Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creatures of the Night: Part II

Well, good afternoon to everyone or evening, or morning for those of you in those particular time zones - you get the idea. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day. Mine was going pretty good this morning…then I got out of bed and it started to go downhill from there *hah*. Actually, I had a pretty good evening yesterday - my wife is finally getting over her illness, no weird bug bit me when I was trying to sleep, and my crazy dog didn't destroy anything or get into any other trouble. Oh, and I found a Star Wars collectible I really wanted to buy, hid it at the store while I decided if I should buy it (i.e. asked my wife if I could), then went right back and it was still there. I was pretty confident in my hiding place - there was an ancient donut hidden there too, so I was pretty sure the store associates didn't check there very often. I'm not gonna' tell you which store…

I know at least a couple of people have looked at Monkeesims since it's been brought back from the dead, and that makes it all worth it. I still post even if only I ever look at it, because it's a good writing exercise, but if other people read it and get a laugh out of it, that's a bonus. We're picking up today where we left off in "Creatures of the Night: Part I". Last time, Amy Andrews made one of her first forays out on the town (not counting visits to other sim houses) and seemed to be taking to it pretty well. I'm assuming it was one of her first. See, she was an NPC maid before Clarence married her, so there's no telling what sort of activities she engaged in prior to that. I'm gonna' take a guess and say she probably spent a lot of time cleaning houses. Well, now she cleans up at the poker table in the Freetime Lounge.

Amy: "Can we talk about something besides gardening?"

When Amy lived at the Daniels house, she spent most of her time working out with Regina, cooking, or playing the piano, and she did this for a really long time (her cleaning was already maxed out when I "got her"). In short, she built up and maxed out a heckuva' lot of her skills, which really go to waste just around the house. I guess after getting out and about, Amy was feeling a call to something greater than kicking butt at cards or socializing all day at home. You see, Amy had a life long dream to become "Captain Hero" that she'd been neglecting in favor of all other things, and she decided to neglect it no longer. She got a job in law enforcement, and after only a day or two, she was already promoted to the S.W.A.T. team. Alfred will think twice before stealing any lawn ornaments now.

Fashionable AND bullet-proof at the same time...

Well, with Clarence off shooting hoops, Amy shooting bad guys, and Aiden shooting for absolute bottom of his class, the house was totally empty for the first time since the Andrews family moved in. A collective gasp was heard across the neighborhood as dozens of sims missed their daily afternoon call to come party at the Andrews house. Dang, now they'll have to go look for jobs or something to pass the time (yeah, right). Visitors still came, but the door was locked, even to best friends, so everyone was limited to hanging out outside the house. That still didn't deter certain sims, like Tommy Wolf for example.

Tommy: "I know there's half an Enchirito in here somewhere…"

The good news for all those lonely individuals (with no life) is that even after a tough day of busting heads and bagging perps, Amy STILL had the energy to invite everyone over for the evening shindig. And hey…all those stories of SimCity drug busts and casino hold-ups and other S.W.A.T. related mayhem probably make for great party anecdotes. Assuming any of the party goers take time to listen. You'll notice Amy changed her everyday outfit just before this particular party took place. I guess she didn't believe Leon about her butt not looking big in those shorts. Otherwise, it was your typical party with lots of people playing the snowboarding game and shouting at the TV, vampires stalking and talking, and Rinoa looking really irritated for no apparent reason.

Jimmy: "Sorry, Amy, but your butt was blocking the big screen..."

Well, I don't know what set this party apart from the zillions of others the Andrews family has hosted, but there must have been something going on that eluded the untrained eye. SimCity's finest showed up to break things up and spoil everyone's fun. Sure, it's nice to start higher up in a career track due to exceptional skills like Amy did, but if she'd started as a beat cop and shared some good times and donuts with the boys in blue, maybe they'd have cut her some slack here. Nobody likes an overachiever, after all.

Officer: "Vampires and video games…these people are animals!"

Speaking of animals, Amy noticed a nice looking puppy dog outside with glowing yellow eyes, and headed outside to play with it, since the party was basically no more. Now, most of us know that the yellow eyed dog (also known as a wolf) isn't necessarily a good thing, especially if it nibbles on you, but Clarence had apparently neglected to explain to Amy how he became the first werewolf in the Monkeesim neighborhood (I guess she just assumed he had a particularly bad day once and suddenly broke out in fur and claws).

Amy: "Who's my little snookie-wookums?"

I guess the wolf decided there were enough werewolves running around the neighborhood (at least half a dozen by now, thanks to Tommy's short temper), so after repaying Amy's loving attention by peeing on her sidewalk, he wandered off. Later on, while Amy was trying on a hula skirt and coconut bra for no apparent reason, Alfred came back to the house, apparently dissatisfied with the way the evening ended earlier, what with the police bust and all.

Alfred: "Can I borrow your car to go get some nachos?"

Well, while Amy was busy greeting Alfred, Count Derek Wren wandered back into the house from who knows where. Clarence was in Aiden's room, listening to him practice the piano, when the Count decided to "drop in for a bite". I heard a funny noise cue, and next thing I knew, Clarence was growling and snarling and looking rather pale and cranky. I don't see what his problem is - now he's a shoe-in for MVP on his team (most vampiric player). Of course, the fact that all his games take place during the day might be sort of a problem, especially since it would be so easy to disintegrate on the bus during those long rides to and from.

Clarence: "You touch me again, fool, I'll bust your fangs out!"

Hmmm…so Clarence doesn't want to be a vampire. Interesting. Some weird sims I know like Regina Daniels want to be both a vampire AND a werewolf…and be brought back from the dead (already happened to her once). I tell you, there are safer and easier ways to find amusement out there, I guess some folks just don't even try. Clarence didn't really want to be a werewolf when it happened to him initially either. I can't fathom why these weird sims don't want to be transformed into some snarling beastie. I have some of my best times in the late evening, and they could too if they'd just go with it (I'm neither werewolf or vampire, in case you were curious, just too stupid to go to bed on time).

Amy: "Oh, Clarence…what have you turned into now?"

Luckily for Clarence, Amy isn't stupid, and realized at some point that all her interaction with creatures of the night might lead to something like this (probably because it already did once for her). She long ago stocked up on cures for vampirism, lycanthropy, and plant…simness…and she wasn't about to let Clarence start skipping work every day with that old "but I have to sleep in a coffin all day or I'll die" excuse. She quickly provided him with a bottle of the ol' vampirism remedy, which he eyed dubiously before downing.

Now in delicious "Glowing Grape" flavor!

Well, that was the end of that mess, thankfully. Clarence didn't really give the whole vampire thing a chance, if you ask me, but I guess spending yours days laid out in a box mimicking a dead body isn't for everyone, no matter how much fun you have at night (plus I imagine if you bit your lip with those fangs it would really smart). Amy decided maybe it was time to see a little bit less of her fanged and furred friends, and started filling her evening hours with the craziest activity yet - sleeping! Oh, what's this world coming to? Now the poor SimCity ghoul population will have to fill it's evenings with hitting the night clubs and digging through trash cans. So sad! That's the end of our fun and games for now…tune in next time.


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