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Moon Dawg Gets Hitched

Welcome back to Monkeesims, the most popular sim related blog in town! (that claim refers only to this town, which is full of Midwesterners who don't use computers, and if they do, it's certainly not to blog about the sims). I don't really have a lot to say on the personal front today, so let's talk a little about what's on the way in some of our future posts. The title of today's is sort of a give away. On the horizon, though, we have some major romantic drama, an unexpected wedding, diabolic C.U.S.S. plots, sexually confused sims, and the permanent death of a sim near and dear to many in the neighborhood - a first for this site, even factoring in the old original posts! And if that wasn't enough, expect to see not one, not two, but three sims from the old days find their way to the new neighborhood. Ooooh, boy!

After all that buildup, the theme of today's post almost seems a little less exciting, but hold on…it's not! If you recall, mixed in with the other families we checked in on last time, we witnessed Moon Dawg give birth to his alien child, Moon Unit Marley (that's a girl, in case you can't tell by name alone). Moon Dawg's fiancé', Keri James, demonstrated just how nuts she is about Moon Dawg by jumping right in and helping with the baby duties, causing Moon Dawg to decide there was no sense in waiting any longer - Keri was definitely "the one", and it was time to get hitched. Moon Dawg got on the horn and made some arrangements, and promptly invited a ton of people over for the ceremony.

I don't think anyone here knows exactly WHY they're here...

I'm not sure what the reason was, but there seemed to be a great deal of confusion among the guests as they arrived. Maybe it had something to do with the cramped quarters on the boat's deck or lack of seating or the fact that the door to Leon's cabin where the closest bathroom is was locked. I don't know. Everyone just wandered around and shrugged and thought about different people. Nobody seemed to be thinking about Moon Dawg or Keri, though. Geez, folks. Where are your priorities? Things started to make a little more sense though when Moon Dawg and Keri took up position beneath the wedding arch and began exchanging vows. That's right, folks, you're at a wedding! Hope you brought gifts!

Uh, hey, Leon, the ceremony is BEHIND you!

I'm not going to delve too deeply into the hidden meaning behind Keri wearing a black dress to her wedding. After all, it is Keri, and she is the female version of Moon Dawg - they're both prone to a little oddity here and there. Besides, if her brother, Jesse, can go all around town in a black duster and cowboy hat, Keri can wear a black dress to her wedding. Speaking of Jesse, why wasn't he invited to the wedding? Or her father, Dudley? Oops. Well, ignoring that oversight, there were plenty of jolly folks ready to celebrate when the actual wedding ceremony was over. Over to the bottle of hooch they went, and the toasting began…and people began to get toasted (apologies if I used that joke on a previous post - I can't keep track of all of them these days).

"Here's to Moon Dawg…yay, Moon Dawg!!"

If you're ever looking for cheap thrills for your sims, and can't afford an entire bar for their house, just invest in a bottle of champagne, and watch what happens. Once one sim gets the ball rolling, the toasts will go on, and on, and on. That's just what happened here, too. The guests had long ago stopped toasting the happy couple, and were just lifting glasses and calling out names as an excuse to drink more champagne (that one bottle would NOT last for twelve toasts for twelve people, by the way, but no sense getting nit picky about that). Two of the guests peed themselves because of all the consecutive drinking and toasting. Oops. Guess Leon should have unlocked the door to the latrine. Meanwhile, Rinoa and Leon Hartman made googly eyes at each other over the bar.

Rinoa: "That @#$% Leon had better propose soon!"

Once the accidental peeing started, folks began to leave. Well, they tried to leave. All too often, when these sim weddings take place, people start leaving before it's even close to finished, and nobody likes a freeloader who just drops by for five seconds for some free booze, pees on the deck, then jets. There's only one way on or off the Love Boat, the main set of stairs up to the deck, and Leon and Moon Dawg made sure it was moved just far enough from the boat that nobody could leave unless they dove off into the harbor and swam for it. Eventually, it seemed like a good time to put the stairs back, though - drunken chaos was beginning to erupt, and nobody really knew what was going on anymore by the 25th toast.

Marty: "Wait a sec…aren't you that guy who was in 'Titanic"…?"

Well, the guests may have all been three sheets to the wind, but Leon, Moon Dawg, Keri, and Claire were all still going strong, and weren't ready for the party to be over just yet. They decided to take the party downtown rather than have to worry just then about cleaning up the trash and pee left behind by the guests. When you think of nice places to go in the sim neighborhood for a drink and bite to eat, you probably don't think Marty's, but the Jackson/Marley clan did. Even the Freetime Lounge has nicer, less grimy accommodations than Marty's does, but they changed out of their formal garb and went there anyway. Oddly, Keri went wearing nothing but a bathing suit, while everyone else was dressed normally. Okay, so maybe Keri isn't going as strong as the rest of the gang...

Moon Dawg: "Who let the dogs out…WOOF, WOOF, WOOF…!"

There was quite the rowdy crowd, as is usually the case at Marty's. There was also a noticeable lack of any of the people who had come to Moon Dawg's wedding, probably because they were all at home sleeping it off (no doubt they'd wake up the following morning and have no idea what the whole event was all about, given the confusion). One familiar face among the Marty's patrons was that of Reeve Madrox. Thus far, Reeve has really only shown up in the odd post here and there looking angry or preparing to perform some nefarious deed. Since the death of his C.U.S.S. partner, Lawrence Madrox, though, his less intense side has begun to emerge, evidenced by his being at the club dancing to begin with. Dancing and eyeing Claire in a most uncool fashion.

Claire: "I can SEE your eyes! Stop looking at my boobs!"

Reeve may fancy himself something of a dashing scoundrel, but he's definitely lacking in the manners department. He's not that great at being evil on his own either, a fact that would present a problem for him a little bit down the road. Reeve was a little sore over the fact that his partner Lawrence had been buried in the back yard of the younger Wilson family's house, instead of behind the C.U.S.S. headquarters house where it belonged, but there didn't seem to be anything to be done about that (heck, I didn't even know tombstones could change lots until much later in time…sorry, Reeve). While Reeve cut a rug out on the dance floor, Katrina Wilson sat across the room and looked guilty…as well she should…

Katrina: "We didn't mean to kill his scary bald partner…honest!"

Sure, it was Mia Kay who actually got angry and pulled the weather machine lever that caused Lawrence (and two other sims) to get fried, but since she and Katrina are friends, that makes Katrina an accomplice…or something like that. But anyway, no sense discussing that incident any further right now…it's dead and buried (har har). It certainly has no relevance to the celebration of Moon Dawg and Keri's wedding, and that's what it's all about right now. Katrina congratulated Moon Dawg, despite not knowing him really well that I can recall. She's turned into something of a Marty's regular, probably because she gets a discount on booze and food with her dad owning the place. Oh, wait…no she doesn't. I guess blood isn't thicker than booze…

Katrina: "So you're really not one of the Baha Men?"

We've seen Leon's granny once before when she visited him at his old house, and that was the extent of any insight we've had into the relatives of Leon, Moon Dawg, or even Steve when he still mattered. Thus, it's no surprise that they didn't invite any relatives to Moon Dawg's wedding. Keri, however, has family who live right there in the neighborhood, and as we observed before, they weren't invited to the wedding ceremony. To make things even more potentially awkward, Jesse James, Keri's brother, happened to wander into Marty's shortly after the gang arrived there. At first, he just stood out on the dance floor, looking a little confused as to why his sister was there dancing like a lunatic in her swimsuit. She eventually noticed him, and told him the happy news. Well, Jesse hates boats, so it all worked out fine. They hugged it out, and all was well.

Jesse: "If you ever need anyone beaten up, just give me a call, Sis!"

You know, it's kind of weird, but I just realized that Moon Dawg never met any of Keri's family prior to getting engaged or married. I guess he never heard the old saying that when you marry a woman, you're marrying their family as well (or maybe he has heard the saying and just didn't care). Possibly he just assumed the rest of Keri's family was as easy going as she is. Considering in the first James family post, Keri couldn't even talk to a guy without Jesse hovering around her giving them the evil eye, I'm not really sure that's true, but Jesse and Moon Dawg seemed to get along just fine. Marty Wilson decided to drop by his club and see how things were going, which is an unusual sight - he seems to prefer every other establishment in town over his own. That's Marty for you.

Marty: "Did you see that guy from 'Titanic' at your wedding?"

And so, on into the night the partying went, straight through till morning when everyone was thoroughly exhausted. I guess since the odds of there being another wedding in the Jackson household any time soon seemed to be neck in neck with hell freezing over, the gang wanted to make the most of it. Okay, so maybe that's a little extreme, since Leon did propose to Claire, but not even engagements last forever - take it from a guy who's been engaged five times. At any rate, for now, we'll leave Mr. and Mrs. Marley to do their thing and be on our merry way. Join us next time for an extra "twisty and turny" post, as we learn that sometimes leaving loose ends can have some unpleasant consequences. See U then! :-)


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