Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's Party Time!!

Well, all the wedding mumbo jumbo at the Miller house is over...finally. Now that that's over with, it's time to party! There's no way that that can be boring and tedious, right? Well, we'll see!

Bobby makes some phone calls, and it's not long before the guests start to arrive. I'm not sure what the cause is exactly, but it seems like in this neighborhood, only certain people ever show up for parties when people throw them. I guess everyone else is just too good to make an appearance (or too lazy...pick one).

Anyway, here we see some of the guests showing up. In the blue sweater is Kevin Wilson, a regular party frequenter. To the right, we see the celebrities that Stu insisted be at his party, Matt, and his wife Branson. They also have a habit of showing up wherever the party is at, probably for the free cake.

Image hosting by PhotobucketIt's a shame Matt didn't bring his pink limo with the flamingo on the front.

Marty Wilson, another party hopper, shows up as well. He makes a great impression on Deana, and her dislike for Marty is instantly apparent. Way to turn on the charm, Marty!

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty shouldn't have made fun of Deana's party hat. Oh, Marty...what a pig you are!

Everyone starts socializing excitedly, which isn't surprising, since guests so rarely seem to come by the Miller house. Bobby and Kevin chat excitedly about Kevin, which is odd, because he's not even all that special. I'm not sure what Matt and Branson are doing there, but it looks like she's either gesturing emphatically, or getting ready to karate chop him.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Bobby: "Dude, you are like, my hero!" Kevin: "Dude, you have no idea what that means to me."

Everyone gathers around the cake. You might be thinking that that looks like a birthday cake, but oh,'s a wedding party cake! Everyone dons their party hats and noise makers and celebrates the guest of honor, Keri. Sure, Stu got married too, but he's old news to the Millers by now, so she gets to blow out the candles. Notice that Matt and Branson have gone outdoors around the side of the house for some odd reason. I don't think they quite get the purpose of the celebration.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMatt: "Isn't there a hot tub around here somewhere?"

Well, Matt and Branson managed to make it back inside after whatever they were doing outside...and look! The candles are still burning! Excitement seems to be waning...Marty seems to be the only one who can muster any real enthusiasm. I guess after a while, looking at a cake is only so much fun.

Image hosting by PhotobucketBlow out the candles already! Let's eat some cake!

Well, eventually the candles are blown out, and someone takes the initiative to cut the cake up. I'm thinking this party would be a little more exciting if they'd turn some lights on in the cheap can you get? Marty seems to be telling Peter, "Dude...I love your hair!" Keri seems a little unsure about what to do with that piece of cake she's holding.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Aren't I supposed to smash this on Stu's face or something like that?"

Well, everyone's had their cake (and eaten it too), and things seem to be winding down. Wow...that wasn't much of a party, was it? Where were the party games like spin the bottle and bobbing for apples in the toilet? Where was the part where the rowdy party guests jump in the pool fully clothed? Well, have no fear...the party is not totally without entertainment...

Image hosting by PhotobucketMarty: "Good thing I brought my pal, Mr. Binky!"

Well, not everyone was amused by the puppet, but Marty and Kevin sure kept each other entertained, going back and forth with their puppets. I had nothing to do with it, which made it a little more amusing. I think Peter realized that nobody had bothered to get the couple any sort of wedding gift, and he was quick to head out back and whip up a masterpiece on the canvas. Oddly, the painting he produced was a wedding portrait...

Image hosting by PhotobucketThey probably would have been better off with a DVD player.

Well, like all good hosts, Stu and Keri ran off somewhere, leaving the rest of the house mates and guests to fend for themselves. For that matter, none of the sims pictured here are actual residents. Nice. The Millers will be lucky if the good silverware is still around tomorrow morning. Matt takes the opportunity to share his views on love and romance. He doesn't really appear to the the sentimental type. It's a wonder he agreed to come to a wedding party to begin with (although, there was cake, and it was free).

Image hosting by PhotobucketMatt: "I'm not really a fan of the whole love thing, but I sure do love these burgers!"

And so, life goes on in the Miller house. Stu accomplished his goal of marriage, for better or for worse, and for what it's worth, at least it resulted in a party, which resulted in guests, which sort of livened things up (although Julie wasn't one of them, which just goes to show how close she, Stu, and Deana were as siblings). Whether or not having Keri around will bring the family closer together or whatever remains to be seen...but we won't be hanging around this joint's kind of dull around here. When last I checked in on the family, though, there were still guests hanging around, and Marty and Kevin were doing their famous puppet act again.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDid I say that puppet act never got old? Okay, so I was wrong.

Next time, we'll begin taking a glance at the Wilsons and their humble beginnings. I promise you that it will be less boring than the look at the Millers. Anyway, that's that for now...ya'll come back now, ya' hear?

Monday, January 30, 2006

A Proposal, a Wedding, and a Funeral

Okay, so there's no funeral, but I thought that made the title sound a little more interesting. Don't despair, though! Things finally get a little more interesting!

The time has arrived for Stu's proposal to Keri Miller. Everything has to be perfect, as the slightest upset could easily cause Keri to come to her senses and realize that Stu, despite his self-proclaimed greatness, is a little bit of a loser.

The first step Stu takes toward making sure things are "just right" is making sure that the rest of the house mates sit down and be quiet while he does his thing. Sure, Stu...they're the ones to blame for your failures in the the past...

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana is the only one who looks the least bit excited. The guys look like at this moment, they'd rather be anywhere else doing anything else...

Stu decides to ease into things with a little romantic slow dancing. You can see he's changed into his tux for the occasion. If that's not a giveaway as to his intentions or anything, I don't know what is, but Keri doesn't seem to notice. Maybe she just thinks he's doing a James Bond impression...or that all his other clothes are dirty and in the wash.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri has no idea that she is now hopelessly under Stu's romantic me, she has no idea...

Stu decides to change his tactics slightly, and switches to casual conversation instead, so he can can slip his proposal into the discussion (ie "did you watch CSI last night?" "Yeah, will you marry me?") Keri ponders what Stu might look like if his head were huge and bulbous, had no ears, and we wore a mask.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu seems to feel that the new look would be an improvement.

Deciding that the conversation can only go uphill from this point, Stu takes a knee, and the proposal is made. At first, Keri thinks that maybe Stu's knee replacement has given out from too much dancing, but then she realizes just what's going on.

Well, considering the rocky road Stu's courtship of Keri took initially, she surprisingly accepts his proposal with little hesitation. Maybe she sees something in Stu that we don't...or maybe she's had enough of the Wilson house, which can be pretty odd at times. Oh, if only she knew...

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "It's beautiful, Stu! When's the stone being put in?"

Well, at this point, Keri has agreed to Stu's proposal, and we all know there are no "take backs" when you agree to marry someone. Realizing that the most critical moment in Stu's courtship process has passed, the rest of the family gets up from the table to offer their congratulations.

Image hosting by Photobucket"Come on, guys. We can't possibly screw things up now!"

Stu and Keri exchange vows, and from that moment, on, she becomes Mrs. Stu Miller (although if she's smart, she'll still go by Keri). They exchange vows in front of the invisible minister, share their first kiss, and it's all over with (well, the wedding part, anyway. They still have the rest of their life together to deal with).

The rest of the gang comes over to offer their congratulations. This is nice of them, though not necessary, since Stu is the only owner of the house and the only one paying the bills, and he can marry whoever he darn well pleases (though not anymore). Anyway, it's a nice gesture, and a good start, since they'll be living together for a long time to come.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri: "Well, we have wedding guests, but still no wedding gifts..."

On that happy note, Keri changes back into her wedding dress (I'm not sure why she changed out of it for that split second to begin with), and her and her new husband, Stu, share a wedding dance. The rest of the gang springs into action - Deana tries to remember where the bathroom is, Peter goes to play games on the computer, and Bobby makes preparations for the awesome post-wedding party he's about to throw...

Image hosting by PhotobucketDid someone say 'party'? Maybe there will finally be something exciting going on around here."

Well, that's it for the moment. The party will have to wait till next time. Don't miss's sure to be the most exciting thing that's happened here yet! Then on to our next stop...a closer look at those crazy Wilsons!

More Fun With the Millers

Hey, folks! If anyone has actually been reading this stuff, welcome back! Or, if it's your first time, welcome for the first time - whatever works! Whatever the case, I hope someone else has enjoyed reading this stuff as much as I have posting it. If you have, don't be afraid to leave a comment on any one of these entries just to say so. If people are actually reading it, I know whether or not it's worth it to post frequently (though I'll still post regardless).

We've been covering the story of the Miller family (or at least a part of it - the earlier stuff was pretty boring), and Stu's quest for love. He'd been pursuing Keri Wilson, who'd been pushing him away not so subtly until our very last entry. Stu finally got lucky and got a little lip action...go Stu! Let's see if he can keep the "magic" alive.

Well shortly after Stu made out with Keri for the first time (romantic, I know), he headed straight to the hot tub, where Peter happened to be hanging out. In typical guy fashion, he told Peter the whole story, and revealed to him that he was planning to propose.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter doesn't seem as impressed with Stu as Stu seems to be with himself.

Well, either Peter misunderstood Stu's mention of a proposal and thought it was directed at him, or was put off by Stu's shameless flexing in the hot tub, but whatever the case, Stu was out of there moments later. Nobody likes a braggart.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "I'm telling you, man, those bubbles were coming from the hot tub!"

It didn't take Stu long to locate his lady love, and it took him even less time to pick up where he'd left off before. Nice...the moment he gets the okay to start smooching, talking and all other interactions are out the window. Stu isn't exactly a hopeless romantic (hopeless, maybe, but not all that romantic). Deana noticed the couple making out in the kitchen, and went to investigate further. For some reason, she decided it was necessary to stand like three inches away from the pair while they did their thing. It looks like she's trying to get in there with them.

Image hosting by PhotobucketDeana: "Are you sure you guys are doing that right?

Well, Stu being one of those "three's a crowd" type of people (especially if one of them is your sister), promptly shooed Deana away encouraging her to go bother Bobby or something. Apparantly, she misunderstood his instructions, because a few moments later, Bobby came on the scene.

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu: "Dude, I asked her to go bother you, not have you come bother me."

Well, about this time, Stu was probably starting to get a little bit tired of the whole romance gig. Heck, I'M starting to get a little tired of the whole romance gig - you can only go on for so long with posts about a family who's main hook is a filthy house and one guy's quest for love. Anyway, Stu decided it was time to spend a little time with the rest of his house mates again before they drifted away. What better way to cement your relationship with your friends than the mouldy old puppet gimmick?

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe puppet comes out again! Oh, man, that just never gets old, does it?"

By this point, the whole wooing thing seems to be pretty much in the bag for Stu (thank goodness too). Stu decides that its time to put his proposal plan in motion. After all, Keri seems completely won over by his good looks, charm, wit, fame...or more than likely, just his obnoxious persistence. Whatever the case, her barrier seems to be broken down.

Image hosting by Photobucket"Oh, Stu! you're my hero!" "I know, about some sugar?"

Knowing that the time is nigh, and being the helpful fellow that he is (sometimes), Bobby begins to straighten things up to help Stu prepare for the big moment. Confidentially, he's probably hoping to see a monumental rejection of Stu's proposal, since Bobby is kind of a butthead, but whatever his intentions, right now he's being helpful. Peter, on the other hand, stands in the corner of the kitchen glaring evilly, at what, it's hard to tell. Maybe he wants Keri for his own...or maybe he wants that plate of fly-ridden food Bobby is picking up - or maybe he's suspiciously eying the weird cans of stuff sitting on the table. It's hard to tell with Peter - he's a deep, intense sort of fellow.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Touch those cans, and you're a dead man..."

Well, this seems as good as any a place to wrap up this entry. I hate to include too many pictures in a single post, because it takes forever to load otherwise. Besides, why not build up a little suspense, right? Check in on the next entry for Stu's proposal...will it be rejected, or will he successfully throw away his bachelorhood once and for all? Will the rest of the family screw things up, or will they mind their own business and let Stu screw them up himself? Tune in next time to find out!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stu Makes Some Headway

Well, when we left off, things were not going so well for Stu in his quest for love. He had decided that he was madly in love with Keri Wilson, and she had decided that Stu was as about exciting as a box of rocks. Tough luck, can't win them all!

Actually, the reason Keri doesn't care for Stu may not have anything at all to do with the man himself - it could have something to do with the filthy squalor the family seems to be okay with living in (don't ask me what the maid has been doing - that trash has been sitting there for days without being touched). Talk about setting the romantic mood.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe family is concerned about the strange smell that seems to pervade the house. Where, oh, where could that odd stench be coming from?

Yes, that could be part of the problem. Another possible issue could be Bobby. Yes, Bobby is dating Deana, and Stu is persuing Keri, but when last I checked in on Bobby, he was chilling out in the hot tub with Keri, while Peter stood guard. Peter is probably on the lookout for Deana or Stu, either of which would have something to say about this situation.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter: "Dude, I would gladly take a bullet for you so you can sit around in the hot tub putting the moves on Stu's love interest."

Yes, all things considered, the situation is pretty pathetic. Here, Stu is trying desperately to win Keri's heart, and the family is doing everything they can to make sure he doesn't succeed. Now that's love!

However, in spite of the efforts of his house mates to stink up the joint and redirect her interests, and Keri's natural low tolerance for interaction with Stu, he finally made a successful pass at Keri. Before you know it, they were sharing their first (and hopefully not the last) semi-romantic kiss. Go Stu!

Image hosting by PhotobucketStu finally makes a little headway in his romantic quest. Good going, Stu! Don't screw it up!

Well let's leave our story on a more or less high note for the time being, since we all know that this is still just the beginning. Sure, Keri may like Stu better now, but there's still a lot of room for disaster if he plans to propose.

Will Stu completely win Keri over, convince her to marry him, and complete his romantic conquest? Will there be anymore slow dancing in the kitchen? Will anyone ever clean up the garbage in the Miller house? Check in next time, and maybe I'll tell ya!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Stu's Search for True Love

When we last left the Miller house, Stu had decided upon a hairbrained...I mean a brilliant plan to get married so that he could simultaneously find the love of his life and add another female to the unbalanced 3 guy/1 girl household. Now all that remains is for him to meet someone, convince them to marry him, and get the approval of the rest of the family (not that he needs it, since he pays all the rent). Sounds simple enough, right? Yeah...let's see...

When last we saw our friends, Peter and Bobby, they were busy slow dancing in the family kitchen. Well, guess what? They're still at it. Only this time, they seemed to have moved on from the slow stuff, and now they're doing the "dip and pivot".

Image hosting by PhotobucketReal men dance the Cha Cha!

Well, before you start to judge the duo too much, just remember the painful lack of stuff there is to do in the house. You can only play volleyball, watch TV, or surf the web for so long before you start to go nuts and seek more creative outlets. Peter occasionally favors the easel out back, cranking out his $7 masterpieces so he can contribute to the rent. At least he's making money and not only spending it.

Actually, despite the fact that he has no significant other (no, Bobby is not a significant other, just a dance partner), and no real life to speak of, Peter is one of the few household members who seems to occupy himself quite well most of the time. While there are at least a couple fun items in the house, Peter doesn't seem to need them. No, he contents himself a lot of the time with standing there "viewing" different household objects that have no other use. To most people, a clown painting or candles in the bathroom may be just decorations, but to Peter, they provide hours of deep contemplation and amusement.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter ponders the mystery that is the rack of towels in the bathroom. Ah, the possibilities!

Anyway, so back to Stu's "mission". Yeah, it didn't seem to be going very well. For some odd reason, there just didn't seem to be a lot of Sims wandering in front of the Miller house, and there wasn't anyone in the phone book worth calling (besides ugly "Somebody" Sims from Studio Town or some guy named "Knut" from one of the vacation resorts). Things were not looking very hopeful, and it looked like it might be time to give up the whole stupid...I mean clever scheme.
Well, about this time, something very odd happened. Keri Wilson, who I've never seen leave the Wilson house before, came walking down the street. Usually, ever time there is a party anywhere in the neighborhood, Kevin, Marty, J.D., and a couple other Sims from some of the other houses show up, but never Keri or Kitty. Perhaps it was the hand of fate. Or perhaps it was the little white gloved hand that serves as a cursor sometimes when you tell Sims what to do. We may never know.

The important thing is that Keri stopped by, and Stu was quick to greet her and start trying to put the moves on her. Great going, Stu...except one thing. She seemed to have little if no interest in Stu whatsoever. Sure, they'd get to talking for a couple seconds, but since Stu is "famous", all of his interactions involve talking or bragging about himself with people less famous than himself, a topic which Keri apparently had absolutely no interest in. Stu persisted, but it seemed like everything that he did was wrong and just pushed her away.

Image hosting by PhotobucketKeri tells Stu how much she hates tuna because it kills dolphins...just as Stu is pulling out a jumbo sized can of tuna to open. Good one, Stu!

Well, things are looking pretty depressing in the love department for Stu. looks like Stu won't be getting a wife and Deana won't be getting a replacement sister (in-law) any time soon. Don't worry, Stu, you can always wait another year or two for someone else to walk down the street...or you can always grab the phone and give Knut a call (not that that would fulfill any romantic interests).

Will Stu give up his seemingly hopeless quest to woo Keri? Will Peter unravel the mystery of the bathroom towels? Will Deana fall asleep outside next to the trash cans again (and did she ever wake up to begin with?). Will anyone ever actually read this crap besides me? Only one way to find out! Stop in next time! :-)

Meet the Wilsons

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Oh, hey there! Sorry, I was just posting some keywords I thought people might be searching on the web in hopes of pulling them here. If you just found this site because of them, well, works! :-P

Last time, we looked a little bit at the Miller family and what was going on with them. Well, we're still going to be following them for a bit before we look elsewhere, but before we go too much further, let's introduce another family in the neighborhood who shows up quite a bit...the Wilson family.

Here we have the Wilsons: Kevin, Marty, J.D., Keri, Kitty, and Kammy (by now we know that Julie Miller married J.D. and moved in with the family, but these are all the original family members).

Image hosting by Photobucket

They were like the second family that I added to my original neighborhoods. The original intent of the Wilsons was to add a bunch of people without jobs or responsibilities so that my first Sim in the neighborhood, Mark McGregor, could get enough friends to move up in the political career track *yawn*. It didn't take me very long to realize that it was a lot more fun to focus on what was happening with the Wilsons than what was going on in the McGregor house.

Speaking of the Wilson house, here's a look at it from the "eye in the sky":

Image hosting by Photobucket

The original didn't have the hot tubs outside or the little drink cart out back, but the rest was pretty much the same. A house designed for six people, with three beds in the girls room, three in the guys room, and a huge central meeting area in the middle. I was quite proud of the design (especially the "dogs playing poker" living room murals).

Anyway, here's a brief bio of each of the characters. J.D. is a former helicopter pilot (remember that wierd looking/sounding guy from Sim Copter? Yeah, that was him.), and he originally inherited the house from his grandfather. He decided he needed to share the rent with someone else, thus the rest of the family. J.D. has no job, but he is an excellent cook (and the only one who doesn't start a fire in the house every couple of days). Kevin is the resident "hunk" of the house, and Kammy is his girlfriend. Marty is Kevin's former college room mate, and is one of those grungy but charming guys who everyone seems to like whether they shower or not. He's pretty nice most of the time, but seems to have an odd mean streak every now and then. His girlfriend is Kitty, the only Sim in the house with a job. She's a Superstar who does a little of everything in Studio Town, and it seems like she spends very little time at the house doing anything besides recovering for her next trip to go work. Keri is Kitty's former college room mate, and one of the more independent members of the house. For a long time, she would get up at odd hours of the day/night, occupy herself with almost no socialization, and yet, she was always in a great mood. I'd usually lose track of her because she was so independent and resourceful (which is good, because the rest of the family can be real whiney babies).

Anyway, there's your introduction to the Wilsons. Now there won't be any confusion if they pop up here and there in the Millers' story. We'll talk about them quite a bit more later on, but for now, that's all you get! :-D

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Millers move on...

Where we left off, Julie had moved out of the Miller house (being the huge ingrate she is) and gone off to marry J.D. Wilson, leaving a gaping hole in the Miller family...or at least a little bit of a gap. However you choose to look at it, the Millers are down one person, and things were boring enough to begin with...let's see how everyone is doing!

First off, we see that Deana has responded to Julie's absence by passing out on the curb next to the trash can. Come on, Deana...we know you're lonely, but isn't that a bit extreme? Get over it! I guess the thought of having to actually leave the house or invite neighbors over to have gal pals was just too much for her.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Deana's lucky I don't have Unleashed installed, or the raccoons would be all over her!

Peter and Bobby seemed to be dealing with Julie's departure and refusal to invite them to the wedding quite well. And why not? Bobby already has Deana, and let's face it - the last thing most guys really really want to go to is someone else's wedding, especially when "The Simpsons" is on the tube. Actually, their response wasn't quite what I was expecting...the next time I checked up on them, they were slow dancing in the kitchen, with Peter in the lead. Funny, I never really thought of him as the leader type before.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Bobby: "Hey, watch it there,'re stepping on my foot!"

Of all the remaining house mates, Stu was, perhaps, the most forward looking. Rather than settle on a quick and easy solution to his "grief", he began devising a plan to fill the void. From this point on, he would make it his mission to get married. This way, he would find love, fill the void in the house his fellow house mates (or just Deana) seemed to be experiencing, and hopefully, find someone to help pay the rent besides himself. Ah, Stu, you are indeed a genius!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Stu is devising his master plan...or planning to grill some burgers. It's hard telling with Stu.

It's's's a little bit illogical! Will Stu find love and pull the Miller family together again? Will Peter and Bobby consider a career as professional ballroom dancers? Will anyone in the Miller house besides Stu actually ever get any kind of job? Tune in next time, and maybe you'll find out! (or maybe you won't...who knows?) :-)

The Millers in action...

Okay...we've already been introduced to the Millers, their background, and their house. Let's follow a little bit of their every day ordinary (or not so ordinary) life.

As I mentioned before, Stu was the only one with a job to begin with - he was a lounge singer in Studio Town (a pretty big one too...people finally stopped booing him). Well, Julie saw how much people like a person who works for a living and has a little talent, so she went on the fame track as well. Great...just what I needed - two people in the same family to have to follow to work. I love Superstar and Studio Town and all, but having to go every couple days or deal with consequences gets a little old after a while.

Anyhow, while Stu and Julie work to support the family, everyone else has to find ways to kill time around the house. Peter at least learned to cook, and Bobby has a little mechanical experience I think, but everyone else is pretty much useless, and either clogging toilets or starting fires pretty much daily. Peter, however, seems to have a love of using the puppet on everyone, and it comes out quite frequently. This is a good thing, since the puppet cracks me up more than it does the Sims.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPeter shows off his puppetry skills to Stu. Stu: "Hey, Peter...where have you been keeping that puppet?"

Before the Millers moved into their house, it was previously owned by a family called the McGregors, who were kind of boring, and had six kids to care for, which I got tired of real quickly. When this neighborhood began, I imported their old house, so it came with all the furniture when the Millers moved in. Well, that's not all it came soon as I started the game when I moved the family in, surprise!! There was a baby already in the house!

Image hosting by PhotobucketHey, who's baby is that? Someone call DFS!

Well, you would think that six adults, four of which have no life, and the other two who only work every two days would be able to split the duties of feeding and singing to a baby, but no such luck. They were so busy with their quest for personal self gratification that the baby was neglected, and the mean lady came and took it away! Oh, well...we can only imagine what sort of life she would have had to lead as a young child living with these jokers.

Despite the addition of the volleyball net, hot tub, and a few other odds and ends to the house, the Millers still lead a pretty boring life (with the exception of Peter and his constant puppet shows out of the blue). Bobby busied himself with "romancing" Deana, his girlfriend, and Julie busied herself by seemingly ignoring the rest of her house mates. Peter seemed to show an interest in becoming more than friends, but for reasons unknown (probably the puppet), his advances were not met with success.

Julie started visiting other Sims in the neighborhood, especially the Wilson household (we'll discuss them later), where she met the lone eligible male of the house, J.D. Wilson. After a somewhat rocky courtship, Julie decided she'd found her soul mate (and hopefully a less boring household), and she and J.D. tied the knot. It was a very small fact, it was so small that nobody but Julie and J.D. were invited, which is a great way to make friends in a new house. The ceremony was witnessed only by the happy couple and a weird green alien on top of the video games (I'm assuming J.D. got his minister credentials on the internet to perform the ceremony himself).

Image hosting by PhotobucketJulie: "But if we don't have any wedding guests, how are we supposed to get wedding gifts?"

And so, after a very brief existence in the neighborhood, the Miller family has already lost one of it's members (at least not in a fatal way). Now there's three guys living with one girl, and Bobby ain't sharing her (not that Stu, as her brother, would want any part of that to begin with).

How will the Miller family react to this huge change in their family structure? There's only one way to find out...check in next time to see as the Millers adjust to life without Julie...and only one source of income!

A Brief History

Back in the olden days, when I first started playing TS1, I was a big fan of making weird characters and making them do weird stuff in strange looking neighborhoods. Sure, it's fun to make Darth Vader smack around Gene Simmons from Kiss with Captain America and the Avengers living in a huge White House-looking building filling the biggest lot in the neighborhood, but after a while, kookiness wears a little bit thin. I've found the real fun in the Sims to be the day to day interactions that the Sims have with one another, some that make sense, and some others that are totally off the wall. I've done less and less instructing my Sims to do things with each other, and allowed more autonomy to see what they come up with on their own. There in lies the real fun - it's like watching a reality show, only I can still butt in if things get too boring - or I don't like the direction things are going (unlike real shows like Big Brother).

My neighborhoods have a lot of Sims in them, many of which I don't use or interact with very often, so I'm not going to try to cover them all at once, or ever in some of their cases. Instead, I'm just going to play things by ear, and give little bits and pieces of different families and their stories as they happen. This is supposed to be fun, anyway, so I'm not going to try to cram too much into any single entry.

Today, let's meet the Millers: Peter, Bobby, Stu, Deana, and Julie.

Image hosting by Photobucket

They weren't the first family in the neighborhood, but they are one of the most interesting. Six adults, only one of which has a job, the rest all hang around the house all day long doing wierd stuff and just trying to pass the time. Here's their house, which is pretty small for six adults (they bought it used, though, furniture included).

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here's some quick bios on each of them. First of all, the house belongs to Stu, a lounge singer, who is the only one in the house who actually works. Peter is an old friend of Stu's who just dropped by one day from out of town for a visit, and never left. Nobody minds him living there, though, because he's the only decent cook, and carries a mean puppet. Deana and Julie are Stu's sisters who just happen to live with him just because they can. Bobby is Deana's boyfriend, who apparantly can't find a place of his own. For some reason, even though he has high personality points, he's kind of a butthead, and mistreats others, but Deana seems to like him (Peter does too, but we'll touch on that later). That's pretty much it for introductions. I have to wrap this one up for now anyway, but I was saving the first of the story pics for the next post anyway.

Coming up next...Meet the Millers in action!

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