Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to Sim Dump #1

Well, I have an eight hour drive ahead of me and a lot of packing and preparing to do yet, so basically, I have no mental energy. I'm addicted to posting whenever I get the chance, though, and even though I've only got internet access for a couple hours today, I figure I can post these pics here without having to write too much - I don't know what I'd say even if I wanted to, so it all works out well.

In the Monkeesim neighborhood, from time to time, there are sims that are removed from their home for one reason or another who I don't want to see drop from the face of the earth, and so, they are sent to a magical place called "Sim Dump #1" where they can still be visited or accessed by phone. The last name of the original residents was Fitch, so even though some of the displaced sims have different last names, I generally just refer to them as the Fitch family to keep things simple. First, we have one of the original residents of Sim Dump #1, Gia Fitch.

Gia scopes the room…and realizes it's a dump.

Gia, her dad Alec, and her brother, Revis, were the original three residents of the Sim Dump. After I first created the family and moved them to the empty lot, I was seized with the overwhelming lack of desire to actually create a house, so I just made a big brick box with some living necessities and called it good. Gia started out with a preference for dating other girls, which never fully went away even after she'd dated guys for a long period of time. This caused some problems for her and some other sims down the road. Below, we have her brother, Revis, and another friend and resident, Oscar.

Oscar: "No, I'm not a Zorro fan. Why would you ask that?"

Oscar was created as a temporary resident in another home, and wound up displaced and stuck with the Fitches. His favorite hobby is pouring suds into the fountain in the house and getting rejected for all sorts of interactions with the rest of the family. He's not terribly well-liked for some reason. Maybe it's the mask. Anyway, here, we've got a couple more of the residents, Alec and Rooster. Alec is the father of Gia and Revis, but I don't remember where Rooster came from originally. I'm not even sure if he remembers. Wherever he began life, though, fate has found him living with the Fitches (which is not to be mistaken for "swimming with the fishes").

Alec: "Watch out there, sonny, I might knee you in the groin!"

Not all of the sims who find themselves living at the sim dump are stuck there forever. Many of them eventually are adopted and find good homes. Remember Debbie Kearney who lived on Leon's boat with him? Well, she moved to the sim dump herself shortly after these pics were taken. Another sim who wound up at the dump temporarily was my brother's alter ego, Ronald Martin. Ronald had a thing for Gia, who had a boyfriend named Kwan before Ronald moved in, and Gia had a thing for both of them AND Debbie Kearney, who she was accidentally instructed to kiss when I was aiming for Kwan, with disastrous results.

Revis: "Tee hee…you're such a trickster!"

Gia eventually realized you can't date everyone, and after lots and lots and lots of slapping took place involving many different sims, she decided upon Ronald. Debbie got over it quickly enough, although she developed a lasting affection for Gia I tried to put the kibosh on but never quite could (she'd have fun explaining that one to Leon if he ever called her over again). I really wish there was a simpler way to get rid of those little pink hearts sims develop for one another in their relationship bar, because one little slip up and sims think they're in love. Sheesh…whatever…

Ronald: "What is it about the brick and bathroom stalls that's just so dang romantic?"

The big loser in the whole Gia/Ronald/Debbie/Kwan mess was Kwan. Debbie was able to move on, and Ronald and Gia hooked up more or less officially, but Kwan was left with nothing. He developed a very very bad temper, and began slapping people and little else. I was forced to build a little 2x2 room with a chair and nothing else called the "Kwan Room" to keep him in because he ruined everyone's moods otherwise. I had to turn off free will and let him out long enough to eat and stuff, but otherwise, he stayed locked up in the little room to think about his behavior.

Kwan sits in the "Kwan Room", moments before slapping me for taking this picture.

I did find it in my heart to send the residents of the Sim Dump out on the town a couple of times. Heaven knows they had the money for it, since every displaced sim who moved in brought $20,000 with them. Of course, they spent none of that, since the cab doesn't cost anything, and they went to Marty's where they just stood around and talked instead of ordering food or drinks or anything. Cheapos. There was some dancing, which I guess is something. Revis found amusement in another form, playing with Jimmy Thunder's green cat, Shartfield. It's a good thing he had that cat teaser stashed in his kiester to pull out at just the right time.

Revis: "A green cat…heh heh…yeah, cool!"

As I mentioned before, Ronald William didn't stay at the Sim Dump forever. No, sir, he found himself a nice used trailer to move into that was already completely furnished and everything (including leftovers in the fridge from the former tenants). But wait…that trailer looks a little familiar! Doesn't it? At any rate, Gia moved in with Ronald, and they got engaged shortly after. I don't blame her - the Sim Dump is nobody's first choice for a place to live if they can help it. Ron and Gia sat around all day playing video games and wishing someone would set fire to the carpet, paneling, and decorations in the trailer.

Gia: "I'd say I'm kicking your butt, but you'd have to get off of it for that to happen!"

Ah, yes. Fun times. Almost as fun as the time I'm having here at work, eating sunflower seeds and biting my lip in the same spot every five seconds. Ow!! Did it again! And I tried some chicken livers a bit ago, and they tasted like skunk crap! I really think that "liver" is just another word for "breaded crap", and I can't get the taste out of my mouth! But you didn't tune in to hear me talk about breaded crap or my lip or anything of that sort. That's actually all of the Sim Dump pics I have for now, so I thank you once more for visiting, and promise something more exciting than this post when I get back from vacation. See you then!


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