Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Witch and a Werewolf

Hey there, folks. Welcome back! I've been surfing the web looking up patches for the Sims 2 expansions I have installed (Nightlife, Pets, Seasons), and man, are there a lot of bugs in Pets (and I don't just mean fleas). I'm surprised they released it that buggy, but at the same time, I got to experience a lot of the annoying glitches that came with some of the expansions for the original Sims series, so I'm not that surprised.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase here, the reason why you visit (I know it's not for my glowing personal commentary). Last time, we looked at how Rinoa Hartman screwed up her relationship with boyfriend Tommy Wolf, and how it resulted in her becoming a plant sim, and producing half a dozen offspring, who went on to open a huge vegetable greenhouse on a lot of their own. Fascinating. Despite Rinoa's weird behavior since their breakup, though, Tommy wasn't content for he and Rinoa to remain bitter enemies. Over the course of several weeks (in sim life, not real life), Tommy managed to get things pretty close to where they were when he and Rinoa first started dating. I guess werewolves must mate for life or something along those lines, because there are other single females in the Monkeesims neighborhood who have the hots for Tommy…less screwed up females…

Tommy: "You may be a screw-up, but you're my screw-up!"

Considering how long it took to patch things up the first time, Tommy decided to try to take things slowly and carefully. Heck, after the initial fight over the Leon Hartman incident, all of his efforts to patch things up in person lead to rejection by Rinoa, which is weird, because she was the one at fault, but who can understand the mind of a sim anyway? At any rate, Tommy had to resort to phone calls only for a long time while trying to mend things, because at least that didn't result in the spontaneous brawls that seemed to have become so popular. He did eventually get Rinoa coming to his place again, and things seemed to be going well…or at least much better than before.

Tommy: "So much for taking things slowly…"

Luckily for Tommy, his roommate, Alfred, gave him plenty of space during the whole relationship rebuilding process, which is a very good thing when your home consists of one big room, a bathroom, and a "crypt". Heck, Tommy himself sleeps on the couch when he sleeps at all (werewolves don't need too much shut eye - they get a late night energy boost every evening at 8pm in case you've never played Pets). Yes, while Alfred had no romantic interests of his own, he could certainly respect the needs of a young werewolf, and didn't want to be a pain in the neck (har, har). Thus, it was off to the "Freetime Lounge", the most popular local hangout for sims of the Monkeesims persuasion.

Alfred: "Chicks love a vampire who can do the Smustle!"

Actually, people are always saying stuff about vampires being evil and behaving poorly and all that stuff, but don't you believe it. As a roommate and friend, Alfred was more than supportive of Tommy getting back with Rinoa, possibly because visitors to their home were otherwise few and far between (something about the dingy, confined quarters, and lack of amusement items seemed to keep Tommy from inviting large groups of folks over). Alfred could always count on Rinoa for a deep, heartfelt chat while Tommy was busy elsewhere, and if things were really boring, a good old fashioned game of catch outside in the snow.

Alfred: "If we need a bat to go with the ball, I got us covered…"

Yes, this would be the point where a casual observer might say things were going "too well", and we all know where that leads in the Monkeesim universe. At any rate, Tommy was so pleased with his reconciliation with Rinoa that he decided to throw a party to celebrate. He pulled out his dusty phone book, and called up some of the folks he'd met in his travels around the city, among them, Kitty Wilson and Leon Jackson. As a side note, Leon Jackson wooed Kitty into a brief romantic relationship with him despite her troubled marriage to Marty Wilson, then proceeded to not call her back and hook up with his maid instead. The results were Kitty joining the "I hate Leon" club, along with many other slighted sims. Her and Tommy seemed to get along pretty well, though…they spent most of the party sitting at the dining room table chatting it up over pizza. Talk about your major party animals.

Tommy: "No, I'm not a werewolf right now, I just forgot to shave this morning…"

Well, sad to say, Tommy probably should have been keeping an eye on Rinoa instead of Kitty, as should I, because as a result of a random interaction between Leon Jackson and Rinoa, Leon laid a bit, fat smooch on her, and the crap hit the fan again. I think I was probably more disgusted by this point than Tommy was. Obviously, I'd spent a great deal of time helping the two get back together (it's meant to be, dang it!), and here Rinoa kept blowing it by kissing guys named Leon! After slapping Rinoa, Tommy considered beating the crap out of Leon, but the party ended and the guests all took off, including Tommy's skank of a girlfriend. Understandably, Tommy had had enough, and he went outside to sit in his truck and fume in private.

Tommy: "I'd leave this place for good, if only the other neighborhoods didn't suck so badly!"

Luckily, Alfred was quick to convince Tommy that flight wasn't the answer (despite his own love for flying as a bat). It's understandable, since Alfred is such a good friend, and needed someone to greet the grocery delivery guy and call repair services during daylight hours when he was in his coffin. And so, Tommy decided to devote his time to bettering himself to spite Rinoa. His werewolf binge-eating was starting to take it's toll on his waistline, so Tommy invested in a bench-press machine. He was doing a fine job of getting back into shape too, when the machine shorted out, and Tommy's attempts to repair it caused it to burst into flames. Oh, and Tommy burst into flames as well, and Alfred was a little slow on the draw with the extinguisher. Shortly after, the grim reaper made his appearance (sort of looks right at home in the place, doesn't he?)

Alfred: "If I can't have Tommy back, will you at least stay here and answer the door for me during the day?"

I don't know what it is about me and my bad luck with fires. Heck, I had four sims die of fire in the Daniels house alone in my first few days of playing (I blame the fires after the initial death of Jenna Boyle on her angry, smoking ghost setting things ablaze). The good news is that Alfred managed to schmooze the reaper into giving him Tommy back. The bad news is that Tommy went kind of nutty and started juggling cups at the espresso machine, refusing to take a shower despite looking like a road kill someone pulled out of a redneck barbecue.

Tommy: "Forget women! I'm taking this act on the road!"

Yes, death and an unfaithful girlfriend had changed something inside of Tommy, and his timid, polite nature began to erode. He eventually did get around to showering, and grabbed the phone. No, he wasn't calling Rinoa again - he'd learned that lesson for the time being. This time, he called Kitty Wilson, and she popped over in a heartbeat. It didn't hurt things that they had a common interest in the form of a deep hatred for Leon Jackson. The pair proceeded to share a quiet, intimate evening in front of the fireplace (the only alternative to the TV in the house), and things would have been great if it weren't for one small factor that Tommy and Kitty were overlooking - Kitty is still married to Marty Wilson! You can't tell me Tommy didn't notice, either - you can see the ring on her finger in the screenshot here.

Tommy: "Hey, Alfred! Nice view! Hahah…"

Yes, clearly Kitty still has issues with Marty since moving into their trailer in the new Monkeesim neighborhood, which we'll look at another time. That is, assuming there's anything left between them by the time we devote a post to their life. Is it finally over for Tommy and Rinoa? Will Kitty ditch Marty in favor of Tommy? Will Leon Jackson get off Scott-free after all his dastardly womanizing? I assure you, all these questions shall be answered in due time! For now, though, this post is a wrap. See ya later!


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