Thursday, July 03, 2008

Taking a Break

Well, I hate to see things come to a screeching halt here again, but alas, despite my best efforts, I've found myself unable to find the time to write the last (for a while) post I mentioned in our most recent entry. I made it a little ways through it, but I've spent so much time packing and moving stuff the past few weeks, and I've been staying at my parents' house with low-speed internet access that's more frustration than it's worth. Now, I've got a flight to catch today to Nebraska for the big move, so again, no post. I'm not sure what the internet situation will be when I get there, so while I'd still like to post the material I do have whenever possible, I'm not quite sure when that will be.

Anyway, this move has been a long time coming, so while I'm not happy that it's meant a reduction in my Sims playing or posting here, I will be glad to have it over with so I can get started on a new life in a new place. Oh, plus, my wife has already been moved for over a month now. so it will be nice to see her again! Anyway, I appreciate all the great feedback I've gotten by way of email and comments here in regard to the site, and I'll have something up here again as soon as possible. Sorry for the mostly boring, picture-free post, and I hope to have something much more interesting up here soon! Until then, peace and love to one and all!

~Majik Monkee~