Friday, November 09, 2007

The Wilsons' Wild Ride

Man, it's been a stressful last few weeks for me here in the real world. Not anything worth posting about here, but let me just suffice it to say that sometimes, I think the sims with their problems with werewolves, vampires, fire starting ghosts, and job stealing chance cards have it easy. It's the real life challenges that can really suck big time, and there's no "exit" button for when you've had your fill.

Okay, enough of the heavy introspective stuff. We're here to have fun, and that's what we're gonna do (well, try to anyway). By the way, this is the second post I've done for this day alone, so if you haven't read "Revenge of Tommy Wolf", make sure you go back a post and check it out. For those of you who have followed the Monkeesims from the beginning, you must surely remember the Wilson family. It originally consisted of J.D., Kevin, Marty, Keri, Kitty, and Kami. Most of them just moped around the house all day. Kevin and Kami got married, as did Marty and Kitty. Kitty was the one who made most of the money for the family working in Studio Town. They all lived together in a great big two story house with a massive upstairs bar and all kinds of luxury items.

Well, that was then. Only Marty and Kitty moved to the new Monkeesim neighborhood, and since then, they live in a tiny trailer, Kitty has no job to speak of, and Marty has a high powered career as a gas station attendant, to which he has devoted all his time and energy. Well, Kitty's not one to sit idly by, and Leon Jackson took advantage of this to start a brief romantic relationship with her. She also got together with Tommy Wolf once after his traumatic second breakup with Rinoa Hartman, though nothing lasting ever came of it.

Marty: "It just doesn't get any better than this!"

Well, if there's one thing Kitty's infidelity has taught her, it's that there aren't a lot of guys like Marty out there, and she wasn't about to just give him up because he'd turned into a dull dud since moving to the new neighborhood. The two chatted things over for a bit and managed to reconcile most of their differences without getting into a slapfest like Tommy and Rinoa, and things started to look up again for the couple. Of course, there's the issue of the painting of Kitty in her swimsuit in Leon Hartman's bedroom, but there will be plenty of time to worry about that later…

Kitty: "Come here, you gas station attendant, you!"

Well, Kitty's promise to Marty to stop messing around with other guys put him in a rare good mood, and he decided on a little surprise for her. That evening, while Kitty mopped up Gizmo Pup's pee off the sidewalk, Marty drove home from a rigorous day of gas pumping in a new car (new as in recently purchased, not as in mint condition) he'd purchased, complete with crazy smiley face paint job. Who says that having gas station connections never got anyone anywhere?

Marty: "Your chariot has arrived, my dear!"

Well, I don't care how cool a car looks, it's absolutely useless if you don't drive it anywhere, and Marty was smart enough to know this. Kitty was more than happy to get away from the trailer with him, seeing as how it was the first time the two had gone anywhere to have fun since moving into the neighborhood (possibly why Kitty was always wandering off to other sim houses to find her jollies). The pair could have gone to the ever popular "Freetime Lounge", but everyone goes there, and the pair had no interest in bumping into Tommy Wolf or Leon Jackson, who frequent the joint. They looked in the phonebook, selected a random downtown lot, and off they went.

Marty: "I don't care what this place is, at least it's away from the trailer!"

The first thing the couple saw upon entering the establishment was a bar, a staple of all good outings (especially the drunken variety). Kitty quickly took a seat, and started making weird faces, looking around her. I don't know if she was scoping the room or what, but she should know better after the trouble she'd already gotten into. Who does she think she is, Rinoa Hartman? Marty looked a little confused for a moment, probably trying to figure out if the bartender was a guy or a girl, and after he decided on that, trying to figure out why anyone would allow someone else to do that to their hair. Maybe on a dare.

Kitty: "So what's a girl got to do to get a drink around here?"

Well, if you know anything about Marty, you know he's a fun loving comedian, and it only gets progressively worse when he's got a few drinks in him. It wasn't very long before he decided to play a funny joke on the bartenders, and pulled out his own apron and uniform from who knows where. Well, the male bartender with the funny hair was fooled by the ruse, but the girl behind the bar just looked confused…or awe struck…or something. It's kind of hard to tell from her expression. What a wisenheimer!

Marty: "You're right. I got this down at the costume shop. But it can't hurt to pretend!"

Well, Marty's amazing wit really got the party started, and everyone started to get into the act, crowding behind the bar counter. Kitty was having such a great time that she totally forgot to take off her coat. Some old woman just stood there looking disapprovingly at Kitty while Kitty laughed at her. The real waiter realized he'd been fooled into leaving the counter unattended and promptly returned in disgust (probably wishing he'd signed on for the morning shift). Iris Hartman, the plant sim, sat around wondering if she was going to shrivel up and die before she actually got a drink amidst all the chaos.

Iris: "Hey! Where's that chlorophyll I ordered?"

Despite the fun times, crowding the bar was starting to get a little old, and Marty and Kitty quickly developed a taste for something a tad more exciting. Well, it had been quite some time since Kitty had the opportunity to use her singing abilities (besides in the shower, to a limited audience), and so the pair trotted up to the little karaoke rooms upstairs. Now, this struck me as weird - the rooms were very small and seemed designed to keep the singers confined from the rest of the world. Isn't the point of karaoke to belt it out and abuse the auditory organs of others, while giving them an opportunity to get a good laugh at your expense? I always thought so...

Kitty: "He's no Jon Bon Jovi..."

The pair did have a cat and a small dog in the karaoke room with them while they sang, and the pets were really howling during most of the performance (I'm pretty sure it wasn't for joy either). They went crazy and started destroying the chairs and stuff in the room, while Kitty and Marty headed off to see what else they could find to do. Their next discovery was a photo booth, which seemed to open a world of possibilities (like getting photos taken three different ways). Well, that was the plan when they first got in anyway…

Marty: "A booth that takes your picture for you…what will they think of next?"

Well, after getting their pictures taken two of the three possible ways, they were overtaken by the romance of being squashed in a small booth haunted by the filth of people's grimy handprints on everything and the scent of unwashed patrons who used the booth before. I won't bother explaining in great detail what happened next - use your imagination...

And yet, Kitty is still wearing her coat...

Well, despite the zany forms of entertainment Kitty and Marty were choosing to engage in, the evening was working it's magic. It wasn't long before they'd settled down and hit the dance floor for a little slow dancing. Meanwhile, the vampire Alfred Witte was wandering around scoping the tasty looking assortment of dogs wandering around the dining area…

Alfred: "Ah! The disco ball! I must flee!"

The slow dancing eventually ended, and, with their romance rekindled and their issues fully resolved (more or less), Kitty and Marty decided to wander around and chew the fat with some of the other patrons. Kitty spotted the every popular Jimmy Jones (who looks like he's chewing a whole mouthful of fat at the moment) and started chatting it up with him. Frankly, he looks either really disgusted or really bored with the conversation…and a little like Popeye to boot. It looks like she's doing a bird impression for him, maybe that's why.

Jimmy: "Man, this chick is crazy as a loon!"

Marty decided to further investigate the phenomenon of Alfred Witte, who had stopped following dogs around and just ordered the house special (which could very well contain dog). Marty interpreted Alfred's silence to mean he really wanted to hear everything Marty had to say, when in reality, it was probably the result of having a full mouth from trying to eat his food quickly so he could get away from Marty. Marty's lucky Alfred didn't bite him to shut him up, but the thought of Marty being immortal and chatting on forever was probably enough to scare that idea right out of his head.

Marty: "Seriously, dude, you should take a vacation and work on that tan!"

Well, that basically signifies the end of the Wilson outing. After a rough road beforehand, Kitty and Marty were back to having the hots for one another, and hopefully plan to keep it that way. As much fun as I have watching drama between sims, I always prefer it when there's a happy ending, and let's face it - almost nobody in the Monkeesim saga has been through more than Kitty and Marty have. We'll give them a break next time, as we focus on the Daniels family a little bit, since they were one of the first families in the new neighborhood and we've never really touched on them (not to say there's a whole lot to touch on really!) See you later!


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