market square place...or whatever it's called.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "That Marty...he's such a recreational genius!"

Well, this wasn't the first time Marty had visited the place, as you may recall from a previous post with him and Peter, so he knew just what he was dealing with. His first plan was to try and wow Kitty with a little action out on the dance floor. Kitty followed him out there, and danced with him for a total of about four seconds, then stood there with her arms crossed the rest of the time they were out there. I think she was trying to pretend she didn't know him, but it was kind of hard to do seeing as how she's famous in the sim world. It's a good thing her degree of fame has nothing to do with Marty's degree of skill on the dance floor.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Check it out...I call this 'The Egyptian'...!"

Well, Marty could tell Kitty wasn't overly impressed with his skillz on the dance floor, so he opted for something a little more overt - the dance cage! Despite his high energy acrobatics and crazy all over the place dance moves, Kitty still wasn't thrilled. She didn't even so much as boo him like Marty had done with Peter. No, she just stood off to the side and pretended not to notice him. You know, Kitty may be a good wife to Marty when they're back home, but she's not very supportive of any of his endeavors when they're out in public. Of course, she wasn't that crazy about his gardening back home either...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "I don't know that guy in the cage...I'm here with this nerd!"

Not everyone who hits the Downtown hot spots does so to take advantage of the exotic and exciting forms of entertainment. No, I spotted Steve Jackson hanging out in a solitary little room with nothing but himself and some books for company. Funny how I never noticed there was such a room at the market square place before, probably because it looked too boring at first glance to investigate further. Of all the things I would have expected to see Steve sneaking out of the house to do, though, reading is at the very bottom of the list. I'm sure he has his reasons.

Image hosting by PhotobucketSteve: "If anyone ever catches me reading books for fun, my reputation will be ruined...!"

It's kind of funny, but every location I ever send sims to, be it Downtown or in Old Town, I always see one particular random sim visiting as well - Kevin Smith. And he always has a "date" with him. I've never bothered to check his personal phone book listing to see who all he knows, but it must be about the size of the New York City phone book by now. This time, he was with some new girl who looked very much like Claire Cartwright (Charming). He must have a thing for hanging out with women who look like her. He should have a thing for hanging out with his wife, Kammy, who always seems to get left at home.

Image hosting by PhotobucketGirl: "It's not even your birthday...shouldn't we tell him that so he stops singing you 'Happy Birthday'...?"

For that matter, one other very popular sim is Keri Miller, who also seems to hit every spot that's currently being visited. Occasionally, her husband, Stu, can be found hanging out in the same place as her, but usually, I see him haunting Studio Town every time I send someone there, so that seems to be his preference. This time, Keri was hanging out with the bowling shirt wearing punk guy who came to the Miller costume party way back when and dressed as an astronaut. Some other punk guy in a purple sweater stood off to the side, probably waiting for his punk buddy to finish hanging out with Keri so they could go do punk things...and you thought the mohawk was no longer in style...

Image hosting by PhotobucketPunk Guy: "Blech...'Big Brother'...don't get me started...always trying to keep the little man down!"

As much as Keri was a fan of anti-government sentiment, she was able to find much more exciting ways to spend her time. Considering where she is, that's a very good thing, since you can talk pretty much anywhere without having to pay for the privilege (though since random sims in Downtown always walk there, I think they manage to sidestep the cab fare). Anyway, Keri headed over to the dance floor where Kitty and Marty had been not too long before, and she hopped into the dance cage. I'm not sure if athletic interest or body points have any affect on a sims ability to dance in the cage, but she seemed to be doing a better job of it than Marty...or maybe it just looks a little less freaky for a girl to be dancing in the cage than a's hard to say, really.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Eat your heart out, Marty Wilson...!"

Apparently, while I was looking elsewhere, Marty had gotten the message that dancing was not one of his strong points. I think Kitty probably walked away from him after a bit, which I think would be a pretty strong indicator of that message. Whatever the case, Marty did the logical thing and went to see where she'd gone. He found her in the flower shop, eyeballing some floral arrangements. Marty, being the slick detective type he is, paid careful attention to which ones in particular she was checking out, hoping to use that information to his advantage later. The hillbilly girl who was at the bistro with "Moon Dawg" earlier was in the flower shop too, not surprisingly, without "Moon Dawg."

Image hosting by PhotobucketHillbilly Girl: "You have to pay for these flowers? Why, you can get these things out in the pasture back home for free!"

Well, moments after Kitty was done perusing the flowers, Marty snuck on over and grabbed a bunch of them, then headed to the register (and you thought when I said he planned to use that information "later" that I actually meant at some later date, not five minutes later). Marty's assessment of Kitty's floral interests was correct, and the flowers got the expected result (resulting in a PDA in pubic shortly thereafter). Way to go, Marty...using your powers of deduction to score points with the Missus. That'll ensure that next time you ask for money to buy gardening supplies, she won't be able to turn you down...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKitty: "For me? Oh, Marty...this is so...unexpected...sort of..."

Well, sooner or later, the thrill of being away from home wears thin, and while Marty and Kitty could have visited every Downtown lot there is, that would have resulted in one long and boring series of posts. Besides, I need to save some of those unvisited lots for future posts involving other sims...can't use all my material in such a short time. Yes, Marty and Kitty were quite content to return home and do what they do best - sit in the hot tubs near the street and watch the world go by (that would be easier if they were actually facing the street). Meanwhile, Alfred the Butler wandered about, dealing with the daily chores.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAlfred: "It's always 'Alfred, take out the trash,' or 'Alfred, water the flowers.' Is it ever 'Alfred, how about a dip in the hot tub?' Nooooo..."

Well, all's well that ends well, and considering nobody died or lost household items to fire or got sprayed by a skunk, I'd say this ended pretty well. The Wilsons work hard at doing nothing all day long, and it's nice to see them get a break once in a while by getting out of the house. Well, we've yet to see J.D. and Julie do anything of the sort together, but there's plenty of time for such things in future posts. Please just don't hold your breath. Next up, we haven't heard from the Millers since Bobby was returned from an alien abduction. Just what are they up to? Well, you'll have to drop in next time to find out! Seeya'!


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