Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Grinch Steals New Years

Well, after hearing stories of all the lives that were touched with the first two heartwarming Chucky/Grinch poems here at Monkeesims, it seemed a shame not to exploit New Year's Eve as well (even though it's still a ways off, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to post when it actually gets here). Special thanks, as usual, to the MacGuffin sims for the use of their property and acting talent. Oh, and thanks to Ali Thunder for reprising his role as the Grinch. And so, we are pleased to present...


T'was New Years Eve
Chucky wasn't so happy
Things were not going well
So his mood was quite crappy.

Grandpa MacGuffin
Did not like New Year's Eve
He was kind of a grump
As you probably perceive.

"New Years Eve is just
An excuse" He would say
To drink lots of booze
And sleep all New Year's Day!"

Remember the Grinch
Buried in the back yard?
He'd been a grump too
But then he got charred.

But that rainy New Years
He dug out, and said
"There's work to be done!
There's no time to be dead!"

The Grinch liked to steal
And he owed Chucky one
He'd simply steal New Years
and spoil everyone's fun!

The way to achieve that
That old Grinch believed
Was to sabatoge "Dick Clark's
New Year's Rockin' Eve".

So that New Year's evening
Dick got quite a surprise
During live broadcast
A green guest met his eyes.

"The show's over, Dick"
The Grinch was heard saying
As he began to inflict
Large amounts of pain.

There'd be no more New Year's
The Grinch was quite sure
"Rockin' New Year's" was ruined
And it caused quite a stir.

Well the Grinch headed home
And what do you know?
Host Ryan Seacrest
Was still doing the show.

"What's this?" said the Grinch
And he felt a bit ill
He didn't notice a newly
Placed barbecue grill.

Chucky lit up the grill
The couch soon caught fire
"I'm sick of your crap Grinch"
Chucky said, full of ire.

The Grinch ran outside
To be doused by the rain
His rump had caught fire
It had caused him some pain.

Well, that nasty old Grinch
Had the worst kind of luck
He ran out in the street
And got hit by a truck.

And Grandpa MacGuffin
Was so greatly amused
Watching Dick Clark beat up
That he broke out some booze.

And so, dear friends
All of you now know
There's much more to New Year's
Than Dick Clark's stupid show!


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